ABC’s crew filmed outside the former Routier house in Rowlett. Courtesy of Lincoln Square Productions

A couple of months have passed since an ABC docu-series devoted four one-hour episodes in prime time to the case of Darlie Routier, the Rowlett homemaker accused in the stabbing deaths of her two young sons and sent to Death Row in February 1997 (“Defending Darlie,” June 6). As summer begins to fade into fall, Darlie’s widespread supporters are keeping the heat turned up on the Dallas County justice system that they believe wrongfully convicted her through sexist character judgments, tunnel vision, and junk science.

Organizers say they are coordinating with both the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department and the Dallas Police Department on three consecutive days of marches outside the Frank Crowley Courts Building on North Riverfront Boulevard, across R.L. Thornton Freeway from downtown Dallas. The protests are set for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, Oct. 12-14. The Friday march will be from noon until 6 p.m. and the weekend demonstrations from noon until 3 p.m. October was chosen so that participants would not have to endure the Texas summer heat. Plans are still evolving, but at the time of this writing, the RSVPs stand at about 100, according to Michelle Nelson of Tampa, Florida, a former long-time factory worker now pursuing a degree in psychology.

Travel expenses will put a strain on the budgets of many who are planning or hoping to attend, she said. Kristine Bunch of Indianapolis, Indiana, is hoping to be able to save enough money by then to make the trip. Bunch, who was wrongfully convicted of setting a fire that killed her young son, was interviewed on camera for the docu-series, The Last Defense. She said that, like Darlie, she was judged on her appearance and even the song she chose to play at her son’s funeral, a Bon Jovi number. Coolio’s “Gangsta’s Paradise,” a favorite of the Routier boys, was played at their service and was used against Darlie by prosecutors, even though the song had nothing to do with whether she had killed her children.

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“I believe in Darlie’s innocence, and I want others to hear me speak for her,” said Bunch, who was jailed almost exactly one year prior to Darlie’s arrest. Bunch served 17 years in prison before the Indiana Court of Appeals ordered that she be given a new trial. The prosecution ultimately dropped the charges.

Appellate attorney Stephen Cooper of Dallas calls the effort on Darlie’s behalf “amazing.”

“This story has always been global and certainly national,” he said. “Regular, run-of-the-mill, non-activist people take this to heart and choose to not sit on their couch and [to] actually do something.”

Cooper said that public opinion has “turned significantly” in his client’s favor since the airing of The Last Defense. ABC devoted considerably more airtime to Darlie than other television shows that have focused on her case over the years, which resulted in more information being presented to the public. Previous shows were single episodes, and most encompassed one hour, commercials included.

The case is so problematic, though, that even ABC’s multiple episodes didn’t cover everything. For instance, court reporter Sandra Halsey’s trial transcript was riddled with an unprecedented 33,000 errors – 40 to 50 percent of which were deemed “substantive” by a court reporter appointed by then-state District Judge Robert Francis to clean it up. Still, the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals accepted the cobbled-together version, even though the Francis-appointed court reporter had not been present at the trial.

Activists will march against what they view as the overall unfairness behind Darlie’s conviction and death sentence, but they also will make a specific demand: that the state run through the FBI’s database a partial fingerprint found in blood at the Eagle Drive crime scene. The partial print was on a sofa table near the family room couch where Darlie said she had been sleeping on the night of June 6, 1996, when an unknown intruder attacked her and her two oldest boys. Devon, 6, and Damon, 5, were asleep on the floor in front of the television.

Baby Drake, then almost 8 months, was asleep upstairs with his father, Darin. They were unharmed. Darlie, though, wasn’t. Her throat was slashed to within two millimeters of her carotid artery, and her right forearm was cut to the bone. She also had other knife injuries, such as cuts across the underside of her fingers. University of Kentucky forensic pathologist Greg Davis stated on camera for The Last Defense that the cuts on her arm and fingers were clearly defensive wounds and that, in his view, none of her injuries were self-inflicted.

Rowlett police and Dallas County prosecutors (one of whom is also named Greg Davis) convinced a jury in conservative Kerrville that Darlie had inflicted the injuries upon herself in the staging of the crime scene, taking care not to damage her breast implants. The sexism used to judge the then-26-year-old wife and mother and the state’s illogical theory about her were the subject of my 2015 book, Dateline: Purgatory –– Examining the Case that Sentenced Darlie Routier to Death, published by TCU Press.

Darlie’s appellate attorneys –– Cooper, Richard Smith, and Richard Burr –– believe that the bloody partial fingerprint known as state’s evidence 85-J may belong to the real killer. If so, his fingerprints could be in the national Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS). The case could conceivably be solved simply by running the print.

Crime scene investigator James Cron testified at trial that the print could belong to a child –– presumably, one of the dead boys –– but Darlie’s appellate lawyers have argued otherwise. In 2008, then-U.S. District Judge Royal Ferguson of the Western District of Texas granted the appellate team’s motion for discovery, allowing for additional DNA testing and the running of the fingerprint through AFIS. However, the DNA testing, which was granted at the state level by the Court of Criminal Appeals and is still ongoing due to backlogged labs, put a temporary halt to federal proceedings, which has left 85-J hanging for a decade now.

At the time the brakes were put on 85-J, the state was arguing that it had no authority to run the print through the national database and could not do so without risking its future access to that system, since 85-J does not involve an active case. Cooper said that the Department of Justice later sent an advisory stating that the agency is not a party in the proceedings and therefore cannot be ordered to run the print.

Organizers of the marches are hoping that the public will view the government’s stonewalling of 85-J as an absurd and grave injustice. The Crowley Courts Building won’t be open for two of the three days they’ll be protesting, but Nelson noted that demonstrators will be in view of passing motorists. The scheduling, she said, was done in such a way as to accommodate supporters who will be traveling from as far away as Canada.

Nelson conceived of the hashtag #runtheprint to call attention to the marches and also created a website,, where details about the demonstrations are posted and will be updated if needed.  

Although some Darlie allies hooked up with one another online after watching The Last Defense, a number have been convinced of her innocence for years. Nelson said she connected with Texas defender Stephanie Hopkins a year ago after doing an online search for supporters. She said she has been concerned about the case since about 2000, when she spotted a magazine with photos of Darlie’s injuries at a grocery store in Des Arc, Arkansas, her hometown.

“I picked up the magazine, and I read it,” Nelson said. “And I thought, ‘This woman is innocent.’ ”


  1. What the state’s prosecutors have done to Darlie and family of victims is criminal. Toby Shook and Greg Davis would not be known except for their pathological lying and changing facts. They should be in prison. They don’t even know facts of their wounds ( Devon wounds did not come out his back) they can’t remember their names and I have the complete paperwork on the loan Darin tried to get for me and so you will never hear that lie again.
    I would like these people disbarred and in prison for all they have done. America don’t accept lies from these people in power who are in it for career. Devon and Damon would be sickened by these two.

