Hail to the Bus Driver

School bus drivers in Fort Worth will start making practice runs along their routes today, and school officials say parents and students can also ride along. So students can preview the thrill of riding a bus and have their parents embarrass them in front of other kids. Sounds like a win-win, FWISD.

This Week in Crazy People

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In OMG news, a man in Reno, TX was fatally stabbed with a bayonet. Police arrested Floyd L. Nunley, 49, of Springtown, who remained in the Parker County Jail on Wednesday. According to jail records, Nunley has three prior arrests. He was arrested in on multiple charges, including a murder charge, in 2006, records show. He was also arrested in 2007 and 2008 on charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon

The Downside of Rain

Heavy rains from earlier this summer are a distant memory, but the annoying legacy of all that water could potentially be deadly. Crews will be out spraying again in Fort Worth in the same area they sprayed just three weeks ago. In late July, the Westcreek area was the first to be sprayed for mosquitoes carrying the West Nile virus in the city in three years. The second round of spray trucks is set to roll out.

Football Players Like to Fight?

The Dallas Cowboys practices with the St. Louis Rams earlier this week turned into brawls, with Dez Bryant getting punched in his suddenly expensive mouth. “Who knew that football payers were capable of such violence?,” said a smirking Jerry Jones.

Yu Ought to Know

Fallen Ranger pitcher Yu Darvish threw for the first time since undergoing Tommy John surgery earlier this year. The Rangers are only a game and a half out first place without him, and newly reacquired Josh Hamilton want to keep him on the bench so he’ll have someone he can talk to” There’s a little bit of a language barrier,” Hamilton told Fort Worth Weekly. “But we’ve become really close watching the games together. I’ll miss his dismissive nodding.”

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