You always hear about people sacrificing their lives for their art, but what does that mean? “Sacrifice” might be a strong word, but the actors, directors, designers, tech people, administrators, and volunteers who work regularly in live theater give away large amounts of their time, energy, and in many cases money because they believe theater is an utterly unique art form –– a celebration of the joys and sorrows of living that brings the community together in a shared ritual of the imagination called performance. Even if you rarely or never see a production, quality theater contributes greatly to a city’s reputation for sophistication, intelligence, and livability.

The many theaters of Fort Worth, Arlington, and the mid-cities –– represented under the organization known as the Live Theatre League of Tarrant County –– come together for their annual Awards Ceremony 5-7pn Mon Apr 14 in the Scott Theatre of the Fort Worth Community Arts Center (1300 Gendy St). It’s free and open to the public. Performers, designers, and reps from all the biggies –– Circle, Stage West, Jubilee, Casa Manana, Amphibian, Artes de la Rosa, etc. –– will be on hand to accept and give out awards and pause from the craziness to say, “Isn’t theater a wonderful thing?” (On a side note, when you put that many actors, directors, and plastic cups of wine together in one space, the chemical conditions are favorable for an eruption of spontaneous drama.)