    • Mrs Kee I am genuinely sorry for what this tragedy has caused you. I haven’t been mindful of how awful my comments were and I apologize. I want to be a supporter. Non supporters want to hear why Darlie is factually not guilty not why she’s procedurally not guilty. For your daughters sake, it would clear up serious unanswered questions that could change minds. It could make a difference of 150 or 1000 people coming to the March For Darlie. It could save your daughters life. I would like for you to address Darlies letters from county jail about Glenn Mize and Gary Austin. I would like for you to address the 911 when Darlie says “someone came in here and intentionally did it Darin”. Why did she have to convince him? Thank you in advance if you answer. If it’s not beneficial to answer I understand that as well, anyway thank you.

      • Jade, if I may, there’s one thing we need to keep in mind with regard to those letters written from jail. If I’m not mistaken, there were two different PI’s working on the case and when they would give Darlie information, she would grasp onto it like a lifeline. She’s in jail, on trial for her very life, and meanwhile she knows that someone else did this and he is walking around free. She sits there, day after day, with nothing to do but wrack her brains trying to remember, desperately trying to think of anyone at all that could possibly have done it. When the PI’s would give her updates, her mind would kick into overdrive and she would take that information and create conjectures in her mind, trying to make sense of it all. There were no lies in those letters, only misinformation. There were also letters written to Darlie from others that would tell her about leads or suspects, getting her all riled up. However, the prosecution carefully picked and chose the letters they confronted her with. They chose only the ones they felt could make her look like a liar. Her anger at this tactic is understandable. It is yet ANOTHER violation, another loss of privacy on top of everything else, another basic human right being stripped away in an attempt to manipulate the jury to see something that was never there. If the tears she shed on the witness stand were for herself, she had every reason and right to shed them.

        Many people claim to hear defensiveness in Darlie’s voice on the 911 call when she says, “Someone who did it intentionally walked in here and did this, Darin.” I don’t hear defensiveness, I hear good old fashioned female exasperation. It sounds like Darin was stuck on the idea that this was some kind of robbery gone wrong, and he may have kept asking about anything being taken, and she finally snapped at him. Like, dude, do you not understand what I am saying to you? Somebody came here to purposely hurt us, and that’s exactly what they did! Without knowing exactly what Darin said to her that prompted that statement, it’s open to interpretation and may not necessarily mean anything at all.

        • But on those letters Darlie said “I know it’s him! I saw him!”. How could she say she saw him but then not tell the police who she saw? There’s no reason to lie. And what was Darin accusing her of on tne 911 call when she answered him back “someone came in here and intentionally did it Darin!”. He sure accused her of something. I heard it with my own ears. And Darlie lied about seeing an innocent man in her house. Why write letters to relatives if she saw the killer? Why didn’t she tell the police before she ended up in jail? Yeah, something sounds extremely fishy to me. And no one, no family, not Darlie, not even her post conviction defense attorneys ever publically addresses this. Something is really wrong if those things aren’t addressed. Those things are suspicious. Very suspicious

        • And I don’t mind if you and not Mrs Kee answers my questions. But someone should answer them. And saying something not true is a lie. A lie is a lie. There are lies in those letters. Is lying by saying those letters don’t have lies in them. And the 911call. Someone has to explain why I heard Darlie say “someone came in here and intentionally did it Darin!”. Those two things have to be answered or I feel I’m being deceived. The public wants to hear the truth from those involved. It can’t be any other way. I thought I was finally going to hear about those letters and about what she said to Darin. I thought for sure after TLD I was going to be a supporter. Why take this to the public of the public’s questions aren’t going to be answered?

          • Jade, my point is that what she wrote in those letters was not manufactured out of thin air. She said those things because the ideas were planted in her head. When she said, “I saw him” this was months after her arrest. She said it because at the time she truly believed it. Have you ever studied psychology? The mind is a very powerful thing. When she closed her eyes and tried to picture the man from that night, her mind would superimpose the image of Glenn over the face of the actual attacker. This is called confabulation and it’s very common with victims who are unable to clearly recall exactly what happened. If you don’t think it’s possible to be face to face with an assailant and not be able to describe him, let me tell you from personal experience that it most definitely is.

            A lie is a statement made with the intent to deliberately deceive. I could turn around and say you are lying when you claim you hear Darin accuse Darlie with your own ears. I don’t believe you hear any such thing; you are simply assuming that’s what he said because of how you interpret her response. I know you are not actually lying, you are simply stating what you believe, just as Darlie was when she wrote the letters.

            One other thing to keep in mind is that when Darlie made the statement, “Someone who did it intentionally walked in here and did this, Darin,” is that Officer David Waddell was inside the house at that time. Waddell’s testimony was all about making Darlie look as bad as possible, so if Darin had actually accused her of the murders, it’s a safe bet we would have heard all about it in his statements and testimony.

          • Critical thinker shut their reply off. Imagine that. I know what a lie is. Everybody knows what a lie is. Nobody plants lies in people’s heads to make them say “it was Glenn Mize I know it was Jim because I saw him”. Don’t insult people’s intelligence. Those letters were lies if nobody addresses them. Maybe they think if they ignore it it will go away. I want Kathy Cruz or Barbara Davis or Richard Smith, Cooper or better yet Darlie herself to explain the letters about Glenn Mize and Gary Austin

          • You’re right, on both points. Her DNA testing was completed and it leaves no doubt of her guilt. Darlie did try to convince her husband that someone else had done that to their children. She then tried to change her story to fit the evidence. I just hope you’re not gonna fall victim to her scam. The scam is, that they need more $ for DNA testing. That testing was completed in 2019 and as far as the bloody print, her ring finger couldn’t be excluded. Ask her to explain why she cleaned up bloody prints from the floor and the couch to. She was so used to getting her way within her inner circle that she assumed she could also get away with this. However, this wasn’t Darin or momma Darlie who were gonna be looking into this, it was people who wouldn’t make excuses for Darlie, lie for her, and cover-up her bs, like they’ve always done in situations before. However, they’re deflecting the blame onto someone who doesn’t exist and made Darlie into the biggest victim in this tragedy. Those questions you want them to answer, are already answered. They’re 2 pieces of a puzzle that when placed together with everything else, shows us a picture of a guilty mother, who killed her 2 children. Truth be told, those answers will not be told truthfully nor explained away with whatever wild story they(Darlie and fans) try to feed those unfamiliar with the actual facts in this case. Darlie wrote in jailhouse letters that she herself seen and knew who the killer was. She told Darin, in the 911 call, that someone had intentionally came in there and killed them…He had to have asked her or implied to her, that she had done that, for her to have made such a comment. She also claims to have fought with this made-up intruder and even told the 911 dispatcher, along with investigators. It wasn’t until she learned that the blood evidence, proved she had also lied about that to. She tried to change her story, claiming she said she was ‘frightened’ with killer. She changed her story to try to fit the evidence, as it was presented to her. By the time court came around, she claimed to have suffered from amnesia that night. Remember, this is the same woman who also cried rape, when she didn’t get the type of attention she was demanding at a get together one night,before they had gotten married. I’ve met people like Darlie before, just not to the extent she went.
            She’s not going anywhere, unless it’s to the death house for execution.

