If the president gets his immigration wish list, tens of thousands of undocumented workers in Fort Worth will become targets for deportation. Not the gangbangers who are already targeted; not those who commit felonies, who are already targeted; not even those who try to cheat welfare. They’re all already targeted.

No, if Trump gets his immigration wish list, moms and dads, grandmas and grandpas who have been living here for decades, will face aggressive deportation measures. The restaurants in town will lose tons of cooks and chefs. The road building, construction, and roofing industries will be searching for warm bodies willing to work in the Texas summer heat with hot asphalt or roofing shingles. Homeowners who fled their birth countries over the last several decades and were never eligible for citizenship because they arrived without papers will be tossed to the deportation lines.

“I don’t think anyone knows how many illegal people are in Fort Worth, but there are a lot,” said Renny Rosas, a long-time Latino community activist. “They’re everywhere, and they are a part of this city, a part of our communities.”

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