Mahershala Ali teaches Alex Hibbert how to swim in "Moonlight."

On Sunday, I cast my vote with the DFW Film Critics Association for the best movies of 2016, and today, the results of our association’s poll came out. The winner of top honors is Moonlight, which is in keeping with a number of other critics’ groups around the country. The top four finishers in the voting (Manchester by the Sea, La La Land, and Hell or High Water) all made my top 10 ballot. Eight of the 20 actors who registered in the voting also made my ballot, although the only winner the association and I picked in common was Viola Davis for Fences. We also agreed on Zootopia as the best animated film of the year and The Handmaiden as the best foreign film.

You’ll have to wait until the December 28 issue to see what my Top 10 list looks like. As usual, I’ll be posting items to this blog to run down my lists of the best performances and other things I found notable about a terrific year in movies. Stay tuned, loyal readers.