        • Critical Thinker, I think you might be Kathy Cruz or Barbara Davis incognito…? Maybe not. Interesting no pro Darlie peeps care to address some basic facts when given the opportunity. Darlie Kee makes a hashtag #runtheprint…what’s the hold up? Nobody has the balls to truthfully answer that. Not everyone is as gullible as family members afraid to speak the truth. Everybody knows costs ZERO dollars to run that print if it means saving a life. We don’t live in tne Middle East. Also if you are Kathy Cruz hiding behind the guise “critical thinker” please PLEASE when you go on interviews stop putting the emphasis on the H in whiney, it’s not HAWiney. Kathy Cruz if this is you, your friends with Darlie Kee so your fake journalisms is biased. Lying is very transparent. Darlies sister Danielle tried her hardest on TLD. But she’s as fake as the mustered up sobs she tried to cry out. Darlie would have planned her wedding had she not killed her boys. Darlie Routier really is a psychopath. Darlie Kee really is a narcissist. Barb Davis and Kathy Cruz proport lies on behalf of killer. Two little boys who’s lives were snuffed out ardbthe forgotten victims and every one of you should be ashamed defending a killer. Darlie will be executed. No this.
          If your not either of the two fake authors then your a fool.

    • So i took of my hate and said imagine taking up for your mudering daughter.. signs, signs everywhere there is signs saying she is gulity.

    • Oh my gosh are you the mother of Darlie Routier? Did she have a bad childhood or something? I can’t believe I get to ask you questions. Is she afraid of exicution day? I see her on all these interviews and she seems so stress free. She seemed so happy in the graveside interview. I hate to say this but gosh she’s so much like Diane Downs not Susan Smith! You must be a nervous wreck all these years. I can’t imagine how embarrassing this is for you. And her creepy husband! Is he a psychopath too? I feel so sorry for those little boys, nobody ever talks about them. It’s always Darlie Darlie Darlie. Don’t you think Darin is just the grossest thing? And he lies right along with her. I heard when your daughter talks about not being able to trust on the TLD It’s really about him cheating and not the phoney insurance scam. I just can’t believe the similarities to Diane Downs. Did you have any idea your daughter was capable of such a thing? And why on earth didn’t she go and hold her dying little boys? She didn’t give either of them any first aid! I know she called 911 but that’s a given. But why not go to your dying boys? Especially once the police got there. Goodness the police would have to pull me off my injured children! Do you think there is a chance that Darren will go to prison too? Itsbabshame he isn’t in prison already. And Gangsters Paradise! What did you think about that!? I also heard Darlle and Sarilda hated each other. She seems like stupid person. Do you think Darlie killed her boys because of how you abused your children?

    • I forgot to ask you? Did Darlie Routier graduate high school? I saw on Facebook nobody can find Darlies graduation information but they found Darins. Did Darlie struggle in school?

      • Sounds like you need to worry about finishing your own education before you worry about someone else’s. Go crawl back under the bridge with the rest of the trolls

    • Darlie Kee, why did you lie about your daughters polygraph in the Robert Riggs interview? Lying equals consciousness of guilt. Your daughter murdered her boys. You are a rotten mother. Your daughter is a psychopath and your a narcissist

    • One last thing Mrs Kee…when Werner Herzog was interviewing you…did you realize how stupid you sounded when you said that knife couldn’t have cut that screen because it had a round tip…
      That was the most shit all stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. You do know why that was stupid don’t you…? Now I’m done with you. You and your killer daughter aren’t worth a squirt of piss on a bonfi

    • I agree they know she’s innocent there the true criminals!!! Have you heard about Judge Tolle’s Daughter that’s a crazy story. The whole thing is with Darlie looks like a frame job to me and all the so called experts and there junk science have been discredited. So why is she not free! Totally disgusting. I am so sorry for you the family and Especially Darlie she’s and the family are always in my prayers.

    • So are you ever going to explain why you refused Dr. Phils offer to go on his show and bring world wide attention to your daughters case? He offered to pay for further DNA testing and anything else needed. Why did you refuse if you truly believe her innocent? You know she murdered your grandsons. You know it.

    • I agree one thousand percent! I have been aware of this case since it happened and always said this poor girl was railroaded and convicted based on character assassination not evidence. She will be vindicated one day but look at all the time she has lost and events she has missed because of it. I hope all the big mouth non supporters will be there and ready to provide apologies and retribution!

  2. Continued prayers and support for Darlie Lynn and her family! Her extended family is huge, growing daily. I’m thankful to have been blessed by her friendship.
    Justice and Truth in The Name of Jesus😇

  3. Darlie is guilty her family knows it and her execution date is comming nearly. Her Supporters are becoming less and less through the years . We alle know the truth. DARLIE DO IT.

  4. Darlie is guilty her family knows it and her execution date is comming nearly. Her Supporters are becoming less and less through the years . We alle know the truth. DARLIE DO IT.

  5. Hang in there Darlie ! Those of us who have taken the time to go thru every shred of evidence in this case knows your innocent ! It was nothing more than character assination. Disgusting ! Hang on keep your dignity like you have from day one. We love you .❤🙏

    • Yeah hang in there Darlie. Lmao. She’s been hanging in there for 21 years. The only way Darlie is leaving TDOC is wth a toe tag. The defense isn’t going to run that print. It belongs to Darlie Routier. I agree with Jade. I don’t like being lied to. People get pissed when they’re lied to. Darlie got caught in way to many lies. Does anybody know why Darin Routier wasn’t prosecuted for perjury for lying for his wife? And why on earth did Darlie go knocking on doors in her neighborhood telling people what happened and inviting kids to a birthday party? My gosh. I saw a very good and telling video called Darlie Routier shows the classic signs of a psychopath. There are two videos of that. One just Darlie then one of Darlie and her husband. It’s called The Dialogue.’the lady is a professional at reading body language. Boy oh boy! Darlie and Darin get called out! Everybody needs to google The Dialogue Darlie Routier. It’s very telling. It’s so sad what Darlie did to her boys. All because neither of them could manage money and they went broke. Something is stalling the DNA tests this time. I don’t know if it’s true but I heard Steven Cooper or Richard Mosty paid someone off at SWIFT lab to keep delaying the testing with the money Darlies mother begs from people.

