Did you know that “Blogger Relations Representative” is an actual job? Did you also know that bloggers apparently require the sort of careful, fawning engagement normally reserved for foreign dignitaries? What a world we live in! I never imagined a future where such a job exists, but I also never dreamed of being able to use a phone to find the recipe for an Alien Secretion shot. Such is the case in 2014, where PR industry jobs increase in ever-ridiculous specificity and computer programmers invent things like the DrinkedIn app.

In addition to drink recipes, DrinkedIn helps you find drink specials at nearby bars and tells you which bars carry that weird sour beer you think is so great. It’s pretty useful, especially if drinking craft beer is more of a quest for you than a hobby, but what’s really great is that through the entire month of October, DrinkedIn is offering users a free roundtrip coupon for Lyft, a car service that takes you from your abode to the bar and back again, expiring at the end of the day on which the coupon is redeemed. Since Halloween is this month –– and since, of course, you’ll be inundated with invitations to parties with sexy pirates and naughty nurses, kickass bands, and all the booze you can handle –– you’ll probably want to take advantage of any free transportation opportunity that doesn’t begin with a breathalyzer and end with a slice of frozen pizza served next to a ghastly toilet in a jail cell at 5:30 in the morning.

For more info (including which local bars are participating), download the DrinkedIn app and look in the “bar specials” section.