“On two days a week apart we got intake calls where each person was a black teenager pulled over for a broken tail light,” said Krause. “The individuals claim that their tail lights were working. In the process of talking to police, the situation[s] escalated,” and both men ended up in jail. “You say to yourself, ‘Is this coincidence or just the modus operandi of some of the police departments in the area?’ ” he said.

Krause is still following up with the teenagers and also with a woman who said she was assaulted during a strip search by Crowley police. Retired Texas Christian University Prof. Donald Jackson, an NTCRP legal staffer and longtime American Civil Liberties Union  volunteer, takes a more cautious approach to such calls.

“What an individual police officer does may or may not be a civil rights violation,” he said. “If it is a pattern or a practice or a policy of the police department itself, then it’s a civil rights violation. You’re always going to have people doing foolish things. Does that represent the will of an institution? Not necessarily.”


Harrington said that issues of police violence and accountability “need to be addressed in the North Texas area sooner rather than later. … Likewise, we need to get a disability rights campaign going in the area. There’s plenty of work, just not plenty of funds.

“The political climate [in Texas will] always affect us,” he said. “People generally don’t see the need for our work and are even hostile to it, until, of course, something happens that affects them. People have a difficult time understanding the idea that protecting the rights of one person is protecting the rights of all.”

Monitoring police policies and practices is a top priority for TCRP, especially in light of several high-profile shootings of unarmed black men by white police officers around the country.

Price is monitoring a development within the Dallas Police Department that she finds worrisome. The Dallas lawyer is working closely with other nonprofits like the Dallas Peace Center and Mothers Against Police Brutality.

“Dallas Police Chief David Brown recently enacted a new policy that allows any officer 72 hours to make a public statement after a [shooting] incident,” she said. “In that period, officers have access to witness statements and recordings. To give officers access to all the evidence and potentially let them formulate a story to fit it is problematic.”

Last year, The Dallas Morning News obtained police camera footage showing Dallas Police Cpl. Amy Wilburn firing and wounding 19-year-old Kelvion Walker, an unarmed carjacking suspect. The footage showed her firing at the car, which was slowly moving away from her. Walker was later fired by Chief Brown for breaching department protocol. The incident is one of several similar cases that have occurred recently in Dallas.

Similar but less attention-grabbing situations happen daily in Texas, Jackson said. Last October, the mother of a North Crowley High School student notified him that, at a band booster meeting her son was required to attend, a local pastor gave a lengthy and overtly Christian invocation. Jackson met with the school’s principal, who acknowledged the violation and took steps to prevent repetitions.

“On any given day in Texas when schools are in session there are violations of the First Amendment, [of the doctrine of] separation of church and state,” Jackson said. “It’s not so much in Dallas and Fort Worth, but in outside areas like Crowley. It’s mostly people who just don’t know what the rules are.”


  1. A hospital violates the civil rights of a deaf patient if it doesn’t provide an ASL interpreter? No wonder health-care costs are out of sight. Everyone sympathizes with the deaf, but calling this a “civil right” that an ambulance-chaser can sue for is ridiculous.

      • Put your brain in gear….then read the piece, pull your finger out, open your mind, think about what you read and then think about what you said??? O.K. ?

      • Edward, I think you’re wrong. Generally, in a suit under the A.D.A., a successful plaintiff recovers money damages and the attorney recovers fees. If that is the case here, the “ambulance-chaser” moniker fits.

        It helps to know the players.

        Krauses. Tony Krause, head of the NTCRP, has the same address as attorney Sarraine Krause. Both are listed as founders on NTCRP’s website. shows Sarraine’s address on Canyon Crest Rd. in zip 76179. shows Tony Krause has a homestead exemption there. I’ll bet your photo of Tony at the computer was taken in a bedroom of his and Sarraine’s home.

        Mandy Price. Your story says attorney Mandy Price of NTCRP is overseeing a lawsuit against North Hills Hospital for violating the A.D.A. by failing to provide A.S.L. interpreters. shows her full name as Mandisa Shani Price Brown.

        North Hills Hospital. shows their full name as Columbia North Hills Hospital. The lawsuit against it has cause number 4:14-CV-569, Northern District of Texas. The complaint was filed 7/24/2014. One of the attorneys is Mandisa S. Price. In their complaint, the plaintiffs asked for “compensatory relief for anguish” and “attorney’s fees”. The suit was dismissed 2/17/2015 upon a joint motion of the parties. Usually this means the parties reached a written settlement but its terms are not made public. Nothing in the record shows whether the plaintiffs and/or their attorneys recovered any money.

        All of this provokes the question: How can you say the “TCRP is not suing for money” when their complaint said that they were?

