Georgia Clark

Another August, and again I suffer through my usual bout of sympathetic nervousness, thinking about all the teachers and students getting ready for that first day of school. I guess it’s normal. Though retired now, I had 25 years of those high-anxiety beginnings, the last 17 at Amon Carter-Riverside High School, here in Fort Worth.

Yes, that Carter-Riverside High School, made famous in June by a racist teacher’s tweets to 45, complaining of “illegal students” and wanting the “send them back” man to round ’em up. After that news story went viral, friends and relatives from all over breathlessly wanted to know if I knew “that woman.” As far I know, I never had the displeasure. Georgia Clark wasn’t yet at Carter when I retired, but I’ve seen enough teachers like her through the years.

Comically, the far right portrays public school teachers as out-of-touch kumbaya leftists. From my experience, nothing could be further from the truth. The majority of teachers I knew were politically and socially conservative with a large contingent being evangelical Christians. And the vast majority of those conservatives were good teachers. I may not care for their politics or their religious leanings, but the ones I knew loved students, legal or “illegal.” Maybe that’s why the Georgia Clark story bothered me so much.

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It might also be the strong connection I still feel toward my old school. I am protective of it, its students, and its neighborhood, where I still live. After my wife died four years ago, I slowly inched back into the dating world. What an eye-opener that was. One woman I met through was impressed by my pics and banter, yet when she found out I lived in the Carter-Riverside neighborhood, she quickly informed me that I lived in a ghetto, not the working-class, mixed-race barrio with wonderful neighbors, great taco trucks, and pho restaurants that I knew.

Urban schools, like Carter, get a bum rap, too. When I was teaching and went to parties, I’d tell people where I taught, and they were immediately apologetic. “Poor man,” they’d say. Somehow they’d gotten the fool notion prevalent in pop culture that urban schools are violent hell holes where sagging cholos roamed freely. That’s just not true. Almost all my students at Carter were outstanding young men and women.

There, I was primarily an English-as-a-Second Language teacher. Can you imagine going through the usual struggles of teenagerhood and on top of that having to learn a new language and culture? I can’t. That’s why my ESL students were heroes to me.

I always assumed most of them came from households where the parents were undocumented. It never bothered me. It makes no sense not educating their children. As for Ms. Clark’s rant about students not standing for the pledge, I told mine they didn’t have to. If they didn’t want to, I totally understood. They’re from a different country, and even if they weren’t, students shouldn’t be forced to perform a rote, meaningless display of faux-patriotism. And neither should public school teachers or professional athletes, for that matter.

This year, Carter will mercifully be without the infamous Georgia Clark, no matter what the school board ultimately decides. Thank goodness. It’s more than sad when a school like Carter – where so many teachers and staff work hard to help students – becomes known for the irresponsible actions of one person who shouldn’t have been there in the first place.

If Georgia Clark had as much animus toward students as her tweets showed, it was long past time for her to move on to other pastures. And leave teaching to people who care about students, who support them, and advocate for them but, most of all, respect them, regardless of where they come from or their immigration status.

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  1. Teacher,
    I was one of your students.
    I remember being in your class soo vividly.
    You definitelly influence my life for the better. althought, I am still not the best English writter you taught me more than english.

    • Thanks, Felipe! I appreciate you and will always remember you in class. You were one of those students who kept me on my toes. And thanks for that.

  2. Throw out all laws, go back to living in caves and eating babies that are being butchered from uncaring mothers, reduce the global foot print of carbon, kill the old, eat them, kill the sick eat them….thats where your headed,..lots of luck. Stop farming cows and other animals for food, just eat each other.

  3. Illegal immigration is illegal, and shall remain illegal, I’m not related to this Ms. Clark, but I am with Ms. Clark, she is right to sound the alarm on illegals taking up all the space in our schools, she went with her gut, and her gut is right, and shall always be right, get a gut thats right first then come back and debate things. There is no earthly reason to protect illegals, in anyway. Learn that one thing and you learn something today.

  4. The first tweet had the main idea and that was drug dealers on campus. How on earth it was missed boggles the imagination. The fact that the drug dealers come from illegal families is how the word illegal entered the conversation.

    • Georgia, believe it or not I have some sympathy for you. I know what it’s like to be a high school teacher, and I certainly made my share of mistakes in the classroom. Also, l suspect this has been hard on you. No one, regardless of their political stripe, should feel comfortable with the social media mob mentality I’m sure you’ve had to put up. That said, what do you hope to gain from all this? The district might reinstate you, but you won’t be able to teach in Fort Worth again. No principals going to want you and the notoriety that goes with you. So you’ll collect a salary and take up resources that could be better spent. That doesn’t sound good to me. Maybe you feel different, though?

      • Ken, it is still very sad to me, that so many have looked the other way as one politcal party has cicumvented Federal Immigration Laws, while the other one sits on its hands and everyone else wonders why they should be held accountable for their own behavior.

        If this had not happened, we would not need a wall and the rest of the world would understand that there is a process and a procedure to come into this country. Meanwhile the Demcorats have blood on their hands from all of those who have died to get here and those who have died at the hands of those who broke additional laws once they got here.

        This is not about hate or racism. This is about common sense, respect for our legal system and the sovereignty of this country.

