ABC’s crew filmed outside the former Routier house in Rowlett. Courtesy of Lincoln Square Productions

The stars may finally be aligning for Darlie Routier, the Rowlett homemaker who was sent to Death Row 22 years ago by a Kerrville jury thanks in part to the sexism and character judgments of male law enforcement officers and Dallas County prosecutors. Routier has always maintained innocence in the stabbing deaths of two of her three young boys at the family’s home in the early morning hours of June 6, 1996, while her then-husband, Darin Routier, and 7-month-old baby, Drake, slept unharmed upstairs.

The New York Innocence Project, now convinced that an innocent woman is languishing on Texas Death Row, has joined forces with Routier’s appellate team: Steve Cooper and Richard Smith of Dallas and Richard Burr of Houston.

Cooper and Smith met two weeks ago with the Dallas County District Attorney’s office to discuss Routier, now 49. The lawyers have found a more cooperative spirit there since Democrat John Creuzot took office on Jan. 1, Cooper said.


Just days after that meeting, I received a phone call from a producer for ABC’s 20/20, asking to do a fresh interview with me for a hastily assembled two-hour episode focusing on Routier. TCU Press published my book re-examining the case in April of 2015 (“A Tragedy of Errors,” July 1, 2015). The interview with 20/20 was conducted Sunday, and the show will air 8-10 p.m. Friday. A curiously quick turnaround.

I was told that 20/20 will mostly be using footage from last summer’s ABC docu-series The Last Defense, in which Routier’s case was spotlighted in four one-hour weekly episodes. Vanessa Potkin, the Innocence Project’s director of post-conviction litigation, was involved in that project and is one of two Innocence Project lawyers who will now actively work the case. The other lawyer is Bryce Benjet.

Potkin’s connection to ABC, ABC’s connection to 20/20, and the recent meeting at the DA’s office leave me wondering whether something might be about to break in the case. If so, Cooper isn’t saying. He explained the confab at the DA’s office as “a meeting about a number of issues that we’ve been discussing with the DA’s office, some for a long time and some recently. And we’re trying to work through, cooperatively, some new scientific testing to be done and some reports to review.”

Routier has always claimed that she and her children were attacked by an unknown intruder. She herself sustained several injuries, including a slash across her throat that missed her carotid artery by just 2 millimeters. Prosecutors who took the case to trial claimed then and have claimed ever since that she inflicted the injuries herself.

It remains to be seen whether those recent issues and the “reports to review” referenced by Cooper involve the DNA testing that has been ongoing since 2008, though Cooper has said there is little chance of a meaningful finding in that regard. Any DNA found from an unknown person must be proven to be connected to the crime. 

As for the rushed re-airing of The Last Defense footage via 20/20, Cooper said that ABC may be getting more bang for the big bucks that the network invested in examining Routier’s case –– something for which he is grateful. 

Even if there is nothing more going on than routine meetings and a return on a network’s investment, there is much for Routier to be excited about, and, according to Cooper, she is. He and Smith recently made a four-hour roundtrip drive to Gatesville to visit her.

The signed partnership with the Innocence Project means that Routier’s defense efforts have doubled and there is now financial backing for those efforts. The appellate team lawyers, who have worked pro bono on the case for years, have struggled to raise the money needed for all of the DNA testing they won the right to do.

The Innocence Project recently was victorious in a situation that parallels state’s evidence 85-J in Routier’s case (“#runtheprint,” Aug. 29, 2018). For 20 years, the organization fought to run through the national database a bloody fingerprint found at the scene of a rape and stabbing that occurred in Baton Rouge, La., in 1982. Archie Williams was convicted of that crime but, like Routier, always proclaimed his innocence. Years after his conviction, he wrote a letter to Innocence Project cofounder Barry Scheck pleading for help.

“We spent 20 years fighting, and it took less than eight hours” to run the print and find a match, Potkin said. Williams, she said, was home within a week.

Cooper said that Potkin and Benjet will be particularly valuable in attacking all of the forensic science presented by the state. That battle will soon be underway, he said.

The blood spatter testimony of state witness Tom Bevel was key in Routier’s conviction. His interpretation of blood stains at the crime scene convinced the jury that there had been no intruder. Routier’s lead defense attorney, Doug Mulder, committed a lethal error by not putting on the stand two blood spatter experts who had been enlisted by the court-appointed attorneys who had worked the case before he was hired. Terry Laber and Bart Epstein had reached conclusions that were very different from Bevel’s.

Mulder died in January of last year.

Texas has topped the list in exonerations nationwide, and Dallas County, at least at one time, led the nation in DNA exonerations. The brutal era of Dallas County District Attorney Henry Wade spanned from 1951 to 1987, overlapping with James Cron’s career at the Dallas County Sheriff’s Office. Cron worked there from 1963 to 1993 before becoming a crime scene consultant. He was the expert to whom the Rowlett Police Department turned for help in the early morning hours of June 6, 1996. Cron said he determined within 20 to 30 minutes of arriving at the Routier home that there had been no intruder.

Cron died at his home in Sachse on April 24 at the age of 79, cheating Cooper of the chance to interrogate him on the witness stand if Routier’s conviction is ever overturned and she is tried again by the Dallas County District Attorney’s office.

Of course, if 85-J is run through the national database and a match pops up or if DNA tests pass the high bar of proving the presence of a man in the Routier home that night who had no business being there, there might not be another trial at all.

There is always the chance that miracles do occur, stars align, and, like Archie Williams, Routier might simply come home.


  1. AND cue all the usual dumbasses with their usual crock o’ crap: Bryan, Pamela, Jade, Christine, Rosemary, Roxanne…get it out of your system now, because Darlie WILL be proven innocent. And when she is, all we’ll hear is crickets LOL

    • Ok I’ll get it out now. As far as Routier coming home…you can wish in one hand and shit in the other and see which gets filled first. IP also took Julius Jones and Avery and you see how far that shit went. Zero evidence of an intruder at 5801 Eagle Dr June 6 1996. The only way those boys blood got on Routier was from cast off. In the interest of justice I’m glad IP is on board. Texas isn’t going to execute a innocent woman. Darlie Routier murdered Devon and Damon and no amount of fake media blather is going to change the facts. Hey Cruz, I hope you quit putting the emphasis oh the H. It’s pronounced winey not HAwiney.

      • Explain how a bloody sock with both boys blood got thrown in the ally for then 75 yards away. Or is this where you say she ran 1 1/2 football fields with a slit throat to get rid of it right.

        They convicted a innocent woman. And they are gonna have to pay her dearly for the 22 years she has served.

        • I agree totally. NEVER thought she did it. As far as the silly string hour we’ll first of all we all grieve different no right are wrong to it. I have a friend that took joints out to her sons grave and left them because he was a pot smoker. She doesn’t smoke it but just saying if she thought of silly string she would have done it!! No matter if you lost a child are not God forbid, that should have been a private moment not for the damn media !!!

        • There is also the probability that the sock was planted by her BEFORE she made those wounds.

          Being a Mother myself, if someone is attacking my child, you best bet they would need to come through me first. And if I was in that position, I would be the one dead, not my child.

          It makes no sense that they themselves were targeted, it’s not like they lived in the ghetto and who just sets out to kill kids in that scenario?

          Why did none of the neighbors get the license plate number from the strange car that was roaming the neighborhood? Especially since it was coming from more than one account.

          And, since the boys were stabbed, why was she just slashed?

          Lastly, she claims to have chased the intruder through the house to the garage; no physical evidence was found to substantiate that claim. AND if that was the case, why didn’t she just run outside screaming for help?

          • 1) The sock wasn’t planted. It was dropped. Even if you don’t want to believe that, consider this: to have blood from both Devon and Damon on the sock, it had to have been “planted” after they were both cut and bleeding. Per the medical examiner, Damon could only have lived 9 minutes AT MOST after being stabbed. 5 minutes and 44 seconds of that 9 minutes, Darlie was on the phone to 911. Damon did not pass away until right after the paramedics started working on him, and they had to wait outside an additional 2 minutes while police cleared the crime scene. That means that Darlie had about a minute and a half at most to run 75 yards down the alley to plant the sock, run 75 yards back, quickly slice her own throat while miraculously missing her carotid artery by 2 mm, attempt to “clean up” blood from the kitchen area, move the vacuum cleaner to the kitchen area, and break a wine glass. I won’t claim it’s impossible, but I’m sorry, it just doesn’t wash.

            2) This makes sense, but only if there was just one attacker, which there wasn’t: there were two. The first guy panicked when he realized there were people home (they thought the family would be in Pennsylvania but the guys showed up a week early). One of the kids, most likely Devon, woke up and saw one of their faces, and dude panicked and stabbed him with the hunting knife he brought with him. The other dude never even realized there was another child in the room. He went for the kitchen butcher knife and started fighting with Darlie, and she gave him a run for his money. They both ended up on the floor by the couch and the guy just stabbed blindly in the dark. He thought he was stabbing her; he never saw the younger boy on the floor.

            3) They weren’t targeted, and this wasn’t a random crime. It was never supposed to be a murder. No one was supposed to be home, let alone get hurt. This was set up well in advance but somebody effed up. It all went sour.

            4) I’ll give you that one. All these people were concerned enough to take note of this suspicious-looking car that didn’t belong in the neighborhood, but no one was able to get a tag number? Even a partial? Very strange.

            5) He thought he DID stab her. The slash across the throat was done as a half-hearted coup de grace. He was pretty sure she was already dead, and he was in a hurry to get out of there, so he gave her one final slice to the neck for good measure and hauled ass. And for the record, he didn’t actually go out the utility room through the garage. When Darlie turned her back to the kitchen to tell Damon to stay back, the guy doubled back and darted down the hallway and right out the main entrance.

            6) Based on the amount of blood visible in the crime scene photos, it’s tempting to believe that an intruder or intruders could not have exited the house without leaving some kind of bloody footprints or other trail. What most don’t take into account, however, is that when the intruders actually left the scene, that blood wasn’t present yet. It wasn’t shed until after Darlie stood up and started moving around. That is her blood we see, not the children’s. Exsanguination was not the cause of death for either boy; their bleeding was mostly internal, and the blood was confined to the areas in which they were attacked. Even the prosecution’s expert witness conceded that an intruder would not necessarily have had blood on him or tracked through the house.

            Why would she run outside and scream for help when there’s a phone right there? If I thought I’d just chased my attacker outside, I’m not following him unless I have a .38 in my hands.

          • I TOTALLY agree with You.
            What intruder would come in and stab 2 little boys to death, and not kill the mother?
            And, to not hear this all happening while she was right there. No doubt of her guilt. Hope she never gets out !!

        • The money is exactly why they would never admit that they were wrong just like with Steven Avery.

          Some people put to much stock in the States theories and don’t comprehend that the State is a wide variety of normal people who have issues themselves and are not always correct.

          Tunnel vision, power, and poor investigating equals innocent people getting convicted of crimes. Routier’s wounds are plenty of proof that she was the 3rd VICTIM among more evidence such as the sock. Poor lady has lived a nightmare and deserves justice.

          • Why is it “HIS DAUGHTER” knows all the details that we did not hear? Is it a confession? Why did no one notice this??? I find it very bone chilling the way he or she was commenting and explaining “how it happened”.

        • The good ole boys railroaded her. Her husband set up a home invasion to fraud the insurance company. Why don’t you find out from Darin who he sent to the house? Everyone is covering for him

          • Agree. AND how in the hell could she have done the neck wound to herself? NOT, no way. STUPID JUDGES who denied her right to retrials should be held accountable and off the bench.

