Ask any native Texan who grew up listening to FM radio, and he or she will be happy to give you all kinds of Lone Star trivia. What’s the state bird? “Free Bird,” of course. State motto? “Hold Your Head Up,” natch. State song? Well, a fight could break out over that one, but contenders would include “Dream On,” “Stairway to Heaven,” or possibly even “I’m Your Captain.” Classic rock flows through Texans’ veins as smoothly as cannabis vapor through the a.c. vents in ZZ Top’s tour bus.

To prove their love, more than two dozen local and regional bands will convene this weekend at J&J Blues Bar (937 Woodward St., 817-870-2337) for the second Fort Worth Rock Assembly. The music of Led Zeppelin, The Who, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, David Bowie, King Crimson, Cream, The Violent Femmes, The Doors, Big Star, Genesis, Joy Division, R.E.M., and so many more legendary bands will be covered by the likes of The Hanna Barbarians, The Longshots, Whiskey Folk Ramblers, KatsuK, Sonic Buffalo, War Party, Siberian Traps, Son of Stan with Nathan Brown, and more.

To see which local bands are covering which legendary ones, check out the Rock Assembly’s Facebook page. Admission to the (all-ages) show is only $10-25.