Depending on the radical nature of your Facebook friends, you might be barraged with any number of officer-involved shooting videos on a daily basis. I know I do, and I wonder just how bad things have become, or how distorted social media is making them.

In the interest of providing a glimpse of clarity, Texas is now offering incident reporting forms and tracking police officer-involved shootings on a website.

The Office of the Texas Attorney General launched the site to satisfy an Oct. 1 deadline established under House Bill 1036.  Within 30 days of a shooting, Texas law enforcement agencies must submit reports containing basic factual and demographic information. The attorney general must report this information on their website within five days of receiving it.


An annual report will also be compiled.

“I believe law enforcement’s commitment to transparency by complying with the reporting law will go a long way in strengthening and building trust between police and the people they serve,” said Rep. Eric Johnson of Dallas.

Four reports on shootings have already been listed.


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