          • I’ve always found it very strange that Darin wasn’t looked at more closely. He admitted to hiring burglars to scam the insurance company and Darlie had defensive wounds as well as the slash to the throat. I don’t think she deserves to be on death row. I believe her story and I’ve seen the photos of her defensive wounds. Both arms bruised on the underside. The jury sure got it wrong. Go Texas.

          • So explain how it was Darin who had left the house right when Waddell arrived leaving through the sliding doors to get to the back alley. How was it possible for her to have planted that sock? No way in hell she stabbed her boys then left them alive to scream and cry while she ran down the alley. The entire story Davis gave about this case was a complete joke. Davis acted like he knew Darin did the crime, but wanted to punish Darlie for not telling the truth about Darin.

          • So what? That only proves it may have been her sock, either laying on the floor or on her foot which came off during the struggle and when the attacker realized he had it on him or in his hand he dumped it. This was a frenzied murder scene whether she did it or an intruder did it. There were no clear heads or actions. If you’ve ever been in a fight or witnessed one you would know that. I once tried to break up a fight between two brothers, got punched in the arm during the struggle and DIDNT EVEN KNOW IT until much later when someone told me that was why my elbow was bruised and sore.

        • Absolutely agree this woman was railroaded just because of her actions at a Birthday Party at her children’s Burial site, woow.!! I’ve seen lots of videos of self inflicted wounds people have done to get away with a crime & they are NEVER that deep they r always superficial unlike Darlie who had 1 that was down to the bone as well as the other wounds that were also very serious!!! Let her out and investigate this outrageous injustice!!!

          • ANYONE who has ever study forensic science and criminal justice/law can see the story that the evidence tells just like “His daughter” had said their wounds show that there had to have been 2 different knifes used. They prosecutors did a character assassination tactic. I wouldn’t doubt if the people that did this either know the victims. Check the DNA found under her nails and the figure print found.

            This was a witch hunt. And a terrified neighborhood where this kind of thing NEVER happens thus close it quickly and make it fit regardless.
            It’s suppose to be innocent until proven guilty but REALLY it’s MORE like YOUR guilty UNTIL proven otherwise.

            This needs to change. So DOES media prosecution.

          • Raven Skyfeather….well my my my aren’t you just the delusional twat. Darlie was convicted on scientific forensic evidence. NOT on her character, the way she looked nor the ss video. Get over your ignorant self and READ the trial transcripts instead of posting your ignorant regurgitations of absolute BS from all the other uneducated blind sheep, supporters.
            Guilty as Sin.

        • Actually, the Innocence Project helped to free Steven Avery for the rape he did not commit. I’m sure others have corrected this already. But the point is that they can get testing done that can prove innocence, and they will. And they don’t just take everyone who claims they’re innocent. You should probably assume that after being screened, the ones who are lucky enough to make it through have a low liklihood of being guilty.

          Same goes with Steven’s current attorney. The best in the world. She doesn’t go around taking cases she isn’t completely sure she will eventually win. It took many years of requesting her help before she finally looked at the case & decided to take it. If you’re going to invest a couple million dollars on experts, testing, and your time…you bet she’s positive of his innocence & that she can prove it. She’s got to get her money back in the civil suit that is surely to follow.

          Darlie is innocent. That’s going to be proven eventually.

        • How ? She planted it probably had the sock with the boys blood on it days earlier. She could have cut pricked their fingers for the blood days earlier.

          Everything in the crime scene was clearly set up to look like a break in. Too bad Routier is a complete fool and didn’t know how good Forensic science can be

      • The Wisconsin innocence project got Avery released on his rape charge from 1985 due to DNA evidence that she was raped by another man. He was arrested in 2005 for the murder of Theresa H. DNA evidence says he murdered her.

      • Wow, the ignorance is overwhelming. You better hope that you are ever on the other side of a bad conviction like Routier And Avery!

        • Steven Avery may be innocent of the first charge, but he definitely killed Teresa Halbach. He is a sadistic killer and a continued threat to women. I hope he stays in jail at least until he is old and gray.

          • There is NO doubt Avery killed Teresa.
            He just figured he was convicted of the first charge, and claimed this one was a “freebie” in his sick sadistic mind. He should NEVER get out.
            That poor girl went through hell before she died.

      • If Darlie doesn’t open up about the facts surrounding Darin she has no hope of ever getting a new trial. Darlie is now finally starting to admit that it was very possible Darin was involved, but it is going to take a hell of a lot more than that. The reason Darin was never investigated was because Darlie said Darin was not the intruder, but the evidence proves that Darlie could not have known if Darin was that intruder or not. She was not at the foot of the stairs when Darin appeared. Darin only appeared after she had disappeared to the kitchen to get the phone therefore proving Darin had no alibi. Now knowing this and realizing that the police were wrong when they assumed Darin’s story appeared to fit. Nothing about his story appeared to fit, but the police were not aware of this because they failed to investigate Darin.

      • If the jury had been told the truth about Darin and shown all the evidence against him she would not be sitting on death row today. Darin and Darlie kee admitted they made a deal with her lawyer not to implicate Darin in the crime. Now why would Darin have done that if he was innocent and had nothing to hide? The transcripts speak for themselves. A deal was in fact made, and Darin was not implicated in the crime. If the hurry knew that Darin left that house right after Waddell arrived they would have realized it wasn’t Darlie who lost or planted the sock in the alley.

        • Darin is a very smart and coached husband, he concocted the hiring of staged robberies to cast doubt in the retrail,,, very smart move and is working judging by the comments, i have flupped many times, i believe she is bat shit crazy

      • No way, Texas would never execute an innocent person! (Sarcasm***)
        Carlos DeLuna
        Cameron Willingham
        Juan Castillo

        To all those who state if Routier gets a new trial the outcome will be the same:
        You obviously did not read the trial transcripts or new case information.
        This case is the poster of injustice. Shouldn’t have taken this long for a new trial!

      • Why did she have to inflict her wounds before she took the sock down the street, now get back to your min wage life. People with an IQ over 20 can see she did this and then cut herself. The evidence is a 100 percent against her statements. The intruder floated over all the blood. CLOWNS supporting trash killers.

    • Do you not understand that if she gets a new Trial the out come will be the same?! And if your going to put my name in your type at least spell it right! Obtuse Ass

      • It would if you could spell “arse”. Ass means donkey not buttocks. And yes I’m referring to English, not the incorrect butchering of the language you call American English. There is only one English language with the meanings documented.

        • Also defined as slang referring to a part of anatomy. U need to do a more through check before u criticize .

        • Come on, Alan. You’re sounding like a blowhard POHM. I’m not saying you are one, but you come off as one with your ‘American English’ comment. I’ve worked with plenty of Brits & watched plenty of BBC tv. Half the island can’t pronounce the word “with” – wiff this, wiff that … WTF?!

      • There is no possible way that any jury would be able to convict Darlie in another trial. If they had exposed Darin as they should have in the first trial she wouldn’t be sitting on death row, Darin would be there. A jury had a right to know all the facts in the case not just the ones that didn’t implicate Darin in the crime. We have all learned a lot about Darin since the trial and they need to open a new investigation into him and his many stories. From my research the evidence point away from Darlie and directly at Darin.

        • Jo Douglas I would love to see a new trial where they go after Darrin…because that man will turn on Darlie and let it roll how, and what he saw and heard, before his ass goes to jail…You people have zero common sense. And the rabbit hole theories are priceless. Bawahaha.

          • It’s amazing. Darlie is so guilty another trial would just remind everyone how she literally changed her story 8 times.

            Her last story just gets more desperate. Blaming the ex. How utterly shocking. 😁

    • yeah when hell freezes over she’s being released. Suggest you get geared up for the execution because it’s coming.

      • That stone you just cast will be the same one the devil uses to torture your idiot “arse” as you rot in hell for eternity. Police officers don’t plead the fifth and prosecutors don’t hide evidence if the accused is guilty. The state of Texas needs to make this right. This case should have never been tried.

          • I believe her husband committed the crime. He have a 500,000 dollar life insurance motive for doing the crime and the evidence proves he also had the opportunity to commit the crime. Darlie could not have given him an alibi because she was in the kitchen getting the phone when Darin decided to make his appearance.

    • Most of you sound like you have no idea of the law of man works and how the justice system works. Such hate in many of you. I see you. Shameful. FYI you get as much justice as you can afford and humanity is very disappointing. Your comments are an indication of how misguided and ignorant of the reality of our justice system really is- better hope you don’t get ensnarled in it! People spew ignorance and hate out of fear – many of you included- because most of you are complicit in some nasty immoral or unethical meanness and things touch too close to home for you in some manner. Hence ignorant, close minded, haters- you will reap what you sew.

    • I have a very hard time believing a 26 year old could slice her own neck,stab the dorsal side of her forearm to the bone,and hit herself hard enough to bruise the entire length of her forearm.I believe she got railroaded by male chauvinist judge and prosecutors,and hired an uninterested incompetent defense attorney.

      • Jeff Hamm: I was thinking the exact same thing. I am still so ANGRY about this case! There are so many things I’d like to say about this case, but it would take up too much space here. When someone tries to harm themselves to make it look like someone else did it, it’s usually just superficial wounds. Darlie almost died because the slit in h er throat was so close to the main artery. Those bruises were NOT self-inflicted. Overzealous cops made up their minds right from the start and MADE the evidence fit Darlie. They shouldn’t be in law enforcement because they don’t have enough brains to do the job correctly. There is SO MUCH evidence pointing to an intruder. Just to mention one BIG one, talk about the sock found so far outside. Why would someone take one sock and throw it out instead of taking the knife instead. Wouldn’t you want to get rid of the knife if you were the real killer???? It makes me sick that this woman who lost her babies is now on death row for something that she did NOT do. That in itself is a crime, IMO!! Those cops AND the prosecutor are real morons!!! I’m not happy with her defense attorney, either. He did a lousy job of defending her. I don’t know how any of them can sleep at night!!!

        • A couple of them have passed away already, including her defense attorney. I guess those guys are sleeping pretty good. Lol! She will be ok. She will get exonerated. She lost absolutely everything and I can’t imagine losing your child and while you are grieving, you are being arrested and placed on death row. Unbelievable

    • There is nothing to LOL about in this tragic story. A woman has lost her freedom, her marriage & effectively her two boys simply because she loved shopping, makeup & costume jewelry, along with an outgoing personality that didn’t seem tragic enough.

      • I completely agree with you. She was convicted because of her personality and clothing/jewelry choices. The fact that she had breast implants should have never been brought up in trial but it was .You know someone is getting railroaded when a juror is making snide comments about the defendants breast implants. Unbelievable

      • She was pretty stabby too. She loved to stab unless it was on her. Then it was superficial cuts but yeah, she loved shopping, makeup, popping gum and shooting silly string. But she excels at stabbing. Just look at the back of her shirt. Had the kid’s blood on it with drops running down.

    • My husband and I watched with great interest on May 10th 2019, the program 20/20 regarding Darlie and are convinced that she did not do this heinous crime! In the early part of the show, they said she had human flesh under her fingernails!! HELLO!!! That is huge…why did they NOT say that they tested that flesh for DNA? There were just too many things that should have proven Darlie innocent and it is shameful that the jury was prejudiced right from the start. And the other (illegally taken) video footage of the family at the cemetery having a prayerful memorial service and you hear the anguish and weeping while they were there…THAT FOOTAGE was purposely NOT shown to the jury because the Detectives and Prosecutors knew that the jury would see how much Darlie loved her boys. Our prayer is that she will be released and that the Detectives (New ones hopefully who are not male chauvinists) will check the evidence again.

