It’s almost balletic, right-wingers’ talk about all of the powerful lefties in Hollywood. D.C., and beyond who have been neutered by the #metoo movement. No matter what these alleged conservatives say, they always manage to dance around the waxen-haired elephant in the room: their president, who has been accused of sexual misconduct and assault by no fewer than 19 women going back to the 1980s. In her misguided December 15 effort to credit GOP voters in Alabama for the defeat of Food a-Courtin’ Roy Moore, Cynthia M. Allen even displays the gall to indulge in a little whataboutism –– this is kind of like doing 45 fouettes in a row and ending in a headstand air-freeze. The Star-T’s resident right-wing apologist mentions “Democrats, who suffered total amnesia about their own defense and dismissal of an accused rapist (in the White House),” referring to Bill Clinton, but because she is either so self-unaware she could teach Zen to Buddhist monks or just downright diabolical, she manages to wrap up her column without even glancing in the general vicinity of the Cheeto in Chief. This is kind of like moshing on the American flag. It’s hard to watch. Conservative views are fine, if we even have to have them. Conservative spin is not. The Star-T’s editors should be able to tell the difference. 


  1. Stop whining! Riddle me this snowflake.. How is it that things continue to go well conservative run towns like Fort Worth, as terribly wrong continues to be a way of life in places like Baltomire, and Detroit, and Chicago, etc etc. Basically every city with long term uninterrupted Democratic leadership. Bankrupt for years, sky high crime rates, and massive unemployment. Sound familiar, lol. Spin that dunce.