Darryl Dawkins, Dead at 58

Former Philadelphia 76 and New York Net center, Darryl Dawkins died last night after suffering a massive heart attack. Chocolate Thunder, as Dawkins was known, played 15 seasons in the NBA, during which he was a fan favorite and famous for his ferocious dunks–once shattering two backboards in a three week span. Dawkins, whose moniker was given to him by Stevie Wonder, was signed by Philadelphia straight out of high school as the fifth player in the first round of the 1975 draft. After leaving the NBA, Dawkins played a stint with the Harlem Globetrotters, for whom his effervescent personality was a perfect fit. He leaves his wife, Janice, and their four children.

Texas AG Ken Paxton Pleads “Not Guilty” to Fraud Charges

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Texas’ Attorney General Ken Paxton pleaded not-guilty to three felony charges of securities fraud in the Tarrant County courthouse of Judge George Gallagher. Paxton, who has not resigned as Texas AG, claimed he was innocent and that the charges were a political move to eliminate him his office. Paxton is facing charges that stem from the 2011 sale of $100,000 worth of stock in Servergy, Inc, while he was a member of the Texas House of Representatives without disclosing to the buyers that he’d gotten the stock as an options payment, rather than having purchased them with cash.Paxton faces two felony charges carrying potential terms of five-to-99 years and a third charge carrying two-to-10.

Feel Good Story: Dallas Man Gets New Choppers

Harvor Davis, a formerly homeless man from Dallas who lost most of his teeth through neglect, has a brand new smile and he’s loving it. Last week, dentist Lee Fitzgerald, gave Davis a full set of implants, free of charge, according to a report in USA Today. Davis, who’s now a warehouse manager for SoupMobile, a non-profit that serves the homeless and poor in Dallas, said he now has  a “Million dollar smile.” Goon on Doc Fitzgerald.

Toughest in the Nation

Governor Greg Abbott sent out a mass-mailing, fund-raising letter two days ago touting his Mexican -Texas border security. Titled “Toughest in the Nation”, he opened the letter with “Texans are sick and tired of the federal government abandoning its responsibility to secure the border.” Abbott goes on to note that he’s added 250 DPS officers, “put more planes in the sky, boats in the water, and enhanced technology.” The punch line is that if you agree with him, you should send him money for his next political campaign. What Abbott does not mention is that Texas employers cannot live without millions of illegal workers, from the guys who lay our streets and build our roads to the farmers who need people to pick their fruit and vegetables. If Abbott were really serious, he’d go after those employers. But hey, if you want to send him money, he’s willing to take it.



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