This week’s episode begins on the front porch at the home of local music fan and booking agent Sally Birthisil, who is renting this week’s guest Joe Savage a room until he can find a permanent residence. Joe has just returned from a 40-day European excursion and looking for a couple of roommates to rent a house with. It wasn’t too long ago that Joe was a clean-cut teacher working in Fort Worth schools, doing the nine-to-five grind while cashing those sweet regular paychecks. But he turned in his tie and khakis, grew his hair long, picked up a guitar, and transformed himself into a full-time free spirit and troubadour. Suck it, suits! Recently, Joe returned from a spiritual journey that saw him walk more than 500 miles across Spain over the course of a month. He describes his walking adventures and shows off a groovy pair of flowery embroidered pants he picked up for $3 in Berlin. We end the show by singing one of the best walking songs of all time while strolling down the Trinity Trails. Fun show, Joe! Thanks for joining us!