(Photo courtesy of Fort Worth Vaqueros)

This week’s Fort Worth Weekly tells all about how the Fort Worth Vaqueros soccer club recently aligned with the Alfreton Town Football Club in England. The idea is for the two teams to rotate players, cross-market, and broaden their overall fan bases.

People are friendly here in the Lone Star State, and Vaqueros fans came up with the idea to send a video message welcoming Alfreton Town fans.

“The amazing Fort Worth fanbase, particularly the supporter’s group Panther City Hellfire, has put Fort Worth firmly on the soccer map, and in a show of solidarity with our new brothers and sisters in sport we want to show them what we are all about,” says a newly created Facebook page called We Love Ya’ Alfreton Town FC! “On Saturday, January 17th, we invite you all to meet in the lot of the Chat Room Pub on Magnolia Avenue to film a grand welcome to the supporters of Alfreton Town FC. Everyone wear your Vaqueros or Hellfire shirts/jerseys or at least come in blue and/or yellow and we will send them a message of friendship and common passion and give them the welcome they deserve.”


The gathering begins at 3:30 pm Saturday at Chat Room Pub.