  6. I have not seen one single fact or piece of evidence that proves her guilt, however I have seen her horrific defensive wounds that convince me that she is innocent. I am still waiting to hear, and would love to know, how in the world did she manage to give those bruises and knife wounds to herself? And why? Please, enlighten me. I have not yet had the privilege to hear anyone explain this. And please don’t tell me that she threw herself on the ground, that’s about as pathetic as telling me that she brutally murdered not all 3, but only 2 out of her 3 children. Because that seems logical IF it was about the $10k or even that her children were ruining her being an at-home-mom lifestyle. See my sarcasm here? And what about the sock, in the random alley, 2 blocks away? Once again, a logical decision for a mom on a killing spree. Then Darlie decides to cut her own throat, to really convince the insurance company (or whomever) that there really was an intruder, which nearly killed her. That seems logical… majority of false insurance claims typically have homeowners slitting their own throats. Logical. And don’t forget that with her throat slit, Darlie calls 911, NOT her husband. Why is that!? That is the greatest defense that there was, especially IF she cut her own throat. She never would have called 911. Yet, she woke up in a state of panic, with an actual intruder in her house who attacked her and her two boys. I am not saying that Darlie’s husband is to blame directly, but I am fairly confident that there is a link between his burglary scams and this horrific crime. My heart hurts for Darlie and her family. I look forward to the results of the DNA and scientific findings of this case and when the true murderer is caught.

  7. I want to be there so bad. My next doctors visit will decide if I can make it because of my broken back. I want to be there so badly. Please pray I’ll be healed enough my doctor will give me permission. I truly believe Darlie Lynn will be set free. Barbara Davis

      • Hell yeah! She knows she’s guilty AF and she’s a scammer to. She gonna write a book about DR being innocent, when she’s obviously guilty. Someone wrote a book on Jeffery MacDonald’s guilt and innocence, that’s what always happens in cases like these. She’d done wrote a book on her guilt, why not try to make the most out of it and write one about how you changed your mind. . The evidence in both cases is pointing towards guilty. Some folks will do anything for a dollar. BD claims to have seen those pics, the same pics that the jury did see, even though Darlie claims, they didn’t see. Same thing about the silly string video, the defense had all the opportunity to show the video where Darlie was crying but it wasn’t any video of her crying at their grave, only Darlie dancing, laughing and smacking that gum wide-open. Looking like the white trash she and her family continue to prove to be.

    • I found your book the most comprehensive on the case, was everything a lie then? Mercedes Adams states she never had the conversation with Darlie that you quoted her as saying in your book. If you fabricated this and others why have you not admitted it? As of yet you jave not recanted anything in your book. We’re you lying then? Or are you lying now?

  8. Darlie routier is innocent. her wounds almost killed her. the first responders made a hash of the crime scene. she could not have planted the sock up the ally. the son of the arresting police office was a possible suspect and the arresting police office accused darlie in order to deflect attention fro his son.

  9. We all know how anti death penalty advocates lie to make a point. Isn’t it odd how TLD producers, Kathy Cruz, Barbara Davis, Skip Hollingsworth and others never address publicly the letters Darlie sent to family and friends from the county jail about Glenn Mize and Gary Austin…? None of you ever publicly address Darin’s impeached testimony about his conversation with Jamie Johnson? None of you ever publicly address the 2015 DNA results that were recently suspiciously sealed. Darlie supporters are far less then non supporters. Most non supporters don’t bother with this nonsense because we already know how it’s going to end. Truth is we don’t care if she gets a new trial because the verdict will be the same. Darin is the one who should worry about that. What amazes me is how Darin escaped charges for accessory after the fact. Something tells me he won’t be so lucky if there ends up being a next time. Justice for Devon and Damon Routier is nearing. Gender bias is the only travesty with with capital punishment in Texas. We will patiently be waiting for the inevitable

  10. I have spent countless hours watching television programs about this case. I have also studied other cold cases. Out of the 6 cold cases I have studied, 6 I believe were wrongfully convicted. This guy named Wayne Edwards Edwardwayne I think set her up. 6 was his favorite number, this happened on the 6th month and 6th day in ninety 6. All of these sixes mean something people. Look at Wayneward Edison and at least keep an open mind to this because it could’ve been any one of us that night but poor Darl has been locked up for 30 years because of some crazy intruder.

  11. *Yawn* More lies from the same old liars.
    The defense was granted permission to run the print 10 years ago. No one has prevented the defense from running the print. That’s just another of their old tired lies.Read the court documents. “Permission granted” is a very simple statement to understand so it’s not stupidity that keeps this nonsense going. It’s the iies from the liars for a killer list. Just stop lying people. The appellate courts are going to consider anything you say. The facts are what they look at. The facts say you are liars, Darlie Routier is a liar, and Darlie Routier slaughtered her children. When the final DNA return the same findings as previous DNA tests run by the defense, Inconclusive due the same being too degraded to Test and the rest point straight to Darlie as the killer, then the defense will continue stalling by running the print they have refused to run for ten years. The print with either be determined as useless and cannot be run by AFIS techs or it will come back as a match to Darlie. Don’t believe the lie Darlie was excluded. That’s just another lie. Then it’s all over and an execution date will FINALLY be set. It’s long overdue for this savage animal to pay for murdering her two boys.

    March to hell & back. It didn’t help Karla Faye, who didn’t lie for over two decades, waste tax PAYERS money, and malign good, moral, ethical, law abiding citizens. A few strays who refuse to learn the facts & who lie for a killer nor only do not matter they are a sick, disgusting, joke.

    Kathy, when are you going yo tell the public you have been friends with Darlie for many years? You have zero credibility and no journalistic integreity. You’ve proven that by failing to disclose that very relevant information. Another con among the horde of liars & cons. Typical. Disgusting.

      • Couldn’t have said it better myself. Just another con from these con artists and liars. No journalistic integrity here just lies. Well done Jace Patel

    • Well said Jace, couldn’t have said it better. Just another con. Team Darlie agreed to put that print on hold until all the DNA testing is complete. But these liars don’t tell you that in their zeal to blame good and honest public servants and not Killer Darlie. I would love to be there when they run that print and it comes up a match to Darlie. We all know it’s her print. I would love to see the look on their faces when they realize it’s over.

  12. Why don’t you just write the book with all the exculpatory evidence you said you had? You said that you changed your mind to innocent when you were shown pictures of Darlies bruising, obviously a blatant lie because you had written about the jury being shown extensive bruising but then changed that story to an even more absurd lie to say the jury didn’t see them and that they were mixed in with hundreds of other evidence photos. You also claimed that it was Chris Brown that changed your mind then changed that to someone from the DA’s office. Mercedes Adams claims that you have lied about what she had said to Darlie, yet you have never said that anything in your book was not the absolute truth, were you lying then? Or are you lying now? You are an absolute joke to Darlies defence, you have no credibility. Label us haters all that you like, but Darlies sentence was just, as you once believed.

