Earlier this year, I received an email from 15-year-old Cody Croysdale. I didn’t know Cody, but he is the son of an old high school buddy. Cody questioned me about the journalism profession and sent a writing sample for me to edit. He writes really well for being so young. I gave him various pointers and encouragement. His dad, Mark Croysdale, contacted me to say thanks and told me Cody would be playing guitar at The Grease Monkey in Arlington that Saturday. Cody takes guitar lessons from another high school buddy, Jimmy Pitstick, who hosts public recitals called Young Stars With Guitars. I showed up to speak with Cody about writing and watch him perform and was impressed by his lead guitar. He doesn’t sing yet but plays lead for other artists. Cody is super bright and attends the challenging Cedar Hill Collegiate High School. He is set on graduating high school in a couple of years with an associate’s degree. This summer he attended gospel singer Kirk Franklin’s inaugural music camp in Arlington and performed at Levitt Pavilion. That’s tiddlywinks compared to appearing on T&J’s 75th episode! Thanks for choosing a cool song for us to sing (by local artist Cody Jinks) and for being such a cool kid! — Jeff Prince