Pam Stern’s “Athena” is up at the Grackle Art Gallery on Gallery Night.

With the turning of the calendar to September comes Gallery Night and the attendant wine and hors d’oeuvres of variable quality to nosh on while you’re busy looking at all the artwork. As always, a number of venues have shows that are only up for this one night, like the group show at Grackle Art Gallery, the retrospective of Gary Branam at Gallery 440 (see: Gallery item), and a special 20th anniversary show at Rebecca Low Sculptural Metal Gallery & Studio.

However, since the longer-running shows are going up at the same time, why not take those in as well? BRIT is holding a retrospective of artists that have exhibited there since 2000, and Cydonia Gallery hosts a show that plays with ideas of familiar objects. In a way, that chimes with John Hartley’s exhibit at Artspace 111, which features his realistic paintings of childhood toys. Meanwhile, Jeff Kellar’s show at William Campbell features abstract color fields, while Lee Hill’s paintings at Gallery 414 showcase a wholly different take on abstraction. Finally, Baseera Khan’s multimedia show at TCU draws heavily from her autobiography as a Muslim growing up in Texas. Bring a designated driver and your aesthetic sensibilities to the parties.

Gallery Night is noon-11pm at various locations throughout North Texas. Check Calendar for addresses, times, and contact phone numbers.