  13. Darlie is guilty and will soon meet her makervand be fully judged for butchering two innocent boys as they slept The boys blood castoff the weapon onto her shirt PROVES she is the killer

  14. Whether you believe in Darlie Lynn’s innocence or guilt, please take the time to think about your own freedom. Let’s face it, there’s a ton of violence in our country with absolutely no reason for it. What if something happened to you or your loved one and you wholeheartedly believed in them. You’re fooling yourself if you think our court systems are made for truth and justice.

    • Debbie Boyd you are full of shit. Darlie Routier is a psychopath.The United States Juistice system isn’t as flawed as you want to believe. Every single appellate court justice with brilliant legal rational minds reviewed the Routier homicides and denied every appeal because she is guilty. GUILTY. What are you supporters going to do when she’s executed? Better start looking for a therapist now. Darlie crossed the line on 6-6-96. She thought she could outsmart everyone. What a legacy she left for both sides of the families. Who TF would want to go through life with the last Routier. That name is cursed thanks to Darlie. Darin is a stinking pig choosing that cow over his own flesh and blood. Sarilda is as stupid as the day is long and Lenny should have beat Darin’s ass with a ball bat for disgracing his last name. That stupid ass convoy of justice is going to be an embarrassing flop just like the march for Darlie. How embarrassing. And the weather was GOOD you bunch of liars. Truth is nobody really gives a shit about puke killer psychopath Darlie. Tell your fat friend Darlie Routier to lay off the honeybuns. Her hair doesn’t even fit her head anymore looking just like her mother. Darlie Routiers life isn’t worth saving after what she did to those boys. Both sides of those families are morally bankrupt. GOD BLESS TEXAS AND EXECUTE THAT BITCH ALREADY

  15. You all heard about the theory of Wayne Edwardson? It’s plausible that he could have set Darla up. How could she have stabbed them children? I’ve seen enough television programs to know she didn’t do it. I know it. Look up John Wayne Edwards. It’s interesting stuff

  16. I have not seen one single fact or piece of evidence that points to anyone other than Darlie. All of it points to her, the killer, the one who lied repeatedly, the adult who survived while her children were butchered.

  17. Has the family reached out to The Innocence Project? If the probability of innocence is as glaring as the supporters claim it seems a Pro Bono firm would’ve picked it up by now due to the high profile of the case. Anyone with half of a functioning brain cell knows the Justice system is flawed and often corrupt but how often do you hear of a crime like this? A person breaking in to a home with valuables in plain sight – not to rob or rape but to kill kids. Hit men use a gun they don’t do the blood bath thing. So many things point to her guilt. Of course the only ones who know are the ones who were there. I don’t believe she’s innocent but I could be wrong.

    • The Innocence Project only takes cases that do not have an attorney, since Darlie has an appellant attorney, she DOES NOT QUALIFY! Why do you people keep on perpetuating these rumors and innuendo?

    • Natasha M. yes they have, twice now, but the IP has advised them they only take cases where the individual is innocent and they believe Darlie is guilty. Kathy Cruz, the author of this article, can confirm that.

  18. I hope and pray that the print will be run and that the owner of it will be identified. Let’s put this to bed, once and for all. I don’t believe Darlie Routier is innocent. I’ve looked for years and haven’t found anything to convince me other but that doesn’t mean I am opposed to running the print. In fact, on the contrary, as I said I hope and pray that it will be run and the sooner the better.

    • Shasha
      They will NEVER run the print just like they aren’t really doing any DNA testing. It’s all a stall tactic because why run a print that will come back as Darlie Routiers? They all talk about that print and more DNA. It’s all bullshit. Their all stalling to by as much time as they can for a psychopath. Liars liars liars. Every one of them.

  19. Don’t worry Devon and Damon. We got your backs your mother stabbed you in. We’ll be there with silly string and fireworks btw Kathy I can’t stand to listen to you talk. Why do you put the emphasis on the “h” in when and h-wat or h-winey. All of you are liars. Darlie is a killa

  20. blah blah blah blah, Run the print, it’s not going to do anything for Darlie except confirm it’s her print. Why do you think her defense won’t run it? They are trying to extend her life. They can walk around the world with their signs, not going to anything for Darlie. Darlie is guilty and she will meet her punishment.

  21. When it comes to ending another person’s life in the name of justice, we must be 100% certain that this person is indeed responsible for the crime. There should be no stone left uncovered, and 85j is exactly that, a stone that’s never been uncovered. It certainly wouldn’t be the first time an innocent person was sent to death row in the lone star state (honestly Texas, you hold the record for that. It’s downright embarrassing. You really want to risk getting another one wrong?).

    Whether you’re a “supporter” or a “non supporter,” we all have this in common: we are human beings. We are Americans. We have rights. If there was evidence that could potentially exonerate her, then how can any so called reasonable person be content with that evidence being totally ignored? If it’s a waste of time, so be it. You get to say, “I told you so,” and let’s be honest, you’d eat that up. But if the government’s downright refusal to do this one relatively simple thing doesn’t bother you deep down inside, it should. They have the ability to upload this print into the national database. There is literally nothing preventing them from doing that. Don’t you want to live in an America where you can be sure that those in authority will do whatever necessary, within their abilities, to eliminate the possibility of killing an individual who may be innocent? Don’t they have that responsibility? 85j will match someone in the system, or it won’t. No harm done either way, so why the power games?


    • 1) We’re most certainly not all Americans
      2) No one is refusing to run the print. Darlie thinks the print will set her free, all she has to do is waive the rest of the useless DNA testing.

      • Magpie. Anion. Sandra. Chrissy. Christine/Christian. Poor, angry, confused little he-she. You don’t even know what gender you are, but you know what happened in another country 22 years ago because you read some questionable court transcripts? Maybe you should lower the dosage of the hormones. Or double the dosage of the anti-psychotic meds.

        • Darlie Kee I mean Philly Gurl
          WHAT questionable transcripts? There were 28 or more court hearings about those transcripts. And the jury didn’t hear the transcripts they HEARD the trial as it happened.

          • Ummmm if there were 28 or more hearings about those transcripts, that means they were in question. DUH. The small town, narrow minded jury didn’t sit through a trial so much as they sat through a play in which the leading lady was a character the prosecution created. That jury wasn’t comprised of the brightest people on the planet, either–take Rina Way for example, who actually said she believed Darlie’s bruising was caused by Devon kicking at her. But wait–I thought the state’s argument was that the bruising occurred after Darlie left the hospital, so which is it? Devon weighed 46 pounds when he died, he would have had to have been kicking her for an hour straight to cause that kind of bruising. Rina Way is nothing but a hairdresser who thought she could solve a crime LOL. Greg Davis and Toby Shook were not paid by the county to bring the jury the truth–they were paid to get convictions, and you’d all do well to remember that.