      • The 20/20 episode was one sided. When I watched it last year I also thought an innocent woman was railroaded. But then I read the court transcripts and everything else I can get my hands on and the the Jury got it right.

        • Have to concur. I think that Darlie had a form of post partum depression and was hyper irritable due to a combination of conditions: Her husband’s business was declining, with the third baby there were more responsibilities, the kids (the older one particularly) were hyper active and difficult to control,–now they were out of school and on her hands 24/7 maybe she was drinking or doing some drugs. I think she got very angry–perhaps awakened by one of the boys in the middle of the night– snapped— decided to do something she wrote in her diary that she was contemplating for weeks. Stabbed one boy, had to stab the other one because he was a witness, and tried to kill herself or fake her wounds as an alibi.

          • Would have been smarter for her to plead some sort of “insanity” defense–she probably would have been out now.

        • The court transcripts were extremely inaccurate. There were many incorrect entries. The clerk was asked about it and guess what she took the fifth!!

    • Jury of your peers…scary thought. Imagine trying to find 12 people in your community that would be able to make a sane, reasonable, unbiased conclusion. Seriously, she was doomed by her defense and the close-minded jury. They just happened to change venues to a town with a different socioeconomic standard and religious affiliation. Darlie was clearly made out to be a sinning, money grubbing, tramp. Her lawyer sat there and let it roll, the jury ate it up and sent her away.

    • I hope she is released I really believe she’s innocent. That Miss Parris who was interviewed during if documentary is a complete fool. she voted for her to be convicted because the woman had implants and had lots of jewelry. I mean come on is that a reason to fix somebody of murder. That Miss Paris is an idiot or a fool but probably both.

      • I thought the same thing Barbara. Picking the jury is critical, and that one is a total moron. It’s as if they don’t realize someone’s life is on the line.

      • For 5,000.00. And her husband’s life insurance was 800,000. Your nuts!! They’ll use the familia DNA to find the right killer . Do some today research. I hope it does free her and she can sue the state of Texas for a lot of money. Don’t live in the past. Things have changed. I hear Dallas TX has had a lot of mistakes made with they’re screw UPS in just trying to get someone named to be the perpiture.. She is innocent!! DNA will prove it…

      • I agree with you. Evidence of prosecutorial and jury misconduct. Yeah, rings are evidence you killed your children. I think she is innocent. Hopefully the truth will come out. Hopefully the men in that DAs office will pay for all the wrongly obtained verdicts they achieved.

      • Who kills kids before an adult,,,
        Not sure if y’all are looking at the bigger picture,,, think u are breaking in to a home,, u don’t know where people sleep,, first thing you do go to bedrooms kill all adults who can stop you,,, how the killer knew they where in the living room?? I love to prove our justice system wrong due to all the injustice that dose happen but they have right this time… The sock was something she did before cutting her self ,, the knife fell on the floor ,,,, why is there no shape of it on the blood ??? Who ever did it knew exactly how the house hold was ran ,,, no stranger

    • I agree with Nellie. Not once have I ever seen a murder beat the hell out of herself, cut their throat to the point of killing herself,(remember 2mm) she would have died herself, the defensive wounds on her forearm. Those I promise you are not self-inflicted. I have worked in the medical field for 20 years. I have witnessed both self-inflicted and defensive wounds. She was FIGHTING like hell for her boys and herself.
      As for the video of the family at the graveside. It was not shown in its entirety. My daughter lost her son and on EVERY Birthday our family gathers. We Pray for peace for our family and then we decorate the grave with balloons, toys, candy, cake, and yes silly string. Now does that make my daughter a murder? Everyone has their own way of mourning and even celebrating a life that was taken too soon. So what if she had boob implants? I didn’t see anything that supports their claims of her being selfish or not giving her children the proper nurture they needed.
      I’m sitting here wondering why in God’s name did those detectives plead the 5th on the witness stand. They are the ones guilty.
      To her, her family, her friends, especially her living Son (WHO NEEDS HER), her ex-husband, I am so happy you have remained at her side and believing in her. I don’t know how she has made it this far. It had to come from genuine trust, Love, respect and prayers from those that are still believing in her. I pray she is fully exonerated. And that she gets to wrap her arms around her Son and he hers and they find peace that surpasses all understanding.

      • She killed her babies, do you think cutting her own throat would bother her? Don’t be an idiot. The blood splatter alone on her shirt is enough to find her guilty. You can’t get that unless you did the killing. She freaking murdered her babies and you’re taking up for her.

        • How much blood spatter was on her shirt? With what was done to those boys she should have been drenched in it not a few splatters..even cast off. Did anyone ever consider that the cast off came from the actual killer?

        • Blood spatter??? Blood spatter means just that…spatters of blood on the shirt. Look at this site and see the actual FRONT of Darlie’s shirt. That is not spatter and they say it shows she was already stabbed by the time the kids blood was on it. Blood spatter on knifing is usually on the back of the shirt where blood flies off the knife as it is brought up.

      • Couldnt have said it better myself. I strongely agree 100% with you Martha Ramsey. She has suffered more then she should in one life time. God Bless and Support her RELEASE!!

      • I agree 💯 I believe Darlie is innocent. My heart goes out to her for the hell she has been put through. I can only pray to god to get her the redemption she deserves.

      • I completely agree with you and I also believe she is innocent… I don’t understand why anyone should have to fight to get a fingerprint check!! This case makes me so angry…. Praying that the right thing will be done!

    • And so do her supporters. It’s beyond crazy when these supporters are mothers and grandmothers, trying to set a baby killer free. They are sick and pathetic.

      • anyone who thinks she is guilty when there is evidence and witnesses to a black car outside there house are complete idiots. She was convicted cause she had fake boobs and nice belongings. Her neck was slit morons. That was not a self inflicted wound. And if the husband was upstairs why was he never looked at. He could of put a mask on and stabbed all three of them. Don’t be so quick to judge without all the evidence. She will get out. There is new proof. They will find out who’s bloody print threat was. It was hers wasn’t the husbands. Had to be someone’s. But yet all you idiots still she is guilty.

    • I’m a republican son and I believe this woman is innocent. Please don’t announce you’re a republican. Stupid can’t be fixed and you’re just a bad look. Only thing worse than stupid is stupid with a keyboard.

    • please go away . LOL there is always some FOOL commenting on issues that have nothing to do with DUH the subject and they have to mention politically corrupt PARTIES , yes duh both parties work for the duh same masters (banks corps and the MIC which duh is corps) so here you are being a fool. I don’t vote btw at all, too informed via facts/history. but I this woman is not guilty and it will be proven, sadly she will be like so many who will not be compensated for her wrongful imprisonment! so DUH while you sit in your bias position of shit why not contemplate (you know , think for a change instead of having your indoctrination and info come from your culture you were brought up in) that TRUTH is more important than opinions, political parties, religions (religious people are the worst hypocrites , LOL) now go get educated and use your OWN MIND! baby killers lol.. you don’t mind when you send your kids to useless wars and have them murder innocent people around the world do you?? yes that’s okay to drone bomb people /children . sure keep telling yourself that is not murder!!

  2. Hey supporters, Darlie isn’t coming out of prison alive. 85J contains no Male DNA. Copy that. And start eating your crow dinner! 😂😂

  3. So happy to hear this….. I follow story’s like this all the time and I am telling you….. Darlie did not do this crime! The evidence never showed she did….. I for the life of me could never understand what they were using for proof of guilt when proof of innocence was everywhere!!

  4. Well we won’t be silent for damian and Devon’s sake she is right where she belongs and there is not one new piece of evidence that is going to prove anything but DARLIE ROUTIER MURDERED HER SLEEPING BABIES but will you supporters finally admit she is a cold blooded murderer when these new tests come back showing once again Darlie is right where she belongs actually she should be 6 feet under by now

    • DAMON, honey. Not Damian. If you’re going to “speak for the victims” try getting their names right, K?

      • At least we speak for the victims. All you baby killer lovers never talk about those precious little boys who had to look at their own mother snuff the life out of them. She’s coming out of prison in a body bag, and her time is running out. She will be burning in hell very soon. Bet the house!

      • Stop being a pussy and hiding behind a fake name. Kristina knows his name. Have you ever heard of auto correct smart ass?? How you or anyone can think Darlie is innocent is beyond insane.

          • What is there to be proud of, ma’am? Rampant racism, sexism, and an antiquated, corrupt justice system where they execute first and ask questions never? I’m all for Trump’s wall, as long as they build it around Texas. Y’all don’t deserve to be a part of MY America. Barbarians.

      • Well golly gee my auto correct works because I probably typed Damian’s name in recently and he is a supporter so I’ll correct myself just for you DAMON hope you booty feels better now 🙄

    • What proof? They had the proof she didn’t do it back then. But crooked cops wanted her to be guilty because of Susan smith. New dna evidence will her free and then all you idiot morons owe her for trashing her all these years. And Texas will have to pay her for every year they kept her locked up. And police don’t plea the 5thh while testimony. They lied and they set her up. And explain how a bloody sock got dumped in the ally with both boys blood 75 yards away in the ally. Come on genius explain that one. There and back is 1 1/2 football fields away. So with a slit throat bleeding to death she ran that far to dump a sock Witt her kids blood on it. Your a special kinda stupid aren’t you. Get all the facts before jumping to judgement cause your trying to execute a innocent woman. Just because Susan smith was a monster doesn’t mean every woman is. Having fake boobs and jewelry shouldn’t get you convicted. Seemed that one juror was quite jealous of her and convicted her solely on having fake boobs and nice belongings. And you did it for even less.

  5. Well about the ladys mentioned above.At least they are not baby killers.She is not going anywhere untill she takes that ride to recieve her justice.

  6. When hell freezes over…… you better get yourself prepared for her execution because that’s where she’s going.

  7. How anyone can think for a second she is innocent is just dumbfounding. Sure I was on the fence a year ago after watching that totally leaning innocent program The Last Defense. I went to look for more info and that is when I found all the resources I needed, complete with all the transcripts of her own testimony and statements that changed. This is just a last ploy to push it out further since her execution date will be set I believe in the next year or so. Once they run the only smudged print, the only piece of so called evidence, rules there was no intruder, pretty much over. If you truly want to know facts, please read up and too many things that do not show there was any intruder. I think her supporters either do not like to be wrong or they haven’t opened their eyes and read factual information, not just a book or 1 leaning documentary. Forensic files starts a good lay out, but so much more!

    • Please, point the rest of us to this evidence. Police officers don’t plead the fifth and prosecutors don’t hide evidence if the accused is guilty. (Second time I’ve said that on this thread.) But, of course, if you have documents to support your claim I’d love to see it.

    • I’m of the mind that we not only should, but MUST make absolutely sure of guilt before killing someone for a crime. Especially when it’s All circumstantial evidence. I’m not saying whether she’s guilty or innocent. I’m saying we need to be damn sure. It’s not a mistake that can be taken back. I remember this case well and lived not far from her house. A LOT of the evidence they claimed was wrong and how a person grieves after the loss of a child can’t be judged. I’m for the death penalty. But only when there is NO DOUBT and DNA evidence.

