You can do a lot of things with a group of people –– eat, watch a movie, play with your dog at a dog park –– but sketching (as in quick, superficial drawing) feels more intimate than a lot of those activities. Why? Because you’re reproducing a little bit of yourself with pencil and paper and asking strangers to inspect, comment, maybe even make little judgments. But opening up (in a friendly, supportive way) to new people through sketching is the major point of the urban sketching phenomena and events like sketchcrawls, in which participants of all artistic experience levels meet up along an assigned route and sketch designated places and things. As group activities go, it offers some of the intimacy of an orgy without the mess and nudity.

Urban Sketchers Texas and Downtown Fort Worth, Inc. have organized a Fort Worth SketchCrawl 2:30pm Sat Mar 22. Meetup location is Main and 9th Streets downtown at the Convention Center. It’s free, but you have to bring your own sketching equipment and a willingness to interact in a casual but (hopefully) meaningful way with strangers who happen to be fellow Fort dwellers. Can you handle the pressure? Yes, you can. Now, get out and mingle, amateur illustrators!