Gov. Greg Abbot

Some writers use similar themes and symbols in their writing. For instance, John Irving used to include a bear and a rape in most every novel. Gov. Greg Abbott is quite the writer himself. Based on his frequent press releases, his favorite themes are fear mongering and money begging.

In a recent email blast entitled “Re: Sanctuary Cities Ruling,” he writes that a shocking ruling halted our sanctuary cities ban, meaning we will be unable to enforce it while the issue is tied up in court.”

Yes, the bold and italics are there to show us just how shocking things are! Really, really shocking! Cities are harboring cold-blooded killers, and no amount of bolding or italics can stop it!


The sanctuary cities ban that was so callously halted was defined in SB 4. Signed into law by Abbott in May, it established criminal and civil penalties for law enforcement agencies and individuals who do not cooperate with federal immigration authorities. Cooperation for peace officers means asking someone they interact with or detain who’s brown if he or she is in the country legally. And if that person cannot prove that he belongs in the United States, his name will be turned over by the cops to immigration officials. If the feds tell the cops, “Detain him” –– and put him in line for deportation –– the cops detain him.

Basically, it’s a “show me your papers” law targeting Hispanics both legal and illegal for harassment. The bill was set to go into effect on Sep 1 but was blocked by a federal court after a lawsuit was filed by several Texas towns and every major city in the state: Austin, Houston, San Antonio, and Dallas. Every major city in the state except Fort Worth. #shame Attorneys are wrangling in the U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals. 

Police chiefs around the state are on record hating the law because it could destroy the trust they have with Hispanic communities. Fewer crimes will be reported. Fewer witnesses will come forward if they know they’re going to be hassled or deported for speaking up. 

But that’s not how Abbott sees it. “Because of this recent court decision, our communities are in danger,” he writes. “Lawless officials … will continue to release criminals charged with heinous crimes — sexual assault against minors, domestic violence, and robbery — back into our communities.”

Uh, well, someone needs to tell the governor that people who are charged with crimes released on bond while awaiting trial are not really “criminals” at that point. Those pesky things called “convictions” are still required.

Abbott keeps talking: “Now, supporters of lawlessness have launched an all-out assault because we chose to uphold the Rule of Law and protect Texans from deadly danger. Contribute today so we can stay strong in the fight to ban sanctuary cities!”

Where this money is going, no one exactly knows, but for a guy and his successor as attorney general who sued the Obama administration 49 times –– unsuccessfully 19 times and successfully seven times (with the rest of the cases either pending or thrown out) –– to the tune of nearly $6 million, one thing is underlined: Our state capital is crazier than the guests of The Grillparzer Hotel.