Namoi King To Speak In Fort Worth
Civil rights activist Naomi King will be speaking at the Sandra Bland Day Justice for Girls Because Black Women Matter Symposium on Wednesday. The native Alabama resident was married to A.D. Williams King, the younger brother of Martin Luther King, Jr. and a fellow minister and civil rights activist in the 1950s and 1960s. Naomi was there, enduring the hardships (her house was damaged by a bomb in 1963), and fighting the good fight alongside her soon-to-be-immortalized brother-in-law. The symposium is at 5 pm Wednesday (Aug 26) at Tarrant County College Trinity River Campus, 300 Trinity Campus Circle. Admission is free.

Harris County District Attorney Eases Marijuana Prosecutions
Small-time pot puffers are breathing easier around Houston these days. The Harris County DA’s office is backing away from prosecuting weed smokers who are caught with less than two ounces. Instead, the suspects can perform community service. The goal is to keep from ruining lives by sending people to jail for personal amounts of cannabis. Since when did Texas law officials get this smart?

Fort Worth School Superintendent Looks Spiffy On First Day
Fort Worth’s new school superintendent wore a crisp suit and bold power tie and had his head freshly shaved for the first day of school. In case his mom forgot to take his picture, a WFAA news reporter  interviewed Kent Scribner early this morning before the sun came up. Scribner appeared fully awake and said all the right things. His noggin didn’t even glare, which can be problematic for head shavers under bright TV lights. Watch the video here, although you have to watch a commercial first (hey, somebody’s got to pay for online content).


Dallas Cowboys Lose Battle On Way To Winning War
Tony Romo stepped on the field for a few plays and then hit the bench to protect his ribs, collarbone, elbow, back, knees, ankles, and skull. He’s got a long season ahead. Backup quarterbacks Brandon Weeden (injured), Dustin Vaughan (sucked), and whoever that fourth-string guy was don’t appear to be among the NFL’s elite players just yet. No worries. Everyone knows the Cowboys don’t start eating their Wheaties until the season opener — 7:30 pm Sept. 13 against Victim No. One (aka Eli Manning and the NY Giants).

Texas Rangers Win Another Close One
Damn those Texas Rangers. Here I am all fired up on the edge of my seat for football season and the Rangers keep trying to make the end of their season interesting. They won last night’s game, stayed in the race for a wildcard spot, and had their manager and star player thrown out of the game amid lots of yelling and excitement. Hey, guys, don’t make me have to start carving out three hours a night to watch your games too.