  8. Why are you crazy people attacking each other and fighting back and forth. Both “sides” should 1) be alarmed that the lead investigator made conclusions within 20-30 minutes of showing up on scene; 2) keep in mind the Texas crime lab that was exposed for false results leading to false convictions; 3) keep in mind Texas has the highest rate of false convictions; and most importantly, 4) everyone should be happy to get FACTS out into the open. Has everyone lost their minds. If she did it, great, they got the right person and those poor children got justice. If not, great, let’s find out who did. Win/win. Why are you attacking each other like a bunch of rabid, unsocialized bullies.

    • Let me be the first to extend a round of applause to you, the one commentator with both sense and class. Kudos!

    • You took the words out of my mouth. I don’t know if Darlie did it or not, but I would think that making sure the right person is in jail is something we could all agree on.

      • To bad the blood thirsty murders want her executed and think she was guilty cause she had a boob job. No one with a soul or a good person could just execute a human being and kill them. Anyone who can I don’t believe they are any better then any other murderer.

    • I only hope your comment reaches all the way to their brains. They are as obstinate as the bonehead who “had it all figured out in 20 to 30 minutes…” That was a LAZY investigator who should have been relieved of his job!
      I don’t have a set in stone conviction as science has proven so many times the police have gotten it all wrong! If proven wrong be human and concede, vanity has no place in a courthouse!

      • It is because they are keyboard warriors. No idea of what evidence vs. opinions are. It’s a sad time when we are more than willing to lash out to someone online but they are quiet in person. Smdh

    • Amen ! Perfectly said ! Was just telling husband the ratio in Texas and lifers and death row ! We will see as time goes on! Actually I believe she is innocent .. over the years I been pretty spot on about child killers and spousal killers ! That’s my opinion … I watched the first trial and saw all errors in prosecution ignoring several pieces of evidence ! DA says kids got stabbed she got slashed well kids are kids and asleep Mom is An adult woken up .. Adrenalin kicks so again we shall see and respect others opinions because we all want justice for thieve babies and the right person In Prison and PI been invkove since 2015 I think!

    • A sane well stated response. Additionally, in regard to Darle’s journal entry. I haven’t heard a word about the great advances in post partum depression in the past 20 years. One of the lawyers stated that mothers do not contemplate suicide. I, for one, can testify that is absolutely not true.

      • I was astounded by that comment as I was with many of the accusers comments. Id be surprised if most mother’s didn’t have suicidal thoughts . Post partum is an unspoken epidemic, and being a mom is a thankless and life sucking job that sometimes leaves you hating your life because being treated like human garbage is normal everyday shit as a mom, but yay mother’s day!?!? Bullshit most loving moms don’t write journal entries about wanting to be gone, that’s if we ever got a second to share our thoughts or write.

    • Texas certainly needs to get their head on right and do right. The forensic team needs to check the fingerprint found and do their damn job but the silly state of Texas won’t allow it because they know they screwed up! The x husband said he was Seeking out a staged robbery for insurance purposes, the house looked empty, the neighbor called the police about a suspicious car driving away fast from their home and there is no way those wounds on her arm and fingers weren’t from self defense plus her neck was cut badly. There is not evidence that this Mother killed her children. When seeing her talk you can clearly see she loved them with all her heart just by her body language which tells all. Just because she wanted to be happy on the day she celebrated the boys birthday doesn’t mean anything either, only redneck dumbass Texas conservative jurors will read it all wrong. The stupid, evil Smith woman had made a poor example for Darlie as well. I think it’s an outrage that the justice system can put someone on death row for 20 years just because the police and detectives were too lazy to do their jobs! Why is Darlie still in prison? It’s extremely unjust and what a corrupt system it is.

    • Wow… thanks for the common sense comment.
      After reading an interesting news story, it would be nice to be able to read other people’s thoughts and opinions. Remember when you could actually read the comment section without all of the hate, bigotry, racism and biased political nonsense (example from this page, “Liberal baby killers,” are you serious??)? I don’t mind an educated and thought-provoking debate, but you never find that in the comments anymore.
      Believe me, in real life these people would never show their true colors like they do while online. They are safely hidden behind their keyboards and fake names as they bully others with their dramatically stated opinions and distorted “facts.” Sadly, the topic-at-hand is lost and hardly matters (example from this page, “Liberal baby killers” — using a story to bully and put down a different political affiliation) when the focus should be on the story above.
      Again, thank you for your well-stated and thought-provoking comment. If it rubs off on only one person ruining the comments for others, it will have been worth it.

    • Yes!! Let’s wait for the new evidence to be presented before we start talking shit to each other! I believe in reasonable doubt and just following her case she shouldn’t have been convicted. But I guess we will see… 🤷‍♀️

    • Finally a person with some sanity! I grew up a cops kid therefore youI was around lots of police from patrol officers to investigators to the Captain. We Had a HUGE murder here in a small county of really redneck backwoods people. When with my cop “family” I said “Everybody on that mountain knows Frank Casteel did it! Every cop that heard that come out of my mouth IMMEDIATELY said “ok where’s the proof?” Not one of them said we know and we’ll prove it! They like cops should wanted the evidence and waited a long,long time to get that conviction! Cops aren’t provers of ideas they are supposed to be conduits of truth and impartial! That’s the way my cop family thinks! They only put forth evidence not only for or against someone or what fits their narrative but unbiased in both guilty and non guilty ways the truth is the truth and no cop worth a damn would say anything’s different!!!

    • Well said but long term hate makes people lose that reasoning. We see that in the political arena the last couple of years. My favorite quote “When the heart rules the head, passion takes over reason. ORtega Gassett”

  9. Well it seems to me that 22 years would break any mother who actually killed her children I don’t even know if Jesus can get you forgiveness for that but you think that that would crush her after so long she would after being locked up for so long and I don’t understand why anybody would cut their own throat may be inflicted wound somewhere but not your throat well I hope Justice is is fulfilled God’s will is the outcome I know there’s a lot of innocent people in prison and to be on death row you know that brings up a whole nother issue of death row if you can’t get it right we shouldn’t even have that Laurel because I think her being a woman and these Rowdy Cowboy detectives and want to put away make a case whatever and that Ford’s been 20 minutes that man that has died since had concluded it was her there’s no way you could figure that out 20 minutes unless it was just so clearly evident to everybody I don’t think she got a fair Shake probably whether she’s innocent or guilty I think she deserves it deserves to be looked at again and until they find out who’s that fingerprint was that Bloody fingerprint and go from there before you get online being so sure of your your opinion so let’s let God’s will be done through our justice system because it’s kind of corrupt sometimes and people are off and stuff mistakes are made and innocent people get killed because of our death row sentencing maybe that’s why they sit on death row for so many years and cost the taxpayers a ton of money

    • It was clearly that evident within 15-30 minutes someone in that house was the killer. In this case that’s exactly what happened. And isbwasnt the coward upstairs.

      • And you know that how? We’re you there. Did you witness it to be 100 percent sure. If you are so sure why not give her another trial. If you are so sure. Afraid the dna evidence and the bloody print will set her free? Are you so blood thirsty to kill a woman when there is tons of evidence that could prove her innocent. If there is even a chance someone is innocent they should look further into it. Texas is famous for executing innocent people all the time. So if you are so sure she is guilty you should feel comfortable enough that they can prove it legitimate this time.

        • Totally agree, couldn’t say it better myself I believe she is totally innocent.Those friggin videos hung her.

    • 11 months before Susan Smith killed her 2 sons this is why they said Darlie killed her boys.. I believe she is innocent and the evidence will prove as much

  10. It really makes me angry when all of the evidence ie, No foreign DNA found in the home, the bloody print-no male DNA found, a man breaks in, then gets the owners knife to cut a screen when he’s already in. This is just a few. A 5 year old can see Darlie did this. Cruz promoting Darlie as innocent is a serious punch in the face to Devon and Damon and it’s unforgiving.

    • Are you stupid or something? The bloody print was already was proven not to be hers or husbands at the time of her trial. Explain the bloody sock down the street. Dirty cops pleading the 5th when asked about it. Where is all this proof. It’s not proof it’s opinions. There was not one single piece of evidence that proves she killed them. So I guess she just slit her own throat too. 2mm more and she would of been dead. All her defense wounds I guess you think she did that to herself too. And all this time the husband just slept upstairs. For all anyone knows he put on a mask and is the killer and he framed her. Now he acts like he supports her. He divorced her and is probably remarried livinggn the good life. But no one even looked at anyone but her.

    • I agree! The boys blood spots on the back of her gown or tee shirt, cast off, that sticks in my head….all these years. She’s where she belongs.

  11. You back woods jack asses!! Just because some prosecutor can tell a story with a tear
    Coming down his eye, you think he’s telling the truth!!?? Let me educate you!!
    If a leading detective wants to string a bunch of “evidence “ together and think it all adds
    Up to she did it!! That doesn’t make it true?? But when a District Attorney wants to go forward
    With the case, now they have to piece it together as if it is all true!! Why?? Because
    theres millions of dollars that the county will have to pay for in a lawsuit, if it turns out later they were wrong!! So they come up with ridiculous evidence that doesn’t even match the crime
    scene!! Watch the show on Friday and this time look at the evidence as if it’s your daughter in prison!! If your not to brain dead, it’s obvious that there was an intruder!! When it came to the bloody sock
    they found a block away with the kids blood on it, the stupid fuck detectives didn’t
    know what to do about that, so you know what they did!???? They just ignored it!!
    Wake the fuck up!!!!!!

  12. Wow this case!!! Had been following with books and trial transcripts. Finally got a copy of Barbara Davis book. One thing I can’t get over is why her feet didn’t have cuts from broken glass and why people didn’t blame her whole family for the silly string tape. All the attention was on the mother but yet the whole family celebrated Devon’s birthday. What were they thinking!! Although they’ve stated the boys loved silly string, the manner in which they died and with the “killer still out there” as they put it, just odd but their choice.Her ex husband has said some very bizarre things. Darlies behaviors played a big role her conviction. The on going debate is was evidence tampered and not taken correctly etc.. it’s texas so of course the state stands firm in their investigation. The defense probably feels if the case is retried they can try to clean up how jurors saw Darlies character and lifestyle as people now may see it differently and make a case on reasonable doubt that it was possible an intruder did this. However I’m still questioning a lot excluding the silly string video. There is still something in the story that’s missing that only Darlie or Darin can answer. The defense still has work to do.

  13. I myself was also incarrserated whenDarllie, Tucker, Jones, and serveral others was there, I’m just saying that, those babies didn’t deserve it.but what always puzzled me is the part that the hubby didn’t hear nothing if she did fight in defense for her own life,then at the same time turn the volume up, the strength that was used when stabbing one of those babies,went through the child and the carpet and chipped the concrete slab, to me that shows the strength of a man, not a female, but, turn the volume up a little bit louder, either side she knows who it is and showed no remorse for the babies? Threw a party at the cemetery and out of all the songs to play for the babies-come on now-“ganster paradise” and the scene of the funeral army swiss knives lay upon them, only thing I’m saying if she did it,GOD is the word-vengence is mine saith the Lord.i’m just having a hard time with how a mother can kill what came out of her? your killing parts of yourself at the same time——-THAT PART!

    • Omg. I can tell by your Grammer that you are ignorant. If the press would have shown the ENTIRE video from the cemetary, you would see that the clip they media showed was taken completely out of context. Go back to jail and when offered education in prison, I suggest you jump at the opportunity

    • What forensics? They proved back then the bloody print wasn’t hers or the husbands? The bloody sock almost a football fields length away from the house. Did she put that there after slitting her own throat? So please explain what forensic evidence they didn’t have dna evidence back then but they do now. They got approved to go through it. So why 9 years later it is still hasn’t been aloud. So again I’m asking you what forensic evidence do you speak of? Fake boobs, jewelry, a birthday at the Cemetary and silly string is not forensic evidence. Let’s look at the forensic evidence that wasn’t aloud in the trial. If your all so convinced then what could it hurt.

