Photo credit: Brian Hutson

Beer is the perfect accoutrement for life. It pairs nicely with festivals, weddings, sports games — you name it. If you’re looking for new ideas on how and where to enjoy your favorite brew, this listicle is just for you.

Beer + Art

The Collective Brewing Project has an ongoing series, Art + Collective, that showcases local artistic talent. If you’re a curious culture vulture, this monthly show is a great way to see emerging and established talent.


Beer + Goats + Yoga

This one’s a twofer. North Texas Goat Yoga frequently hosts yoga classes at area breweries. If you don’t mind billies climbing or nibbling on you, these yoga events might be a fun way to stretch out of your comfort zone.  

Beer + Jesus

Jesus didn’t drink beer as far as anyone knows but good luck getting a bunch of dudes to meet up for wine. Pub Theology is a hangout group for young Christian men. The series is sponsored by First United Methodist Church and meets at Chimy’s monthly.

Beer + Virtual Reality

Neon Noir has several rooms where you can don hi-tec headgear and immerse yourself in fantastical worlds. Before and after, you can crack open a cold one. Neon Noir is BYOB.

Beer + Beer

The taproom at Martin House Brewing Company will gladly let you order two pints of superlative craft beer at a time. You can enjoy one brew while washing it down with the other.

Beer + Photography

Salsa Limon’s West Magnolia Avenue locale has an ongoing slideshow of photography via several flat-panel TVs that are perched in the main dining area. The rotating photography series is conveniently located near the cantina.

Beer + Live Music

There is finally a reason to love Wednesdays. Wednesday Night Local Music at Flying Saucer features $4 draughts, $3 Wild Acre beers, and a rotating lineup of local bands.

Beer + Barbecue

Cowtown Brewing Co. has to top this list. The brewery/barbecue restaurant recently opened in Rock Island (just east of downtown). A close second would be Joe Riscky’s Barbecue, another newcomer located near Wild Acre Brewing Company. The restaurant is open on Fridays and Saturdays at the moment.

Beer + Dogs

Sunday Pupday was spawned from the collective minds of Pouring Glory, HopFusion Ale Works, and The Collective Brewing Project. The pup crawl is a great way to spend quality time with your favorite pooch and pilsner.

Beer + Hot Towel Shave

Boardroom Salon for Men (West 7th and Clearfork locations) offers a traditional hot lather shave (skin consultation, pre-shave oil, steamed towels, light facial massage, and after-shave balm). Oh, and the beer is free.

Beer + Oil Change

Order a beer at Kent & Co Wines on West Magnolia Avenue and a staffer from a Frank Kent dealership will pick up your Cadillac or Hyundai for an oil change. By appointment only.

Beer + Stand-up Comedy

Laugh Your MASS Off is not only free, it’s also hilarious. That would have sounded better the other way around. Brian Breckenridge brings in local and touring acts for this frequent event at Main at South Side.

Beer + Donuts

Beer is no mere afterthought at Funkytown Donuts and Drafts. Brandon Moors is a certified hophead. His tap handles always feature local breweries, and his staff will be glad to recommend the perfect beer and donut pairing.

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