Neither rain, nor sleet, nor gloom of distasteful candidates stays Texas voters from the swift completion of their responsibility to vote and to drive safely while doing it.

Why is it important to vote?

Gov. Rick Perry is stepping aside to pursue…another…uh…this is hard to say with a straight face…run at national politics. Ooops. And voters today will decide whether state Attorney General Greg Abbott or state Sen. Wendy Davis (a longtime Fort Worth resident) will become the new face of Texas next year.

FWW VITA 300x250

Other important state offices to be decided: attorney general, land commissioner, agriculture commissioner, lieutenant governor, comptroller, and chili czar (I made that last one up to see if you’re still reading).

Polls are open until 7 pm.

Local voters will choose a state senator and a state representative, along with many local office holders ranging from justice of the peace to county commissioner to chief dandelion blower (still reading?). Voters also decide whether taxpayers help pay for the new multipurpose arena the local developer Ed Bass and cohorts are building near Will Rogers Memorial Center.