    • What forensics? The tests that the prosecution didn’t run, or the ones the defense fought for years to have done? You people are just as bad as portrayed on tv, as my gramma used to say. You’re. Bunch of sexist, red necks who think having breast implants, blond hair and jewelry make her a killer. WTF is wrong with you? Take a look outside your little closeted towns mad realize you are so wrong, you should be humiliated. Disgusting bunch of idiots.

  14. Instead of whiny TV programs where Darlie plays victim and spins the same old narrative, how about presenting new evidence to the court. Oh, there is no new evidence? Then let’s get her a calendar date and carry out her sentence.

  15. Dear Aunt Luann, (and others) It was Glen Mize I know it was him I saw him! The POLICE and FBI are working to get evidence on him right now! Darin will have to tell you more because they read my mail. >Pathological liar Darlie Routier. If the POLICE and FBI were working on getting evidence then #1 why is your ass sitting in jail and #2 what’s the big secret if they read your mail. Darlie Routier’s crime crossed the line of demarcation and is so vile, so repulsive that redemption and forgiveness on this earth is impossible. Both sides of these families have a flawed moral compass.

    • Yup, Prosecutor Toby Shook took her apart on the stand. Revealed Darlie as angry, conniving and deceptive. Mulder tried to save her, but she was so angry at that point it did more damage.

    • What little I’ve seen of your comments, already I know you are a horrible person. How dare you expect others to believe the exact way you do! You people disgust me and hundreds of others with functioning brains.

  16. Victoria and others who suggest that we ascertain whether Darlie is truly guilty, necessarily imply a new trial — a second chance most death row convicts would welcome. But there already was a trial. A jury weighed the credibility of witnesses and the evidence and found her guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. She had a well-known defense attorney too; not the barely-paid public defender most convicts get. At this point, the burden is on Darlie to prove her actual innocence. Just pointing out errors during the trial isn’t enough.

  17. I’ve followed this case since I moved to Texas just a few days before this horrible crime occurred & I honestly think & believe she is completely innocent!! They saw the silly string video & immediately believed she was guilty!!! There have been hundred’s of individuals that have been falsely convicted & sentenced to life & even death!! Look at the Anthony Graves case & the district attorney Charles Sebesta knew before Anthony’s trial began that he was innocent cuz Robert Carter informed him. There have been many cases where the was prosecutorial misconduct!! Randy Stedial & Herb Whitlock; Ryan Ferguson & Charles Erickson; Kevin Green; Kevin Bailey; Bruce Lisker where one of the detective’s actually lied about new owners of his parents house finding the money that he said Bruce stole from his mother when he murdered her; Matthew Livers & his cousin were arrested & a police officer planted blood in Matthews car; Russ Faria’s; Debra Milke & the list goes on and on!!! When it comes to an individual losing their life, I think it should be completely proven & not just beyond a reasonable doubt an individual is guilty & sentenced to any prison time & especially death row!!! Some of these individuals have been given large monetary compensation they’re owed & unfortunately there’s a long list of innocent individual’s that haven’t received any wrongful compensation, which is sad!! I do hope the truth is revealed & the individual that committed this henious crime is found!! We all know some of these district attorney’s don’t want to admit they made an error & did what they could to ensure the conviction!!! No need for anyone to reply with any ugly language as we all have the right to believe what we believe & I just said what I believe!!

    • It is true that some people found guilty at trial were eventually exonerated. However, there are many, many more who were not. The fact that once in a while a convicted person is found to be innocent has no bearing on Routier’s guilt. She had a very experienced and competent defense team, was found guilty by a jury, had appeals, and is now awaiting execution. The bloody fingerprint was proven, by Routier’s own team, to contain no male DNA. Her team have known this for years. I don’t blame her for wanting to delay her punishment for as long as possible, but at a certain point this has to end. And it will most certainly not end with her release. BTW, I am 100 percent against the death penalty. But from a legal point of view, she has exhausted all of her options. With due respect to her passionate and caring supporters, I think it is time to prepare for the inevitable.

  18. I remember when this happened and imo she was guilty from the beginning. No one with a heart wanted to think she did it, but she acts like a classic sociopath. Watch her again and see if you can spot the lack of empathy for anyone else. I think she’s a phony.

  19. Some of you are as cruel as a “baby killer” with your comments. Thank God none of you are in any actual position of authority over this matter. I don’t know if she did it or if she didn’t, people commit crimes everyday without leaving evidence. I can say that in my opinion she never had a chance either way. Within 20 minutes of entering the home the lead detective had made up his mind that there was no intruder, simply because there was no blood in the garage? Sounds like possible typical Texas “investigating” to me. Wasn’t the murder weapon left at the original scene? It’s completely possible that the possible intruder simply didn’t drop any blood on the way out? The lead detective never considered any other possibility, therefor of course evidence was likely overlooked. For those of you excited for her execution date, you’re sick. I’m as Republican as they come but I also know one of God’s basic commandments is not to kill. It doesn’t say “Thou shall not kill unless the person killed someone else first.” Again, I wasn’t there, neither were any of you, I don’t know her what happened. As a mother of two though, I could not imagine loosing my two babies and then on top of it all, getting blamed for it and spending half my life (potentially all of my life) in prison for it. Simply reading the transcripts of the trial will tell you that she never received a fair trial. No one gets to judge a person for their behavior on their recently deceased sons birthday less than 2 weeks later but that person. It’s clear the video was very misleading and to me says nothing about her guilt or innocence. I have always thought if she did have something to do with it the husband had to have been right there with her. Who doesn’t hear their 3 family members being brutally stabbed to death until the possible intruder has already left? She also testified for herself against her lawyers advice and that says a lot to me. Guilty people usually will do anything to avoid being questioned about the event. Innocent or guilty, I don’t see what reinvestigating the case hurts? If she’s guilty, further evidence will likely be revealed that she’s guilty. If she’s innocent, maybe she actually gets a shot at a life again. Either way, why would anyone want to see someone loose their life? My last tid bit for this rant is that all of you talking about looking forward to her execution, you should do a little more “research” on the lead detective and his past, as well as the prosecutor. Also consider Texas has sent for innocent people to death row than any other state.

  20. Somebody please loan Juror #8 two grand so she can get a boob job! Or at least send the poor woman a training bra.

  21. So she is innocent? Who comes in a home and brutally murders two children only. Kinda attacks her, I know she almost died, yeah right and leaves and has never committed another crime? Doesn’t take a thing. Just makes no sense. Her and Darrin did it without a shadow of a doubt. And they do this the one night she sleeps downstairs with the boys. Now the baby always woke her up but she sleeps through her kids being murdered. Come on people.

    • “Without a shadow of doubt?” 1) her arm was cut defending herself not to mention her throat!
      2) witnesses told police a black car cruised by not once but twice 3) No cars were in there driveway that night (possibly a burglary gone wrong 4) A bloody sock found 11/2 football fields away down their alley 5) a finger print that was never tested 6) Two detectives on the case TAKE THE FIFTH??? (because they continued surveillance at the cemetery-but only chose to show a happy time -instead of the memorial service they had prior). Now Texas is stalling, waited 9 years to get the fingerprint tested. The cops didn’t do their job. TOO MUCH DOUBT!

  22. She is innocent. She was railroaded because she was different than the rest of the fine upstanding ladies of the community with broomsticks stuck you know where!

  23. I am so sorryfor the loss of the Routier children. I have so much reasonable doubt in my mind. She has wounds that are not self inflected. What about the dna under her fingernails as well as the sock. She deserves a new trial. I am saddened by the whole process. She willl face her exoneration from Jesus Christ , however her demise comes.

  24. i don’t understand why the state of Tx would overturn a lower courts decision to have the fingerprint and sock tested?!? If there’s the smallest chance she’s innocent, why not do all that’s possible to find out instead of putting an innocent person to death. I do believe she’s innocent and I hope she lives to prove it.

  25. It’s truly disturbing to see people so cruelly obsessed with one woman’s execution. In a case filled with unanswered questions and reasonable doubts, justice should be the only concern. As far as the silly string video, no one saw the crying and praying that happened before that. People deal with grief in different ways.

  26. The TV presentation on channel 7 sucked. No indication that there is an ongoing investigation, that The defense attorney Mudder has sinse died, A forensic investigator has since deceased. Last time I watch this show!!

  27. Darlie, I hope you see this. I believe you are innocent. I am going to write to you . My name is Michelle . I am so sorry for what has happened to your children. And to you.
    I don’t need to post reasons for my opinion.
    Your friend,
    Michelle in Tucson ,Arizona

    • How did their blood splatter get on the back of her shirt? The only way is if she did the stabbing. You are supporting a murderer.

      • Do u know how stupid u sound? Y does she have a bruised arm? Why is there a sock down the street. Whos fingerprint on wall??

  28. I do not believe Darcie killed her 2 sons and stab herself. First her first Attorney did a very poor job putting on defense. Character judgement should never been allowed to the extent that happened.
    If you People out there think the Police are always telling the truth you are Crazy. They lie, make up things that is not true and are extremely biased. Texas is the worst State in America to be charged with murder. Justice is not blind. You have to prove your innocence. Frankly because she did a Birthday Party for her son just because you do not like the way she and her family celebrate Diamin. They did not show the first part of recording. Darkie never stood a chance! She was already convicted Guilty. I can not say either way but I feel she never had chance. Americans our Justice System needs to be revamp that you are Innocent Until proven Guilty not the other way. I believe we have too many innocent people dying because they are innocent.

  29. I’m appalled at those of you seething to see this woman put to death. As for the extremely opinionated (I’m sure), Christian, Kerrville woman, whom I’m also pretty sure is a TRump supporter: do you feel that way about the First Lady? Being that Melania has fake boobs, wears $50,000 coats, and tons of jewelry, if God forbid Barron were to be found murdered and Melania swore she didn’t do it, would you take into account that she (at one point) was a stripper, having posed numerous times in Playboy, her implants, the fact that she sports tons of jewelry, and expensive clothing whilst debating her innocence? I’m betting NOT! Furthermore, for the idiotic prosecutors to say a “mother” would never consider committing suicide is just total BS. Then he’s got the balls to state that her “self inflicted” wounds were simply “surface” wounds which barely grazed her skin? Seriously? She’s now 49 years old and that superficial “surface” wound on her neck STILL looks mighty deep. For someone who wasn’t fighting for her life, she sure as hell had TONS of HUGE bruising all over her arms and legs. But I’d guess you people would rather think those babies did that to her, right? A sock’s left ONE AND A HALF FOOTBALL FIELDS AWAY FROM THE HOME with the boy’s blood on it, yet she had time to do ALL they showed in under a few minutes? The ONLY thing that seemed off to me was her then husband trying to secure someone to “break into the home” in order to make a false insurance claim. My opinion? I think he found someone and it went south. Or did anyone ever think the husband, with all their recent debt at the time, figured he’d hire someone to come in and do (mostly) his entire family, with the exception of the infant whom of which he used as a supposed alibi as to why he was upstairs? Either way, I cannot believe this woman’s sat in jail for over two decades based on OPINIONS and BOTCHED POLICE WORK AT BEST! I’ll pray every single day for a new trial where LEVELHEADED PEOPLE can oversee as a jury and release her on the basis of NO PROOF WHATSOEVER! Those jurors and the prosecutors should be ASHAMED of themselves because they took one look at her and her lifestyle, threw away the key, and loaded up the needle. It’s all of YOU who’ll pay for taking her innocent life. It’s all of YOU who’ll pay for stealing her time away from her one remaining son! It’s all of YOU who’ll pay for rushing to judgment because a woman cried her heart out at her babies ‘ grave, then managed—in a time of utter grief—to celebrate what would’ve been her son’s birthday. Shame on all of you backwards, redneck, hillbilly monsters with your bibles in one hand and concrete opinions’ in the other!

