Tia’s on the Bluff serves good food at a reasonable price. Patrick Holden Jr.

Tia’s on the Bluff, 1301 E Bluff St, FW. 817-349-0964. 11am-3pm Sun, 11am-10pm Mon-Sat. All major credit cards accepted. 

Raise a salt-rimmed glass to the family-owned Tex-Mex restaurant, a beloved and long-standing Fort Worth tradition. Passed down through generations, these institutions (many of which grew from the kitchens of family homes) lend a sense of permanence and stability to a shifting gastronomic landscape. They change slowly, if at all — eschewing trends and fads, trusting to secret recipes and proven success. May their cheese be always yellow, may their chips and salsa be fresh and free, and may their plates be ever too hot to touch.

Of course it’s never that simple — or easy. New folks move to town, tastes change, kids grow up and decide they’d rather go to culinary school than take over the family kitchen. The old-school eateries fight the good fight, but when they’re gone, they’re gone. You can’t just open up a new family Tex-Mex joint and expect the place to feel like it’s been there a hundred years … 

Tia’s on the Bluff

Queso blanco (small) $3.95

Guacamole (small) $1.95

Combo fajitas $15.95

Chicken mole $12.95

Sour cream enchiladas (lunch portion) $8.95

Crème brulee $6