We’d call it “the fashion event of the season,” except the season hasn’t started yet. We refer to the football season, and while Dallas Cowboys fans still have a few months to wait for the start of games that count, they do have an opportunity to connect with the team this week. The wives and girlfriends of players and coaches will put on their annual fashion show on Thursday evening in Dallas. In today’s blog post, we interview event chair Candice Romo on camera about the event. Watch the video to find out how the extravaganza benefits a couple of deserving women’s charities and about why her husband, Tony, has a fine line to walk this year to avoid getting in trouble.

For the discerning viewer: If you listen very closely at the end, you can hear the voice of Hawkins Romo, Candice and Tony’s 4-year old son, start to chime in. Hawkins had worked really hard to stay quiet and not jump on the couch during the interview. He almost made it. Then he helped us load our gear while also discussing LEGOs.


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