  22. To Jade: I didn’t even know it was possible for one to “shut their reply off,” I have no idea how to do that and frankly I wouldn’t bother.

    The subject of the letters was actually addressed in Don Davis’s book “Hush Little Babies,” originally published in November of 1997.

    You wanted an explanation for why she wrote the letters and said the things she said, and I gave you one, based on the facts that I know and my own education. Obviously you are free to come to whatever conclusion you like. My standpoint is that repeating false information given by someone else, that one believes is the truth, does not and never will fall into the category of “lying.” You can agree or disagree, but I stand firm in that belief. Good day to you, ma’am.

  23. Why is Kathy Cruz permitted to write lies and half-truths like the ones she constantly tells about this case? Where is the journalistic integrity? Why have you turned your magazine into a propaganda machine for a murderer of children? Darlie is GUILTY. ALL forensic and DNA tests have proved it. There was NO male DNA in 85-J. It is Darlie’s print, most likely made while she chased Damon down to stab him again. She butchered those boys and you allow Kathy Cruz to lie and lie and lie on your pages, without any rebuttal at all. It is disgusting.

      • Kathy Cruz either lies or promotes propaganda. The defense got permission to RUN THE PRINT through IAFIS 10 years ago. That’s a decade. A DECADE. She distorted and slandered nurses and their documentation. She disrespected Doug Mulder and the strategy Darlie INSISTED he use. She lies about the proscutions making sexist character judgments when Cruz knows dam well why the proscution was able to rebut the defense and call Darlie out for what she is. Cruz lied about James Cron stating he accused Darlie with in 20 minutes when in FACT everyone thought it was DARIN. Cruz lies when she says Darlie was knocked unconscious, there’s absolutely no evidence of that. She accused officer Waddell of not helping the victims when Darlie, the MOTHER never held either of her dying children. Darlie was.on a CORDLESS PHONE. Nothing and I mean NOTHING that comes out of Kathy Cruz mouth is credible. That goes for Barb Davis as well

        • In that case, everybody who writes about or speaks on this case is promoting propaganda (yes, non supporters, that means you too!). Having permission to upload this print into the system does not equate having the authority to order the FBI to upload it; that has to come from law enforcement. No one slandered or distorted the nurses; it was simply pointed out that their testimony was completely different from their recorded notes (who’s lying now?). The discrepancies between their notes and the statements made on the witness stand is in the almighty transcripts. I personally would disrespect Doug Mulder all day long, dead or alive, because that was the weakest defense I’ve ever seen in my life. I’ll “disrespect” Judge Tolle’s corrupt ass, too. He made damn sure he was on the bench in this case when he was supposed to be retired as of the end of December 1996. Davis, Mulder, and Tolle were all buddies who went hunting together. Don’t you dare sit there and tell me that the prosecution did not not make both sexist and RACIST character judgments on this woman, none of which had anything to do with her children being murdered. No one said Cron had his mind made up that Darlie was the killer within 20 minutes; Cron himself said he deduced that it was an inside job within 20 minutes, and that was before he even knew about the sock in the alley. And Waddell? He was the biggest liar of them all. He did NOT encounter Darin in the front yard when he first arrived, and the 911 call proves that. And don’t tell me that Bill Gorsuch’s testimony backs him up, either, because it doesn’t. As for her not holding her dying children–Devon was dead before she even regained consciousness. Darin was feverishly trying to resuscitate him, get oxygen flowing into him, so that he wouldn’t have brain damage if the paramedics were able to revive him. “Holding” him would have impeded Darin. As for Damon, the child had been stabbed in the back. He could have had spinal injuries and moving him in any way (or HOLDING him) could have resulted in permanent paralysis if he had lived. I would not have risked that either. It’s funny how you all trash Barbara Davis now, but back in 1997, she was your Golden Girl. No one is credible unless they’re saying what you want to hear.

          • A👏🏼Mother👏🏼Goes👏🏼To👏🏼Her👏🏼Injured👏🏼Children👏🏼Dead👏🏼Or👏🏼Alive👏🏼 The👏🏼Only👏🏼Liars👏🏼Are👏🏼Darlie👏🏼And👏🏼Darin👏🏼Darlie👏🏼Will👏🏼Be👏🏼Released👏🏼In👏🏼A👏🏼Body👏🏼Bag👏🏼. She’s👏🏼A👏🏼Psychopath👏🏼

          • Nakia don’t bother. Trying to talk sense to these people is like telling a 4 year old to pick up their toys while they clap their hands over their ears and sing Mary Had A Little Lamb at the top of their lungs LOL

      • Intruder cut through a screen but didn’t leave any evidence in the house in that case too, the father waited some 40 minutes before he even sounded the alarm, failed a lie detector test and even confessed to killing her. Got locked up for eight months and was facing death penalty because the cops had tunnel vision and didn’t look at anybody else. Dude got lucky as hell that DNA ended up clearing him that’s a miracle in itself but untwist fate and he’d be a dead man. All his haters just knew he did it too because, you know, it was COMMON SENSE,,,sorry folks common sense don’t make you as smart as you think it does. I saw one case on one of those true crime shows where a guy was in prison for a decade, I wish I could remember it better but I do remember the bedspread was covered in the victim’s blood and it took years of DNA testing before they finally found a single drop of the real killer’s blood on it. Maybe she did it and maybe she didn’t but it really wouldn’t surprise me if one day it comes out that she’s been telling the truth all along

  24. Ok supermom, when your kids get injured you go right ahead and paralyze them DUMBASS.
    I really hope you’re not a sister, if you are then you’re a disgrace to our race 💯

  25. Her wounds were 100% self inflicted and anyone who thinks she is innocent you should look at the pictures of the boys wounds and then compare them to Darlies wounds poor Devon had a defensive wound on his arm that is real and I think she tried and copied that wound to her arm but it isn’t close to being the same and her finger wounds are barely scratches I’ve had worse paper cuts and the hesitation and jagged cut on her neck is a joke she wasn’t close to dying her vitals were perfectly normal when paramedics arrived the neckalace fell off when the NURSE pulled the paper away it was never on her neck when she went into suregery and actually the wound had stopped bleeding before surgery and those letters where she straight up says I SAW HIM I KNOW IT WAS HIM was not a wish she was lying trying to convince anyone and everyone she didn’t commit the most horrendous act against her own sleeping children I hope they run that print and I wish they would try her for Devon’s murder he deserves justice also and then she will have a death sentence along with a life sentence for killing both of her children

    • The person who stabbed the children so viciously did so because Devon kicked out at him and caught him square in the gonads, and it hurt like hell. His buddy was busy trying to subdue Darlie, that’s why the wounds were so different.

