I really wish I could take for granted that every person glancing at this has already seen the finale of Breaking Bad, because I obviously don’t want to spoil anything for the three of you who haven’t yet gotten around to it. But then again, to paraphrase the late Eazy mutha-fuckin’ E, forget about that shit. You’ve had three days to find out what happens to Walt. If I don’t ruin it for you, someone else probably will.

Anyway, with the exception of the penultimate episode (watched at a friend’s house), I’d been downloading the fifth season on iTunes, suffering through the late-Sunday-night/Monday-morning Facebook chatter and watching each episode a day or so after it ran. For the duration of the series’ final episodes, The Live Oak Music Hall & Lounge played each one on the big screen in the music hall as it aired, but I could never get myself in gear in time to get a seat. In other words, the place has been packed for the past eight Sundays. I also have a weird thing about watching TV shows with a ton of other people — just too many chances for distraction.

Despite my reservations, I kinda couldn’t wait to see the series finale, so I finally got to Live Oak early enough to get a table, though it was way in the back and one of only a few other empty ones. Overall, the experience of watching a TV show on a projector screen in a big music venue was pretty good. Seeing as how I was far away, the picture was kind of blurry, and I kept wondering what kind of details I was missing, but the sound came through the PA system, so it was far more dimensional than my computer speakers at home. Live Oak head honcho Bill Smith diligently replaced the sound portion of commercials with an iTunes playlist, and I laughed at the times the songs seemed to match the muted ads perfectly.

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