  30. Detectives aren’t stupid. They know a staged scene when they see one. There is no way those boys blood got on the back of her shirt unless she did it. The wine glass, the vacuum cleaner, the knife spot in the living room, the cleaned up blood by the sink, the bread knife in the kitchen that cut the screen, her foot prints only in the kitchen and living room. Her foot prints leading back to stab the little one again. Her running around the house while on the phone. The blood evidence is overwhelming that she did it. With That much blood there is no way an intruder would not have been noticed. How did the boys blood splatter get on the back of her shirt? Did it just jump there?

  31. I was 14 when the murders took place. Living in North Texas I was frightened about a murderer being on the loose.
    Looking at all the evidence I do not believe this woman should be in jail. I hope justice prevails for this women.

  32. Where was the new game changing evidence? I figured “nothing” was the evidence. That could be a new spinoff of 20/20 where they hype up supporters of convicted killers who come out talking smack and end up with…you guessed it…”NOTHING”!!! Hahaha. It could be called “NOTHING Is The New Evidence”. Im calling Netflix now to greenlight this. I guess we non supporters won’t be dining on poo emojis and crow like we have been being told for a week now hahahahah

  33. So once again Kathy Cruz is permitted to write a Pro-Darlie piece without any mention of the facts that she is a friend of Routier’s, and her late husband was one of Routier’s appellate lawyers. Conflict of interest?

    • The first time I met Darlie was in August of 2012, just before I began writing a series of newspaper articles revisiting the case. The series turned into a book project. My former/late husband was not one of Routier’s appellate lawyers, and was in fact not a lawyer at all. He was an investigative journalist/editor/author.

  34. I respect the right that each individual in these comments has that each of you have a right to his/her own opinion. However, that does not make them correct in their assessment. The extremely sad events where the murder of young boys is stomach churning for most, if not all of those speaking about Darlie Routier’s guilt or innocence. I do think many factors contributed to Mrs. Routier’s conviction. First, one must consider and respect that just because a defendant is convicted of a heinous murder, does not make a mother guilty of killing her children in such a heinous fashion. Secondly, It is painfully obvious the Dallas Police where very affected by the Susan Smith case which occurred shortly before the Routier boys were murdered in such a heinous fashion.
    So I don’t anger other readers I will tell you that I am the daughter of an accomplished Judged who served his state for 20 years. former my state’s former Supreme Courts’ Chief Justice. After Dad retired from the Judicial System he joined with my brother who is now retired. One of his specialties was Criminal Law. I believe that seeing cases from the inside out for many years of my life gives me an ability to speak reasonably and responsibility on cases such as this one. After having 11 defendants found not guilty in death penalty cases together they decided to walk away rather than accept the huge responsibly of having a person’s life ended due to a decision either might make.They believed they had served their profession well. I saw and learned from inside out much about what is possible in a person’s life from the inside out. Often they worked “pro bono” (charging a defendant nothing because he/she could not pay).

    It appeared to me that in Dallas at the time of her original trial much was made about Darlie having breast implants, and dressing in what jurors saw as a sexy or provocative way. Jurors do decide cases based upon whether or not they approve of a defendants’ actions. However, I don’t believe in America having breast implants or dressing in what some consider a “sexy” way a murderer does not make. The blatant sexism in this case and the Prosecutors obvious attempts to convict her of killing her two young boys has NOTHING to do with guilt or innocence. I’ve long openly opposed this unfounded reason for a parent to murder their child when it has nothing to do with also having judgment of a woman because she may be different from you or me. I know of NO SCIENTIFIC evidence that mothers who are different should be judged any differently than a man. It is painfully obvious the Dallas Police Officers decided Darlie killed her children in part because they could paint her as a “floozy” or as someone was/is guilty because her lifestyle differs from that of some jurors.
    The defense has fought for 20+ years to simply obtain a test of DNA evidence found at the crime. scene Sadly the Dallas prosecutor behaved as if he didn’t want to find another possible murderer
    they decided Darlie was the new Susan Smith of child killers. That is not evidence but simply a prosecutor’s opinion. As I have not read all the transcripts, etc. I only speak about what I saw on several videos. It is such a sad system when Lady Justice is not blind nor deaf to all the information they saw or read that was not presented during the trial. I am dumbfounded why it has taken more than 20 years for defense attorneys to get the Dallas Police to finally be forced to have the bloody fingerprint tested by a laboratory. That is a blatant attempt showing the Dallas Police as not wanted evidence Mrs. Routier might not be the killer. Today she and her ex-husband may be forced to know even the possibility they might be wrong.
    I really don’t know if Ms. Routier is guilty or innocent. Yet, I am certain that she did not receive a fair trial by any standard. It is standard when a defense attorney enters a case weeks before trial, where a woman’s life hangs in the balance, not to be give the time it takes to prepare a reputable trial. Furthermore, I’m deeply troubled that the Prosecutor was not stopped from trying to convict a woman by deciding prior to the trial that Ms. Routier is not a murderer, leaving them with no answer to the question of who killed their children and or how a jury could be clueless as to their responsibility at seeing ALL the evidence of the possible killers and making an informed decision. because they didn’t agree with her lifestyle. I’m deeply troubled and saddened that a woman is still judged differently than a man in our system. Seemingly, Texans have yet to believe or understand that women are indeed supposed to be judged on the facts and not some antiquated idea that if you dislike her lifestyle then she may be a murderer. Until learning about this case I thought as women we’d come much further in gaining equality. Sadly, as women we’ve yet to obtain any form of equality in our nation. I see it as sad beyond words that women are so quick to judge other women and even have them executed for a crime they didn’t commit, I’ve often heard from jurors and others that “he or she looked guilty.” I’m still waiting for a reasonable answer as to what a guilty person looks like. In fact we are all guilty of something if we have lived to adulthood.
    On the opposite side of the equation we must accept our system of justice is far from perfect. Yet, it still remains one of the best systems in the world.

    As I’ve retired, I have decided to attempt to try to improve the lives of our friends, neighbors and fellow citizens by continuing to write about issues such as the Routier Case. If you have question where you believe I can help you answer; I’ll be happy to look at the publicly available information in the magical thing called the internet and determine if I can obtain the information I will attempt to offer you whatever insight I can. You can simply email me at: Plus, I intend to write about cases that interest me and innovations going on in our Court Systems both State and Federal. For me it will be an interesting experiment to see if I find folks who are interested in what I write along the way! ….. Phyllis

  35. No there will be no miracle 20/20 Should be ashamed of themselves for saying their would be new evidence THEY AHOWED NOT A DAMN THING but a recap of the last defense and I heard not one thing about the Innocence Project taking her case which her supporters are saying is a fact THEY LIE AS MUCH AS DARLIE WHICH IS IMORESSIVE darlies time is up and she will punished soon for butchering her babies #NONEWEVIDENCE #RUNTHEPRINCE shame on you 20/20

  36. Carthy Cruz the Jaguar did not break down the day she murdered her children you are the biggest liar get your facts straight crazy and there is not a two hour mourning video Darlie never mourned her children #STOPTHELIES

  37. I am beyond disgusted with all of you today. Really? How much money do you all make off of this? What new development was there? You spouted off all of this for a 20/20 update of new developments and you have NOTHING to tell us? If anything, stop for these boys. Let them rest in peace and stop making money off their mother.

  38. Bottom line is the system failed the real victims, these two little guys. Fingerprint didn’t match anybody in the house yet never send in for testing, same with the sock. Why? Cause it didn’t fit the narrative the prosecution was claiming. I have now idea if she is innocent or not but it is their duty to exhaust every possible scenario. The prosecuting attorney’s should never to be allowed in the courtroom again for choosing to ignore key pieces of evidence and instead character shaming to get a conviction. Watching the 20/20 episode, I was also embarrassed and disgusted with the juror. If one can be convicted of perceived character, that lady needs locked up. Horrible, judge mental person..

  39. The husband hired people to break into his home as he stated on 20/20 near the end of the show, for the insurance. He divorced his wife so he “could move on”. Why hasn’t anyone thought maybe he hired someone to kill his wife and kids for the insurance?
    The bloody sock found near a sewer by the home had the kids dna and chloroform. Someone knocked her out and stabbed her thinking she was dead.

  40. Not sure myself who is innocent or guilty in this case, but I dislike the cursory “law is bad” slant running through the 20/20, “innocence Project” and Ms. Cruz narrative. The public is grown up enough to get the full facts of the Routtier’s financial troubles, marital problems and any other motives which might be considered by the jury. (all of which was curiously excluded from the 20/20 piece and anything else lately) The husband admitted signing a false statement regarding seeking individuals for a staged home robbery prior to the murders for his wife’s attorneys to launch a failed appeal a number of years ago. (and i can somewhat sympathize with his desperation–but a lie is a lie). My view is that 21 years have gone by and…there is some kind of wishful hope on the part of her supporters that the woman will be released for time served—because, well cultural rot or misplaced sympathy for the “under dog”.
    I read a piece about five years after she was incarcerated that provided actual details of her daily prison life as a somewhat coarse and hardened, clumsily scheming woman…possibly the kind who would stage this sort of mayhem and accidentally stupidly almost kill herself with a poorly managed self inflicted wound.
    I would say however that the possibility of some random burglar turned thrill killer can’t be excluded, especially after the odd case of the knife murder of 2 senior citizens by a deranged juvenile in Davis California–however sociopaths usually (not always) can’t help bragging to someone about their crimes.

  41. I have been following her case for years. I have never thought for once that she was guilty. Its is very clear to me however that the police and prosecutors used Darlies lifestyle, ie, breast implants, blonde hair and her personality to pre judge her. There is so much the jury did not see and hearing from some of the jurors, they also pre judged her on these facts. Who the crap cares if she had her breasts done or wore tight clothes!! Shame on the police and prosecutors!!! Praying for and we WILL see the day she walks free. It is very sad that the REAL killer will probably never be brought to justice because of this sloppy investigation.

  42. Why would a stranger kill 2 young boys, yet leave an adult witness alive with superficial wounds? No matter how close to a major artery, it wasnt cut & she didnt die. Yet the boys wounds were so severe, they didnt stand a chance. And a neighbor of the Rutiers said she saw a vehicle parked outside the Routiers home 7 or 8 days before the murders, didnt recognize it, & a man left when he saw the neighbor approaching the car. Of course she didnt get a license plate #. Ok but then hours after the murders, this same neighbor saw the same car & STILL didnt get a plate #. Hours after the murders?! The mother & 2 boys sleeping downstairs, yet he didnt kill the adult first? And

  43. Why would the killer use his own knife to cut the screen then once in, decide to look for a different knife in the Routiers kitchen to kill them with and then leave it behind..
    Why wouldn’t he just use the knife he already had in his hand? 🤷‍♀️

  44. There was never no real evidence to charge her with. The law is innocent until proven guilty but did not provail in this case that I saw. None of it really added up and if the trial would of been in a different town with a better attorney she would never be on death row.