          • Why do you need my email address? So that if your publicly-made claim turns out to be wrong, you can privately admit it? No. If your claim is wrong, say it here where you made it. (Benny called me a “Black heart” over this because he obviously sides with you. Maybe your confession here would change Benny’s opinion of me). You ARE wrong about what they sued for because I have read their complaint. The suit was filed BEFORE your article but it was settled AFTER (yesterday actually). It’s possible that the settlement did not involve money damages or attorney’s fees, but I doubt it. In either event, you could not have known that when you made your comment on 2/14/2015.

          • Geez, relax. I was offering to help you find the info you were asking for. I’m not siding with Benny either.

          • That Stouty is a real piece of work Ed.You did nothing to cause you to ask forgiveness from the dunce. He’s flakier than a box of Post Toasties. You can count on him to behave like any other fifth-grade kid. He’s on the Weeklys site every week behaving like an adolesent. A handful of Startle-Gram Tea-Baggers often join him. They’re pure losers.

  2. Stouty, you Repugs are real pieces of work,bless your black hearts, and you win a Grand Prize for both Stupid and Greed. You expect Jesus was lying when he suggested ‘it was in giving that we receive’ and advised us ‘to do unto others’? Tell me why you hate Jesus, would you mind,Sir? Clearly, ole Beelzebub’s got a death-grip on your stinking hiney, that’s clear to everyone. It’s also a state law that hospitals must abide by….like it or not. You and many additional Repug Peckerwoods remain not so really happy about that in Austin or anywhere else in Texas, ( but there you go). Another thing, a group of Democrat lawyers donate both their services and their money, to see that smaller, jack-leg, Repug, greed-head hospitals obey that law. They charge not even a quarter for their Christian service. Another thing, O’ Wise One, how old are you? It’s got to take a long journey to be so black-hearted & hammer-headed? I’m praying for you.

    • Benny, you’re such a hoot. You say: “They [the plaintiffs’ Democrat lawyers] charge not even a quarter for their Christian service.” WOW. I don’t think you KNOW it to be true that they didn’t recover attorney’s fees, and I don’t think you know their religious affiliations, either.

      • I know it, my bird-dog Roxy knows it, and any fifth-grader with a computer could know it in less than a minute if they were interested. Where in the world does the Startle-Gram find you flakes? Have you no shame? Does your boss have any sense? Is he aware of you and your dip-stick buddys childish crap? Has that newspaper no sense of honor? You wouldn’t know enough to pour urine from out of your boots when you arose in the morning. Oh, one other thing, are you and your Tea-Bagging, half-wit buddies intending to shut the United States of America down again any time soon?

  3. Another thing Benny. I thought you Libs believed in being open and inclusive. But you implied that attorneys who represent civil rights plaintiffs pro bono are of the Christian faith. But isn’t it discriminatory to imply that good works cannot come from Muslims or Jews? I’m ashamed of you. Bigot.

    • Stouty, you’re flakier than a box of Post Toasties. I have a bird-dog who would make a better newspaper reporter than you, and I imagine she smells better, and I know she he has a bigger heart. Why are you Startle-Gram Repugs so hammer-headed? Can’t you take something for it? Either you lie like a rug or you are to shifless to check things out (both Repug traits). I implied nothing. I certainly am not a Christian and my sweet dog Roxy isn’t either, but we both love Jesus and strive to follow his advice. Why don’t you?You clearly are a fool and a knuckle-head, and your beliefs tend to suggest you’re a heathen. I’m praying for you. I do know that the the lawyers charge nothing and you would also with a twenty second search on your computer. You are clearly a fool, and a disgusting whiner, and lack ambition. Otherwise, you would find a decent job and amount to something. Grow up, get lost, check out Taco Bell for a job you’re more suited for and maybe pays better.

      • “I do know that the lawyers charge nothing”. Benny, you mean the lawyers don’t charge their CLIENTS. That could be right; but that’s different from saying that they worked for free. My money says they got paid handsomely in the settlement with the hospital. The plaintiffs’ complaint is a matter of record–they DID ask for money damages and attorney fees. I provided the case number. You could go to the federal courthouse and read the complaint.

        When Edward Brown, the author of the story, commented on 2/14/2015: “TCRP is not suing for money so the ambulance chaser analogy doesn’t fit” either: (1) he was lying; or (2) he did not know what he was talking about and he knew it. (Why would he have offered to ask attorney Mandy Price about the terms of the settlement if he already knew?).

        Remember–stay with me here, Benny–my original remark in this thread was about ambulance-chasers causing health expenses to raise. Whether such ambulance-chasers charge their CLIENTS is immaterial to my point. Get your head far enough from your bird dog’s tail end to smell the coffee.

        • Speaking of lying, and lay-a-bouts, and not knowing what they are talking about, and shiffless hammer-heads, and condeming some of the most decent, honorable folks in our community, and the Star Telegram, have you ever noticed the Star-Telegram isn’t one of us? Like, you know what I mean? It’s special relationship with the Petroleum Club and Westover Hills, and Tea-Bagging half-wits, is not a good enough reason for it to be a bigot. What’s new here?