Another season of peace, joy, and good will to everyone has almost passed, and not a minute too soon: My face hurts from wearing a constant expression of child-like wonder and generosity. There’s still a few days left for the adults in the room to let their hair down and celebrate the end of one year and the fresh start that is 2014. An excellent way to do that is Chronica 2013, the annual celebration hosted by DFW Norml, the advocacy group dedicated to ending marijuana prohibition in Texas.

The event, which happens 7pm Sat Dec 28 at Club Dada (2720 Elm St) in Dallas, features a lifestyle/accessories market, comments from DFW Norml board members about the group’s 2014 goals, glassblowing and live art demonstrations, drink specials, and live music by the likes of The Effinays, Sally Majestic, Panic Volcanic, and others. Admission is $5-$10. Lest you think cannabis is just another yucky countercultural habit, entrepreneurs in Colorado and Washington state are currently preparing to launch new multi-million-dollar consumer economies made possible by the legalization of recreational cannabis in those states. If you’re hoping Santa will legalize weed in Texas in 2014, you’re probably out of luck. But there’s no doubt a major national reappraisal of marijuana as a therapeutic and recreational resource is underway.