  45. If you ever get indicted for a crime and have to go to court, pray you don’t get an idiot like the juror they interviewed. You’ll be convicted before they even deliberate. You can see the envy pouring off of her when she speaks.

  46. Why was she screaming “they they they” all over
    the 911 tapes and then talk “he he he” with the investigators?
    There was no “they” or “he”, It was she!!!

  47. My my, what timing. Of all the nights for Darlie to be sleeping downstairs with the 2 young boys & her husband & infant son are upstairs. Her 4 yr old pressing on her shoulder and saying” mommy”is what woke her? If this was a random stranger out to kill this mom & sons(why?) I would think going after the adult first would be what he would do. With the same force used on the 2 defenseless children. But no, the adult potential witness has superficial wounds. No matter how much the defense liars want to lie about Darlies injuries- there was no ” slash wound across her throat that almost cut a major artery”. There was a cut at the bottom of her neck about 2&1/2 inches across. Same with a cut on her arm. Oh and the minor cuts on one or two fingers, when she was supposedly fighting with the killer. How would a stranger know Darren was upstairs? And why leave Darlie alive? No evidence of Darlie fighting with anyone. No bloody shoeprints, no handprints, & after 23 years, if there was any evidence to prove Darlies innocence, wouldn’t it have come out by now? And yes to Darlies mom- there’s ” a person who is normal, not violent, no mental illness, could cold bloodily kill her own children for absolutely no reason whatsoever?” Yes, unfortunately there are mothers like that- & your daughter is one of them. And to the neighbor who saw a car parked in front of the Routier house 7 or 8 days before murders, & someone leaving quickly when you approached the car – stop with the b.s. Not every car that drives into a neighborhood & parks is there for sinister purposes. How convenient that no license plate # was written down. Especially since hours after the murders the neighbor supposedly saw the same car.! And still no license plate #.

    • Reread the story !!! U dont have a clue!!! The neighbor lieing to i guess. Everybodies lieing but the cops right!!! Yeah right! The neighbor saw the car before the murders that same day!!

  48. And the defense always having the ” rush to judgment, tunnel vision, containminated crime scene, junk science,” S.O.S. lies every case against the prosecution. And in this case the complaint that the police never followed up on the neighbors sighting of a car parked in front of the Routier houseTWICE! I mean come on….how dare the investigators not take this tip seriously.?! And what the neighbor had for them- a ” black car”. That’s what she told them on the show I saw. Wow, with a description like that they should have tracked down that car within hours! How many black cars can there be in Texas? Yes and the people saying this are serious. Poor misunderstood murderer.

  49. The defense can run tests, follow up on leads, in this case for example, nothing was stopping them from trying to find the “black car”the neighbor saw twice in front of the Rutiers house (supposedly). If there was any credibility to this information, especially if it would lead to Darlies conviction being overturned, it would have been done a long time ago. The reason they didnt find anyone else who committed the murder is because the murderer is Darlie.

  50. I believe that she is innocent. I hope that
    She at least gets another trial.I don’t think
    That the fact that she had a boob job, and
    Wore ten rings everyday makes her a

  51. The (entirely legal) circumstantial evidence on which a jury convicted Darlie Routier will be substantiated, disproven with DNA testing. Let’s just wait and see . ..

  52. I say bring on the dna test and run the fingerprint. All it will do is help end the arguements. Either she did it or didnt. If the test come back in her favor we should all be happy that the technology is here and saved an innocent women. If it comes out againt her we should all he happy that the technology is here that helped put a gulty person away. Regardless the evidence will tell the truth and justice will prevail. What i dont understand is if a judge ordered the fingerprint to be ran years ago why it hasnt been done. Something is fishy with that part. We can all just wait and see what happens next

    • The fingerprint was ran!! They said its not a match for anyone in house. They were trying to get dna testing not fingerprint

      • Although 85-J was compared to the fingerprints of the Routiers and first responders (with no match found) it has not been run through the national law enforcement database.


    • Ignorant people for sure. Well said. She’s innocent. Look at her body for all the evidence classic signs of a woman Fighting off someone damn. She has skin under her fingernails for fucks sake’s look at her arms and her whole body these people are so ignorant. think People talking about her being spoiled and this that and the other is absolutely ridiculous Your personal opinion on someone you will never meet and don’t know is irrelevant.

  54. Did they ever do a dna test on the flesh they discovered under her fingernails? Also, if someone wore the sock they found with the boys blood on it…there should be some dna from dead skin on the inside of the sock. 20/20 didn’t answer either of those questions. I hate to see a innocent woman in jail and vice versa, I wouldn’t want to see a child killer walking the streets. Sad all the way around.

  55. TOE TAG PAROLE FOR DARLIE ROUTIER. Disgusting repulsive putrid bad mother. Spoiled rotten brat. Only way Darlie is leaving TDR is in a body bag. Hope every cemetery refuses her carcass

    • I doubt even YOU believe that anymore, Jade. You say it because you like to piss people off, and because at this point, it’s expected. You’re predictable and boring. BYE.

      • Oh I believe it. Everyone with a rational mind believes it. Darlie murdered Devon and Damon. There was no intruder. She’s a psychopath, a malignant narcissist. Darlie Routier is right where she belongs. You can’t stall the Justice System forever. Common scumbag capital murder defense attorney strategy to take it to the court of last resort…documentaries. No one has ever been let off death row because of a documentary. Horrible what she did to those boys and a documentary doesn’t change the facts of this case. Innocence Project can’t change the facts of this repulsive case. Just scumbag defense attorney stall tactics. That’s all. What I can’t believe is how spineless weak coward Darin Routier was never prosecuted for perjury and attempt to hinder prosecution. His entire testimony was impeached as was Darlie’s. You remember…It was Glen Mize! I saw him! The POLICE and FBI are getting evidence on him now! Darin will have to tell you more because they read my mail! Pathetic liar is all Darlie is. Damaged from her shitty childhood thanks to her mother. Darlie will be executed for what she did to those little boys. This disgusting case of filicide will be talked about for centuries. Know this.

  56. When this first happened, I thought she was guilty. All we had to go on was what the media was reporting. 20 years later, I strongly believe there is more than enough reasonable doubt.

  57. Idiot,youd ignore facts such as someone slit her throat and bruised her arm and threw a bloody sock out a football field away from her house where u say she ran with her throat slit because your stupid thinks two spots of blood on the back of her shirt is more telling!!!! God please dont ever let u be a juror either! Stupid people!

  58. I followed this trial & have done a great deal of research about these heinous murders. I was and still am convinced DR is guilty of this terrible crime. However, there are aspects about this trial that I believe were fundamentally unfair to her and may have had a bearing on the outcome. The biggest glaring mistake is the transcript. There were thousands of mistakes in it, some very small & insignificant and some very large and significant. The thing was so bad that the transcriptionist lost her license over it. An accurate transcript is an absolute must and I think on that one fact alone she deserved a new trial. Then there’s the issue of the lead detectives pleading the 5th amendment on the stand with regard to taping the birthday party at the graves. Everyone is supposed to be playing by the same rules & procedures. It has to be fair. They can’t try cases using the method of “the end justifies the means”.

  59. I believe she is guilty… HOWEVER… there is absolutely reasonable doubt. She shouldn’t have been convicted in the first place. JMO… I would hope that people on any jury I was judged by would understand what reasonable doubt is. I know that if she gets out they will just charge her with her other sons murder and try harder to mislead/”explain” things like the sock… I’m sure her life is over either way. I can’t feel good about it with that nagging feeling she’s being scapegoated.

  60. Do you not SEE the Bruises & wounds that were on her arms and all over her body and they stated somewhere that they was skin under her fingernails?? The facts are all in her wounds she was fighting off of an intruder for Christ sake it’s plain to see I’ve been a trauma RN for 19 years these are classic signs of a woman fighting off an intruder!!!! end of story.

  61. Did they ever test the skin underneath her nails for DNA? I don’t think I ever heard them doing this. Would also eliminate her guilt but in Texas who knows!

  62. First of all, those idiot cops and prosecutor will NEVER, EVER admit that they are wrong or even could be wrong! It will never happen. Their pride is more important to them than someone’s life!!! They saw the evidence and they MADE it fit to Darlie! EVERYTHING had another answer!!! However, they had made up their mind from day one that she was guilty and that was it. Tunnel vision from there on in!!! It’s disgusting. I don’t know how they can sleep at night!!!

    IMO, only a moron could look at those wounds and believe that she inflicted them herself. Get real!! I’ve seen MANY shows where people have inflicted wounds to themselves to make it look like an intruder. ALL of them were superficial wounds. None of them almost died, like Darlie!!!

    There is so much that I’d like to say about this case, but those cops, detectives and prosecutors screwed up so badly that there’s not enough space here for me to say everything that I have to say about this case. The fact that the prosecutor couldn’t understand her anger tells me that he’s a cold-hearted idiot!!! To put my opinion in a few short words, DARLIE IS INNOCENT!!! One of the things that really angered me was that stupid juror who finally decided that Darlie was guilty because she had breast implants and nice jewellery!!! Really??? You put someone on death row because of that? I hope karma finds that woman. Everyone who put her on death row should pay dearly. Too bad they have protection for the detectives, cops and prosecutors. If there was no protection for these tunnel-visioned law enforcement jerks, they’d try a LOT harder to find the REAL killer!!!

    • I couldn’t agree with you more! And as far as Texas and Justice goes they suck!! my son was murdered in Texas and they couldn’t even get their asses out of a chair to investigate so my son’s murder has never been solved!

  63. Old case same old bullshit no new developments. Family has been claiming this shit for years. She’s still on death row. For anyone who doesn’t know…innocence is not needed for ANY defense attorney including Innocence Project. Defense attorneys NEVER ask a client if “they did it”. Darlie did it. I guess the family needs something to hand on to until that day. Btw Kathy Cruz is personal friends with the killers mother so every article about this killer is biased just like TLD. Killer Darlie Routier committed a repugnant crime. This is the legacy everyone in the state of Texas with the last name of Routier has.

  64. None of you KNOW who did it. I don’t KNOW who did it. But you’re all acting like f***in idiots arguing OPINIONS. I have mine also but I’m smart enough not to argue what I can’t prove.

  65. I do not believe this woman did this at all I believe she was the sole purpose of the attack. I think the guy drugged her with what was on the sock, and then when the kids started waking up he shut them up. I think he was there to rape her not to Rob anybody and as far as her acting like that at the grave grave site so big deal! have you ever lost a child? I have and I would act any damn way I wanted to it would be no one else’s business she’s innocent and I hope she gets Justice! #justice4darlie

  66. I’ve taken 911 calls for 25 years. Darlie’s call
    was legit, and no one would plant a stupid sock with blood on it as evidence. She was a 26 year old house wife, not a Sherlock Holmes fiction writer. The intruder dropped the sock. And Darin desperately needs a hair cut.

  67. Can someone please answer a couple of questions for me? I’ve googled these questions and I can’t seem to get a straight answer. Why was the Routier family going to PA, aside from Darlie having family there? The reason I ask is because I know around the time that the murders happened, there were a lot of homes being robbed in that area and surrounding areas like Garland, Mesquite, Dallas, when a loved one had passed away and obituaries in the papers would list family members full names and what city they lived in. Then these people would then look up these names in the phone book obtain an address then would rob the family’s home while they are attending the funeral. Disgusting to say the least.

