The Mediterranean Trio proved to be an excellent starter. Photo by Velton Hayworth.


604 Taylor St, FW. 682-785-8888. 6:30am-9pm Mon-Fri. All major credit cards accepted.

You can’t do much better than the view from Perch’s patio. The nearly two-month-old eatery sits at the Sky lobby level atop Frost Tower downtown. From the ground, an elevator whisks you up 12 floors into a sleek lounge area that houses a dozen tables indoors and perhaps a dozen more on the deck. The outdoor seating, which wraps the building to the west and north, provides a stunning picture of the skyline and sunset.


The manager said that breakfast is mostly a courtesy to the restaurant’s office tower neighbors, hence the limited selection and get-out-of-here packaging. She also mentioned that Perch just hired a new beverage manager and that the culinary team is changing. The menu will also be seasonal and may be transformed by fall. 

Fort Worth could use another restaurant with a glamour factor, and Perch is still worth a visit for the view alone. Perhaps given the coming changes in management, things might be looking up in the near future.


Mediterranean Trio $15

Meatballs $12 each

Steak salad $12

Cuban panin $14

Cappuccino crème brulee or trifle $7

Baked fritatta $4

Americano $3