      To those who feel that Darlie’s injuries were not severe: how would you react if your own child’s throat was slashed within 2mm of the carotid artery? Seriously, close your eyes and picture it…you know you would be singing a very different tune.

  26. Good afternoon! This entire thread has been one long silly string of comments. May i ask a question without someone Darlie-ing me when I’m comfortably asleep later in my own home? Why, not even once, has Darlie not once asked for the intruder to come forward? Why has she not professed to find the real killer except during the 911 call? She has not publicly made a plea for the killer to step up. Not to my knowledge at least. Why did she clean the sink? There’s blood everywhere but she cleans the most incriminating area? All of these law enforcement professionals are colluding? Every one is risking their careers and integrity just to put Darlie away? What did Darlie do to them to make them want to risk it? That many people can keep a secret for this long and not slip up? I know corruption happens but someone would’ve blown the lid off of this before now—22 years later. I wish Darlie was innocent. I feel sorry for Darlie because she’s been locked away for 22 years and is either innocent (very very unlikely) or she was having severe mental issues that were not diagnosed (most likely). Either way, if all of these people cared about her as much as they say, they would have helped with her mental health issues by now instead of making the worst. Yes—supporters are just as terrible for Darlie as the nonsupporters. The nonsupporters throw facts around but also insults while the supporters allow her to continue to live in her delusional world instead of urging her to come clean and maybe redeem herself in some manner. People just have to fight for something I guess. Imagine how those two RARELY MENTIONED CHILDREN had to fight for their lives and lost. Maybe we should all remember the real victims here. That’s too uncomfortable though because deep down even her family probably knows she did it but maybe they feel partially responsible. You never know how someone will act in that situation, right?? Also, TLD was severely manipulative with the editing. Why wasn’t Dana in the show? They led you to believe the other sister was the one around. Oh and they really socked it to that prosecutor about the boy’s life insurance when they had the “gotcha” moment life insurance not being enough for the funerals didn’t they? Why not disclose all of the donations received? Oh yeah. Bias programming at its best. Hey if you all want to live in a world where a child killer can get away with murder, then everyone who is instrumental in her freedom has proverbial blood on their hands and I hope you remember that every single time you rarely think about those two boys. One of them crawling to the stairs to get to their daddy after being stabbed. After their mother shimmied between the couches to stab him again after she cleaned off his bloody palm print from the couch. There’s blood on the couch that shouldn’t be in that area but who cares about that right? Just run Darlies damn print already…right?

  27. Mrs Kee says right up here that Toby Shook didnt know the knife did not go through Devons Body into the cement.BUT if you watch The Leeza Gibbons show they did on that case Darlie and Darin were asked by Lezza..” the stab was so forceful that it went through one of the boys body and into the cement floor below them? Darin and Darlie Kee Both agreed that it did

  28. Darlie Kee August 30, 2018 at 1:41 pm
    What the state’s prosecutors have done to Darlie and family of victims is criminal. Toby Shook and Greg Davis would not be known except for their pathological lying and changing facts. They should be in prison. They don’t even know facts of their wounds ( Devon wounds did not come out his back) they can’t remember their names and I have the complete paperwork on the loan Darin tried to get for me and so you will never hear that lie again.
    I would like these people disbarred and in prison for all they have done. America don’t accept lies from these people in power who are in it for career. Devon and Damon would be sickened by these two.

    You can see in the First Episode that Leeza Gibbons did on the case She asks Darin and Darlie Kee ” The knife wound was so forceful that it went through one of the boys into the cement floor below them?? Darin and Darlie Kee both say Yes and shake their heads in agreement

    Its at 3:33 in this video or Click on the Blue Link

  29. It’s funny how you all trash Barbara Davis now, but back in 1997, she was your Golden Girl. No one is credible unless they’re saying what you want to hear.

    Can you show anything where Non Supporters claim Barb Davis was ever our golden girl? there was no Facebook then not much internet social media Post it

    • Nobody needs to post a damn thing her book sales spoke for themselves. “Post it”— you just said there was no Facebook (or any other social media) back in 97 and the tide had turned against her by 99 so I’m supposed to post something that never had a chance to be put on the internet? That’s non supporter logic for you. I don’t believe a damn word that comes from you you’re a liar and a thief and a woman beater and a racist POS to boot. You trash Darin and Darlie and question their parenting over stupid ish like the song but you yourself have a bakers dozen worth of criminal charges LOL. You talk about “babykillers” but conveniently forget that you raised one, don’t you? A thief is a liar by nature and we both know you got multiple charges for burglary, assault, intimidation of a crime victim, domestic violence, possession, etc so do us all a favor and save that talk about the TRUTH for the next time you go before a judge mmmkay? Delete this 🙂


      • Nakia Swanson
        The point here is none of us are perfect. But when one of us or one of our own fuck up we own it. Bryan knows what Luke did. Bryan is a man of integrity, standing by his son NOT LYING for him and Bryan has NEVER dishonored the victim unlike all you sleaze trashy liars. Unknown intruder…FOH with that stupid ass shit

        • Oh well then, let’s give him a medal! If Bryan gonna say some dumb shit like we’re “supporting a baby killer” because we believe in Darlie’s innocence you best believe somebody’s gonna come back at him, WTF you expect??? But take Luke out of the equation and Bryan’s still a liar and a thief with a documented history of violence. Don’t go around kicking dirt on other people when your own hands are covered with it. People like you are the ones who truly disrespect the victims because you’d rather let their real killer walk around free because you just don’t like Darlie. Call us whatever you makes you feel better about yourself but I see right through your lies. “Bryan is a man of integrity” yeah OK–I’m not gonna debate his so-called “integrity,” I am denying it’s EXISTENCE. GTFOH with your bullshit

          • I have alot of charges but most all of them are not convictions Justice does work for the innocent…. How do you raise a baby killer LOL Darlie had three vibrators and weed and cocaine in her house Did her mom raise a coked out pot headed slut??

  30. wow, i don’t know who’s more pathetic–the people pretending to be darlie kee, darrin, barb davis and kathy cruz, or the ones who actually believe it is them and are trying to call them out. i got news for all you zealots on both sides of the fence–these people are not reading your comments and are not interested in what you have to say but by all means keep attacking each other i’m gonna go pop some popcorn, this is fun

  31. so I have a question.. up until very recently I wanted to believe Darlies innocence , but with what I have read in the last few months I cannot do that. all the lies she told , why change your story so many times? also pls explain why if she was running to the sink to get wet towels for the boys are her blood drops not smudged directly below the sink? they should be but are not. also I think it was Jade mentioned letters where Darlie said she saw the killer and someone else said that happened a yr or so after her conviction. bullshit, she says it on the 911 tape “I saw him Darin” also pls explain how a child with punctured lungs could stand and walk with his mother and talk to her? impossible he would not have been able to do that. also pls explain to me why Darlies blood is splattered on the wall where Damon was found? and I have noticed in almost every video of this case I have seen, and there a re a lot, Darlie only ever cries when she talks about how she misses the boys , not about seeing them bleeding everywhere dying. never once has she shown emotion when talking about that. If that was my kids that image would haunt me and traumatise me for life. there are so many unanswered questions that could be answered but probably never will be. I want to believe with every fiber of my being Darlie didn’t do this.. but I just can’t see that she didn’t.

