Goya — Visions of Flesh and Blood plays at Rave North East Mall, Thu.

Francisco José de Goya y Lucientes is in many ways disturbingly modern. He excelled at depicting terrors of the soul, whether they were imaginary ones like the witches and demons in his “Black Paintings” or more concrete ones like his engraving series The Disasters of War. However, he spent years making a very good living as a portrait painter for the Spanish royal family and other assorted nobility. His work in this area was the focus of a recent exhibit at London’s National Gallery that closed down last month. However, you can see it and save the air fare to the U.K. at Goya — Visions of Flesh and Blood, which is screening at the Rave North East Mall movie theater.

This aspect of Goya’s art may strike some as less substantive, but the National Gallery’s massive exhibition shows his artistry no less in evidence here than in his war pictures. Piercing intelligence out from his portrayal of Don Valentín Bellvís de Moncada, while rank stupidity emanates from King Ferdinand VII. Goya’s likeness of his best friend, Martín Zapater, shines with the warmth and decency that he found in the man. This film is our first chance to see Fathom Events’ series of broadcasts bringing art exhibits to your local multiplex.


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Goya — Visions of Flesh and Blood screens at 7pm at Rave North East Mall, 1101 Melbourne Rd, Hurst. Tickets are $13-15. Call 817-591-8940.