People who park at Farrington Field can cross under West Lancaster Avenue on Foch Street and walk to the 7th Street corridor. Photo by Jeff Prince.

Business owners in the West 7th corridor are doing the happy-jig after reaching an agreement with the school district to lease the large parking lot at the school district’s Farrington Field nearby. Many of the businesses don’t have parking lots. Curbside parking is scarce. And the area’s parking garages are open only to motorists shopping at certain businesses, the ones owned by the West 7th Development. Park in the garage by mistake? Your car is towed.

The lack of parking and the bad vibe from towing were threatening to kill the enthusiasm that makes the area the city’s most thriving party scene.

Beginning Thursday, Oct 5, visitors will be allowed to park in any one of Farrington Field’s 1,400 spots for $10 per car. The parking lot will be open 10pm-3am Thu-Sat, allowing people to park their vehicles in a safe and lighted place and walk across West Lancaster Avenue to West 7th (or cross underneath the bridge on Foch Street).

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