The natural gas drillers who used bullying and deceptive tactics to roll over urban residents in a quest for greed are getting their karmic comeuppance these days.

The price of natural gas has plummeted. The industry is reeling. Companies are going bankrupt and being taken to court for cheating people out of royalties. The face of fracking, Aubrey McClendon, is dead.

Well, the hits keep coming.


Dear President Obama, a film about natural gas fracking and climate change, is showing at 7 p.m. Thursday, April 21, at  Modern Art Museum in Fort Worth,  3200 Darnell St.

The movie, narrated by three-time Academy Award nominated actor Mark Ruffalo, looks at the oil and gas industry’s impact on society, highlighting contamination crises, stories from victims, and the boom-and-bust economic impacts on communities. Interviews with scientists, economists, health professionals, geologists, and whistleblowers provide the core narrative.

Director Jon Bowermaster will answer questions from the audience after the movie.

Admission is free.


  1. Very few really believe in man-caused climate change. Want proof? Watch the parking lot at the screening of ‘Dear President Obama’. Those who walk or ride bicycles are probably true believers. Those who attend via motor vehicle do not — else how can they justify polluting the atmosphere in order to go see a movie about polluting the atmosphere?

    • Cognitive dissonance. Humans understand what changes need to be made but those changes require a sacrifice of comfort, luxury and the life we are used to living. We drive our cars to meetings for the same reason we buy fast food with a diet pop. I would eat cow every single night if I could afford it so I’m as guilty as the next person. I believe it will take institutional changes to push us in the right direction. That’s happening right now. In my town they are in the early stages of switching to buses that run on electricity. I am hopeful in spite of human nature. I don’t think I can eat bugs though. We’ll see I guess!

      • Ronda: Buses that run on electricity essentially run on coal or natural gas. That’s right; the fuel that generates the electricity. (In Texas, about 45% coal, 45% natural gas, 10% other). Electric vehicles could be a cleaner alternative than vehicles powered by internal combustion engines, but it cannot be ignored that electric vehicles do their polluting on the front-end–at the generating plant–rather than at the tailpipe.

  2. You’re a real piece of work Bobby Boy. No one but a pure Tea-Bagging jerk would suggest your fifth-grade idiocy. People do it for the same reason they smoke cigarettes, over-eat, vote for Repug greed-heads, cheat on their spouse, allow black-hearted gas-drillers to drill inside our sweet city, lie on their income-tax forms, shoot drugs into their veins, etc., etc. You’re a real piece of work dude. Did your mama have any kids worth a dime? I took A.A. meetings into our county jail-house for several years and became acquainted with dozens and dozens of folks in there with more honor and humility than your rich, fat ass. Beauty is as beauty does….you’re uggggggly.

    • Benny and Big Earl: Both of you are clearly libs because you call names rather than make any cogent argument. But, next to Benny, Big Earl’s just a beginner. I sit here wondering how many Captcha math problems Benny misses before he can successfully post a comment.

  3. While you sit and wonder Stouty, I mean Bobby, maybe you can figure out why your cynical, gas-drilling, low-life buddy drove his show-dog car into a concrete wall at 90 miles an hour rather than face the music on his filthy, vulgar, indeed indefensible gas drilling hustle. Your kids proud of you? Why do you hate America?

  4. softly and gently, Jesus is calling Stouty……pray about it….man up…..amount to something… lets see what you got!!!

    • Seems to me, my thoughts are cogent. What is your problem, Slick? Your kids proud of you? You’re a sissy, a gas-drilling greed-head , and a Tea-Bagging flake. You ever consider growing up and amounting to something? Normal Americans are uneasy living on the same street with a hero such as you. Get a grip….your dirty money won’t get you into Heaven you know. You believe in Heaven? You expect Jesus likes gas-drilling rats?