    • Steph, they were going to visit Darlie’s extended family. Her grandparents and other relatives lived there. Her mother is from Altoona. If memory serves, the trip was to celebrate her grandparents’ 50th wedding anniversary.

    • Hi Steph,
      The purpose of the PA trip was for Darlie’s grandparents 50th wedding anniversary/family reunion. They were scheduled to fly out on June 14, 1996.

  68. My second question is what she had to gain by murdering her 2 boys? Her husband being as successful as he was, wouldn’t it had made more sense to murder her husband? That’s considering it would be more likely to have life insurance on him rather than her kids.

    • There was NOTHING whatsoever to gain from the murder of the children. Some people theorize that she did it in a rage, either because she was “tired of being a mom” (LOL) or as “spousal revenge filicide” to hurt Darin because she was angry at him. If you ask me, these people are projecting their own dark thoughts and desires on Darlie because they don’t want to acknowledge that part of themselves.

        • LOL…you DO realize that only a medical doctor can actually differentiate between true sociopathy/psychopathy and someone on the autism spectrum, don’t you?

          So what’s your DEA registration number, DOC?

          • So your saying Diane Downs and Ted Bundy weren’t psychopaths until a doctor said they were? Lmao. That’s about as stupid as you telling Werner that knife couldn’t have cut that screen because it has a round tip. Do you know how many people hit rewind on that one…? Sometimes I feel sorry for you with all the stupid ass claims you make but can’t back up but then I snap my ass right out of that feeling. I hate to break it to you Ms. Kee…those IP attorneys aren’t God. I hope you know they’re just in it for the law challenge. Failure alert just like Avery. Everyone knows scumbag defense attorneys don’t require clients to be innocent. Now Greg Davis and Toby Shook…those motherfuckers are God. Impeccable reputations to this day.

      • Your daughter had her freedom to gain because she was tired of being a broke mother. Your daughter also tried to smother Drake the day before she murdered Devon and Damon. Why did you lie to Robert Riggs on camera about Darlie taking a polygraph. You lied about that. You lied because she failed it. You are a liar Darlie Kee just like your daughter. “It was Glen Mize! I know it was him! I saw him! The POLICE and FBI are working on getting evidence on him right now! You’ll have to ask Darin and mom about it because they read my mail! Your lying daughter said she saw Glen Mize inside her home and she wrote to your sisters and her friends that an INNOCENT man was responsible for murdering Devon and Damon. Bet Darlie could have SHIT when Greg Davis marched Mr. Mize right up in front of Darlie. Darlie tells her friend “he was sitting on my legs playing with the knife on my face like he was enjoying himself”. Psychopath. Darlie is a psychopath. Your daughter stood at the kitchen sink and stabbed and cut herself. She didn’t wet any towels. Your psychopath daughter was wheeled past the room her Damon laid in dead. She looked at him and never flinched. You should have gotten Darlie the help she needed before it came to this. YOU gave your daughter the bad advice not to get help in case of divorce. Now Devon and Damon are dead. Darlie ambushed two sleeping children then went door to door like she was selling Avon inviting neighbors to a birthday party at a cemetery. Sick motherfuckers. All of you. What in the hell happened to YOU Darlie Kee in your childhood to have raised a monster like Darlie. YOU fist fought your daughters with your explosive anger disorder and Darlie learned that shit from you! Now look. Devon and Damon are dead. Just like you chose men over Darlie, you taught Darlie children don’t mean shit. All of you from Altoona to Texas are repulsive. Fireworks and celebrations the eve of Darlie’s execution. Your daughter murdered her children and no anti death penalty advocates are going to save her. Anyone that hears the name Routier automatically thinks LIARS. Darlie thought she got away with it. She didn’t get away with it.

  69. Look at all these pathetic losers trying to work their own shit out by projecting their vitriol onto Darlie Routier/Darlie Kee. Inflicting pain sure beats feeling it, doesn’t it? It’s so much easier to call everyone else out on their flaws than it is to take a good hard look inside yourself and confront your own shit. And it’s clear from some of the comments that certain people have more issues than Sports Illustrated. Good luck with that.

  70. Leann Aulisi- Look lady two sets of disgusting families made the corrupt choice to lie for the murderer of Devon and Damon Routier. It matters. Those boys lives mattered. Shame on every single person who did the wrong thing. Devon and Damon Jane a story and they deserve for it to be told. Darin Routier knows what happened so does Darlie Kee and Sarilda and Lenny Routier. They all lie for the bitch who stabbed the life out of Devon and Damon. I can’t think of a crime more vile and repulsive and add to it both sides of Devon and Damon’s families lie for the psycho bitch that murdered their grandchildren. I’m never going to dance around the truth. Darlie murdered Devon and Damon. Darin Routier is a sickening lying pig. The grandparents you are all fucking disgusting human shit. Justice for Devon and Damon Routier! They were murdered by their mother!

    • Well, look at that! There’s two things we can agree on.

      1) Shame on everyone who lied or did wrong (“I thought if she was worried about fingerprints on a knife, she could certainly take care of her kids”)

      2) What happened to Devon and Damon was WRONG and their story does indeed need to be told–but it needs to be the correct story, and not this horseshit that the state came up with and people like you are still gobbling up without question.

  71. This case is insane 😲. Honestly I don’t understand how any jury could have convicted her. They did not prove thier case against her BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT ‼️ They instead seemed to focus on her lifestyle of which they didn’t approve of and said she was a killer because of it. The cops, the courts, and the ridiculous jurors had tunnel vision. They obviously didn’t like Darlie and the way she lived her life. In my opinion there was too much evidence and leads that was ignored. Which leaves me to conclude that there’s enough reasonable doubt to have kept her out of prison. This case should be reinvestigated and I’ll bet the sock, finger print and black car leads to the killer.
    I wonder why people fight so hard to let killers run free. Same thing in the Avery & the central park 5 cases. I’m positive there’s a lot of innocent people sitting in prison for dumb reasons like this.

    • Agreed, she’s innocent. This women was in the fight of her life. I read an affidavit where her husband admits to looking for someone to burglarize their home as part of an insurance fraud scheme. Reasonable doubt!
      Another interesting fact, the knife at the scene had blood from only one of the boys. They couldn’t find the knife that killed her second son, meaning two intruders entered the home that night. Reasonable doubt!

      We don’t know all the facts of this case but in reading through some of the affidavits and looking at the evidence, I believe an innocent women is sitting on death row. Shame of the jury, judge, lawyers, and detectives.

  72. What convinced me more than anything of Darlie’s Innocence was the cut to her throat and the bruising she had all over her. I don’t believe she or anyone else for that matter could take a knife to their throat and cut it within a fraction of an inch away from the carotid artery. The true crime author I forget her name Barbara??? wrote a book and was convinced of her guilt but shortly after writing the book heard enough or found out some stuff that convinced her that Darlie was innocent and she was devasted. I do think there is a good possibility that Darren had something to do with it or hired somebody to do it but I think Darlie is innocent 100%.

  73. Texas criminal court judge Gracie Lewis signed over 85I/J over to DPS on June 14th, 2019. That’s what I call poetic justice. Happy birthday Devon

  74. This was such a tragedy and she was doomed from the start. Bad police work, close minded prosecutors, problems with the court reporter, location of the trial and then that lovely jury that had their mind made up from day one. I remember seeing something on tv several years ago that said the jury was never allowed to see the photographs of Darlie’s injuries and supposedly years later the jury foreman was shown the photographs and said that had they seen those pictures, they would have never voted to convict. I have never forgotten hearing that and I cant believe that the jury was not allowed to see her injuries. I have also wondered why there has never been a reward put up for information about the case. If there is one, I am unaware. I just think that people talk and maybe there is someone out there that does know something.

  75. I’m not even gonna comment on this, to many ignorant people in the world, and the state of Texas leads the way and that’s fact.

  76. This is the 1st time I heard about this case saw it on amazonprime about women on death row.
    Couple things that really bother me about this (1) if someone was trying to kill me or my kids wouldnt you be yelling for your husband or wife who was upstairs and wouldnt he hear anything?Ever thing i ever saw would suggest you would(2) the blood evidence of splatter on her from her kids doesnt lie just like OJ blood was 100% at the murders ofGoldman/Brown.I believe the husband was involved somehow.

    • They never looked for another. The area that this happened in was an upcoming upscale area. So they had to close the case. She was made to be guilty by the fact that 1. The silly string thing. 2. Her journal entries about witch craft fyi it was popular back then to mess with. Healing stones and such. 3. They need the money.
      The crime looked to perfect for it to be an inside job. It would have taken a while and notes would have been found somewhere. Never was. Neighbors admitted to seeing a car that didn’t belong that was thrown out. The sock thing got me she would have died trying to plant it. The houses are huge in that area so 2 houses down is a distance mc mansions is what we call them. Her husband would have gotten blood on him if he tried unless he was dressed in something from breaking bad.
      So many folks say blood splatter but forget she was in the same room. Blood can splatter a distance. They ignored her when she pointed out everything the intruder touched. Evidence was collected in brown paper bags not in a normal way.
      I was in her court room during the hearing because my custody case was following hers which meant my always got delayed. It was over the surviving son where she lost custody of course.
      With everything she should have never got death. No one can honestly say she did it 100 percent. That sentence is usually with a confession. She never confessed. Most she should have received is life or life with parole. Which was probably on the table if she would have just admitted to the crime. And she would be getting out soon.
      Honestly I think that the husband set up for the house to be robbed and he took a sleeping pill or had a noise distraction. I think that something went wrong with the plan. Women don’t slit their own throats it is to messy.
      A guilty person would have slipped up by now. Details would have a slight variation to what was originally said. She never deviated. It wasn’t the slit of the throat that made me question this it was a bruise on the forearm that looked like a hand print. I know that bruise. It takes great force to make. It couldn’t be down by oneself. The amount of banging in a drawner on a counter top would not make that shape. She had way to many defensive wounds. The screen that was cut you can’t 100 percent say whichbdirection it was cut wind can change that it is not glass.
      Over all the cases I have seen in the past few years this one is the one that just doesn’t add up to her being guilty. Even with the stuff presented to the jury there should have been doubt.
      Diane Downs blamed carjacker then admitted
      Jodi Arias innocent, Intruders, admitted but self defense claim
      Casey Anthony blamed a nanny ,blamed dad, claim accident so admitted
      Susan Smith claimed car jacking then admitted
      Andrea Yates admitted claimed mental health
      1000’s of others blame someone else at first then adimit to the crime.
      Even OJ let it slip.
      I honestly don’t think she did it.

  77. Susan Smith admits to killing her children; she’s eligible for parole in less than 5 years.

    Andrea Yates systematically drowns her 5 children, one after the other; she’s currently housed in a low-security mental health facility.

    Marybeth Tinning smothers 8 of her 9 children over a period of 14 years; she was released from prison in August 2018.

    Darlie Routier is attacked, a plethora of doubt surrounds her case, and she has maintained her innocence for 23 years; yet she sits on death row.

    “It is certain, in any case, that ignorance, allied with power, is the most ferocious enemy justice can have.”– James Baldwin

  78. Well I lived in Rowlett 1999- 2003. Police department are complete jerks and sexist at that time. Walking in my neighborhood in the evening delivering a Christmas card. I owned a 250k home there. They made me get in car and took me to my own house didn’t believe I lived there my husband at the time was bewildered. I was so angry. White woman 25 years old can’t walk in her own neighborhood at 7 in the evening. ….. lol. Definitely knew they were racist also because they pulled a black friend of mine over there and said totally inappropriate things. I sold my house and moved.