Downtown Fort Worth (wikimedia)

Magazines like to create lists about cities. Top 10 Cities For This, and Top 25 Cities For That.

People like lists.

And local news media typically spread the word when their hometown makes a list, which, in turn, spreads attention to the magazine.


We get it. Capitalism at work.

I usually ignore these lists if Fort Worth is No. 12 out of 20 for Best City To Walk A Dog, or Best City To Find A Water Fountain Without Gum Stuck In The Hole.

But this is different. put Fort Worth atop its list of Top 10 Best Downtowns.

That’s right, all you other big metropolises can kiss some Cowtown hiney. We rock.

So, who did we put to shame?

Second on the list is…Providence, RI? Followed by Indianapolis, IN? And Provo, UT?

Not exactly a Big Apple or City of Lights among this bunch of barkers.

The rest of the list won’t wow anyone either…Alexandria, VA; Frederick, MD; Fort Lauderdale, FL; Bellingham, WA; Eugene, OR; and Birmingham, AL.

This is like winning first place in an ugly baby contest.

The list is determined by crunching numbers about population trends and job availability in the downtown areas.

Livability editors examined data “including improvement in retail and office vacancy rates, the number of people moving into the area, income growth, unemployment, the ratio of people who live and work in the downtowns, and the overall livability of the city.”

The magazine also praised Fort Worth for its “diverse array of local architecture, art lifestyles and things to do,” and for uniting “residents from all walks of life by providing places to connect.”

“Having a great downtown is about more than just having a great main street,” said Matt Carmichael, editor. “A downtown should have a cultural and retail focal point, like a main street, but it has to expand beyond that, providing a solid core for the entire community.”

So, eat our dust, Eugene, OR!



  1. Do the folks know that the downtown part of Lancaster Avenue extends just a tad eastward beyond the grand architectural landmark housing the post office? You know the very much lived in area just a few blocks away with quite a diversity of people and interests. Once again Ft. Worth is making the world green with envy.