Apparently, Arlington is the Miley Cyrus of North Texas mid-cities –– willing to go to any lengths to prove they’re all grown-up and ready to shock us.

Things went to hell in a handbasket last year as soon as city leaders started marketing their retail and cultural amenities with that decadent sign. You know the one I’m talking about –– the sign that reads “Downtown Arlington” in crazy mismatched fonts and luscious candy colors. Now the voters of Sodom on I-30 have put another notch on their civic bedpost –– they approved liquor stores in commercial and industrial areas. Can brothels and gambling dens be far behind?

I know Arlington has felt so chronically underrecognized and underrappreciated that  not even massive “world-class” sports facilities were able to fill the gap. But liquor stores? It seems like just yesterday we were cooing over their newly sprouted mass transit system. Now they’re getting all “Tijuana” on us with Centennials and Sigels. Cities grow up so fast nowadays, but I’m still not ready to see Arlington in this light. I hope the city realizes that, if it gets drunk and stranded somewhere, it can call us any time of the night. No questions asked, no lectures ‘til the morning. Be safe, Arlington.


  1. Arlington is growing up too fast? Or could it be that the unconstitutional second redistricting of 2003, that busted up its natural growth with the sudden hand of god and unreasonable conservativism, got in the way? Arlington, a democratic stronghold, was broken up into three pieces and each was crammed into a super sized new largely rural district to shut up the democratic voice and keep the city from entering the 21st century. But that’s ok, it’s all coming back around to reasonable again.

  2. Really your comparing the city I love with Miley Cyrus and all because we have decided that it’s time to stop letting our surounding cities get all the benifits that come from selling liquor. We could always use the increased revenue and as someone who lives here and loves craft beers this will finally bring us into the 21st century of being able to by more than the corperate bud light that every store sells. I know this is about liquor but there are other benifits that come along with being able to sell that and not run to another city just because I want some whiskey. I do however feel that comparing us to an imature singer with too much time and way too much money is insulting. So just know that if you have a problem with us bettering ourselves then please don’t visit espicially if all your going to do is insult my favorite city your welcome and invited to just stay home.