  32. Hi Maryanne. I never said that Darlie wrote those letters after her conviction, I said she wrote them months after her arrest, while she was in jail, which is true. Yes, she does say on the 911 tape “I saw him Darin” but she never says “I got a good look at him” or “I know who it was” she just says that she saw a man, which has never changed. I’m sorry but I think people just demand too much of her memory from that night, the number one most traumatic night of her life. Her story can never and will never match the evidence because there are vital parts missing that were blocked out to preserve her own sanity. If she lost consciousness, that could easily explain why she has different versions and different memories of how she was awakened. It’s all disjointed pieces and flashes of memory that are all out of order, so of course it doesn’t make sense to the average person, but that doesn’t make it a lie. Medically, it IS possible for a person with a punctured lung or lungs to move and speak; I have done extensive research on this and spoke to doctors and nurses who deal with trauma patients. Damon died because his lungs filled up with blood; he literally drowned on his own blood, and this took 8 to 9 minutes. There is no reason why he could not move or speak within the first few minutes of his attack (look it up). I can’t answer the question as to why Darlie’s blood was found on the wall because I have never studied blood spatter or forensics. Likewise, no one has ever been able to answer my question as to why, if Darlie supposedly cut herself while standing at the sink, there is no castoff or blood spatter in the kitchen area to validate this theory. The biggest problem when anyone says “If this was me” or “If they were MY kids…” is that you are judging someone else’s actions by the threshold of what you personally think you would or wouldn’t do. I myself believe I would never confess to a crime I did not commit, but people have done exactly that and later were exonerated by DNA evidence. Sometimes people behave in a manner that doesn’t make sense to us. This whole case, and all the evidence against her, is like a hologram. If you look at it one way, you see a very clear picture of guilt. However, if you look at it from a different angle, a completely different picture emerges. I cannot and will not pretend that I’ve got it all figured out simply from the case that was presented because, as you say, there are too many unanswered questions.

    • Critical Cruz! Are you shitting me!? Darlie said it! Darlie said “I know who it was!” “I saw him!” Who cares what YOU say. We’re talking about Darlie Routier who murdered her children not YOU. What is it with everybody associated with Darlie and lying? It’s pitifil already the constant stream of lies. People are so sick of it. All your excuses (lies) you make on Darlies behalf sound just as stupid as when Darlie Kee says shenjad no idea the police suspected her daughter, or when she said the bread knife couldn’t have cut that screen because it has a round tip. THAT was a deal breaker for me I’ll tell ya. A dam fingernail file could have cut that screen. Flash bolt memory my ass. Expecting to much for her to remember? What the hell does that even mean? That’s the kind of shit people don’t forget! We’re not idiots. Tell you what, next Darlie interview, tell her to sing again. Lmao stop lying for Darlie. She’s a killer

      • Oh HONEY…I’d love to see things from your point of view, but I can’t get my head quite that far up my ass.

        Do yourself a favor and lay off the kush…you’ve got two brain cells left, and they’re both chasing each other around.

        • Maybe that’s what you need to enlighten yourself. May I suggest a big ass bowl of Frosty Jesus Kush…it’s definitely a 5 star strain. God put it here for me and you. That’s ok if it’s not your style. No judgment. One finely ground bowl with a hot cup of coffee and one small push then…POP…there comes YOUR head out of YOUR ass. You’ll be like…omg, Jade was right!!! Should you choose to try it I want the cool points. With that said…what is your very small group of supporters going to do when that day comes? I suspect there might be some suicides. She is, after all, circling the drain. Btw, you telling me to lay off the Kush just shows what a dinasour you are

  33. You know what would be epic Cruz…? If Darlie gave a final statement admitting what she did and says her and Darin talked about it. That would shame his coward ass right out the state of Texas. Everybody knows Darlie and Sarilda couldn’t stand each other. Sarilda would be SO pissed! Everybody knows the only reason they lie for Darlie is because what would that say about Darin if he’s found out to have lied for the killer of his kids? That’s exactly why all the Routiers still lie for Darlie. No other reason

  34. I love my grandchildren so much, if my daughter did what Darlie Routier did, I’d wrap her hair around my hand and drag her to the police department, shove her face through the glass and say HERE! This bitch has something to tell you!
    A mother knows.
    If not Darlies mother, DARIN should have done it!

  35. Omg. I just read that Darlie tried to smother the baby the day before sheurdered her boys! I didn’t believe it but then a man told me to read the laundry lady’s testimony and holy cow! What in the world is wrong with this woman? There’s just way too much evidence. What the help is wrong with Darin Routier and his family? Jesus Darlie is a psychopath. Nobody in their right mind would want anything to do with either of these families. She tried to smother the littlest boy the day before!

  36. Hey Kathy Cruz and Darlie Kee, $7000 is chump change to have a print ran in order to exonerate a loved one from death row. Dr. Phil…a fellow Texan would pay for that in a heartbeat. I contacted his producers. They said all Darlie Kee or Darlie Jr has to do is call them. Dr Phil would jumpstart Darlie exoneration with his cowboy boot up some asses so why are you guys refusing his help? Because your full of shit that’s why. Because you already know Darlie killed the boys. $7000 is chump change Darlie Kee if it means saving your daughters life.

  37. Darlie is so guilty and it’s all been proven over and over. Run the print? It’s to smudged to run but it is her size. If there were an intruder it must have been a UFO as it left zero evidence. And her family and all of her supporters that Darlie has convinced that each one is her girlfriend and boyfriend are foolish to allow themselves to buy her BS. I want justice for Damon and Devon. None of her followers give a hoot about them. Only about Darlie and her lying manipulative ways. Anyone that thinks she is innocent do not know this case AT ALL.

  38. Wow, noticing a pattern here, all the non-supporters are so angry! Why is it necessary for the name calling and accusations of posters pretending to be other people? With all the reports in recent years regarding different types of evidence that were once thought irrefutable being questioned and reevaluated because there are no scientific studies or basis to support them, such as fingerprints, I find it very possible, in fact likely that many convictions based on this junk science has resulted in many innocent people spending years in prison for crimes they didn’t commit. You know what they say about assumptions, right? If you feel confident killing a person that might be innocent based on non proven facts, I think you are just as ethically and morally bankrupt as any murderer.

  39. My heart and prayers go out to Darlie and her family. Prayers flowing for the truth to come out and for Darlie to finally be set free!