A picture of Vincent taken from his Facebook page.

There’s some funny business on the Texas Christian University Facebook page lately. Reacting to a TCU athletics program post, hundreds of angry comment are blasting the private university for not standing up for Christian values and not being, um, conservative.

The grousing began when the university punished Harry Vincent, a 19-year-old sophomore, for authoring controversial Tweets about a broad spectrum of racial, economic, and religious issues. He has been put on probation by university officials, given 60 days of community service, and asked to sit through diversity classes.

As the home of Brite Divinity School, a very active TCU College Republicans club, and one of the least ethnically diverse campuses in the country, the angry comments might seem curious to outside observers

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But much of the backlash is being fed by a FoxNews interview between commentator Tod Starnes and Harry Vincent that aired Monday. In the interview, Vincent admits to tweeting that Islam is “clearly not a religion of peace” and that recent Baltimore rioters were “hoodrat criminals,” but the real issue is about free speech, he said.

In the same article, Starnes noted that, “It sounds to me like Harry Vincent is guilty of being a Christian Conservative white guy.”

In a public statement, TCU officials said the university “expects its student to behave in a manner consistent with its mission… When students’ conduct violates the university’s behavioral standards, they are subject to a disciplinary process, and will be held accountable for their actions.”


  1. I would like the Weekly to know, as a Brite graduate, that the seminary is one of the most diverse, inclusive, non-right wing seminaries in the Bible Belt…please don’t attach a progressive seminary with the other elements in the above sentence as being one in the same. Brite Divinity deserves better journalism research than that. Thanks.

  2. This is what you report on now? While the issue may seem important from a 1st amendment stand point, it is minor. I think the photograph tells you as much about Starnes as his tweets. I’m assuming that the picture is of Starnes since it isn’t captioned. All I see in the Weekly anymore is fluff. You no longer report on the troubles of the FWISD but chose instead to give this kid print time or the latest restaurant, or God forbid we miss out on a report on music instead of letting the people of Ft. Worth know just how bad the elected officials and the upper administration is. Don’t you think that the public would like to know that the district is paying a number of employees with only a GED more than they pay teachers with doctorates and 10 years teaching experience. Don’t you think that the public would like to know that there are administrators that have had affairs with students that, have had children with those students and knowledge of that crime was covered up by the district? Once upon a time the Weekly stood up for the public and reported corruption in the FWISD. It’s a shame no one at the Weekly cares any more.

  3. Nice photo, ain’t that Peckerwood precious? Pure TCU snot-rag…. rich, entitled, childish, grab-ass, dip-shit. Nothing new to see here, tell us something we don’t know.