Cameroon's Gaelle Enganamouit and her lovely locks.

Great news on the hair front. Four years ago, the players at the Women’s World Cup were mostly wearing their hair short or in sensible ponytails. Despite some nice individual efforts, I didn’t have enough people to make a proper all-star team of hairdos. This year, however, enough people are watching the Women’s World Cup all over the world that it gives the women the same incentive to go crazy with their hair as the men have for their World Cup. (Here’s my all-hair post from last year’s tournament.) Therefore, I present the coolest, weirdest, most eye-catching hairdos from this year’s World Cup.

GK: Erina Yamane (Japan)
This is a traditional Japanese hairstyle. I believe it’s called icho-gaeshi, but I’m probably wrong.

DF: Kadeisha Buchanan (Canada)
Stylish and patriotic. I love it!

DF: Angela Clavijo (Colombia)

Continuing with the patriotic colors here. I’d have been more impressed if she’d dyed it with streaks for all the Colombian flag’s colors.

FWW Halloween 300x250

DF: Darut Changplook (Thailand)
I’ve said this about the men, but now I can say it about the women: No World Cup is complete without an Asian woman with a dye job.

DF: Zhao Rong (China)
Uh, like I was just saying…

MF: Cho So-hyun (South Korea)
And again!

MF: Megan Rapinoe (USA)
On a whim before World Cup 2011, she dyed her hair and combed it to one side. Now it’s her trademark.

MF: Sophie Schmidt (Canada)
I think this was Pink’s hairstyle back when she was singing “Get the Party Started.”

FW: Ines Nrehy (Ivory Coast)
Dyed blonde strip in the middle and her jersey number shaved into the right side of her head. There’s multiple things going on here.

FW: Lianne Sanderson (England)
Keeping British punk alive.

FW: Gaëlle Enganamouit (Cameroon)
I think this one wins.

Bench: Abby Erceg‘s bleached and straightened-up do (New Zealand), Cathy Bou Ndjouh‘s one blonde patch of grass (Cameroon), Aminata Haidara‘s combed-over cornrows (Ivory Coast), Li Ying‘s dye job (China), Madeleine Ngono Mani‘s purple dreadlocks (Cameroon), Michelle Heyman‘s long-on-top, shaved-on-sides look (Australia), Adriana Leon‘s maple leaf design (Canada), Desire Oparanozie‘s combover (Nigeria).