        You may be high minded, but building your story around another individual’s effort, who truly was concerened about the activities in this school, says a lot about adults who look the way when there are bullies in action and drug dealing is a form of bullying and so is illegal immigration.

        It only took me 25 years to kick the habit that I got pulled into.
        I wish Georgia Clark had been at my high school.

        • Thank you for your obvious words laced with wisdom. If you have not read the hearing examiner 76 page document giving his decision as to why I should not have been terminated and that my contract should be honored, the Star-Telegram has posted an online interactive version and that was done first on Friday, August 29, and just recently I believe Monday the ninth.

      • I’m sure you don’t know half of it, having your name drug through the mud.
        I hope she can muster up enough to clean the deck of the whole school board!
        She has been abused.

        • Ms. Clark,
          It should come as no surprise that the SCOTUS does not protect drug dealers, yet it should be made abundantly clear that not all drug dealers are undocumented immigrants. And, by the way, you didn’t answer my question about what your endgame is.

          • Mr. W-P,

            You will find your answer in the hearing examiner’s decision. I believe it is numbered. When you find it, you will have your answer.

  5. Dear Teachers in the United States,
    According to FORMER teacher, Ken Wheatcroft-Pardue, it is okay to attack fellow teachers in the media. While we are at it, lets go ahead and allow physical violence against them by the students as well. The big coward here is Ken, who is so vocal, AFTER he has retired.

    It took many years to get over the habit I developed in high school. I wish there had been more Mrs. Clarks and fewer teachers like Mr. Hyphenated.

    • You got a problem with my name, t0m0. Well, at least, I use my real name unlike you. You hide behind a pseudonym, and call me a coward. What a joke. And, just so you know, I was vocal before I retired.

  6. SO the real story is there are illegal kids in school with parents with a bag of dope to sell the kiddies, and Ms. Georgia Clark sounds the alarm about the drugs, and somehow the story changed by the media or staff in schools twists Ms. Georgia Clark’s words saying she was sounding alarm about the illegal kids, which wasn’t true, but the story took off, and found traction, a lie was created, and guess what it was listened too with open ears. Made national news reaching even the ears of the President, which they hoped to reel in the President with a statement. A twisted story for a fake news network, was most likely behind it, and I would sue the hell out of the reporter and the news media, editor, the one he works for, find out who was the VERY FIRST reporter to report it, demand a retraction, then file suit. This case should be worth 5 million to go away, the insurance agent will beg you to take 5 million instead of taking them to court and a jury trial. And the FWISD is not innocent in this, they have plenty of blame coming their way too, they will settle too, like a couple million. I would demand that you get you job back, teach these kids, even after you win these cases, teach them for at least 6 months, then retire WITH PENSION!!!!!!

  7. I want justice for Ms. Georgia Clark, and I stand with her, knowing she was abused, ALL people who believe in justice support her, the FWISD is to blame too, Ms. Clark is not an attorney and neither am I, but I have a expert understanding of justice, and she needs to punish the FWISD, and the media who broke this national story. Her mentioning a students name on a board meeting is unworthy of comment, unless your trying to shut some one up. Ms. Clark deserves to be heard, in the papers, and in court. Count this as the first shot over your bow, and get that check book ready, this is just about to get real for the FWISD, and that reporter who lied.

    • This is probably ms.clark herself with how much dick riding “he’s” giving her. Racism is racism and more whites sell drugs than Hispanics, trust me. Go visit rehabs you’ll get your facts straight.

        • An editor either approves a comment and posts it or disapproves it and doesn’t post it, but we do not censor, meaning we don’t remove portions of comments. It’s all or nothing.

        • I see a reply from you to ToMo but not to Clark. Send it again. Maybe one of the editors didn’t approve it for some reason I’m not aware of. We don’t post some comments for any number of reasons.

  8. If your policy is to post an approved reply or not post a disapproved reply, that’s censorship! I didn’t say EDIT, i used the word censor, like in censorship, where your point/reply, is deleted all together, that’s censorship Mr. Prince. And in doing so, that would mean you steer a topic a certain direction, I’m now claiming I was censored, because after 10 hours or longer my several replies were posted.

    • Thank you Mr. Clark for your support. I noticed a question directed toward you by someone who has been quite vocal and speaking to the board against me. And September 10 in her three minute presentation she held up an 8 x 10 color photograph of me, and followed it with photographs of the hearing examiner, the commissioner of education, and our governor. She identified all of the men as being white and then call them white Supremists. I kid you not. Since the video of all school board meetings is public, and if you have a computer, you might want to take a look at it.

    • Mr. Clark,

      The comment about revealing a student’s name was from me directed to M. Whittier. She has been vocal about the hearing examiner’s decision that the hearing was in my favor. The transcript of the hearing has much, much more evidence that supported my claims in the tweets when they have been read correctly. I explained that in a previous tweet. Your support of me and countless others gives me the confidence to proceed with this legal process. As the poet and writer Ogden Nash once said, “The truth will out” and the truth is found in the 76-page document at the Star-Telegram. As to your statement about the reporter who spread the lies, that will be dealt with after the dust settles from what is happening now. You are correct in your assessment of the situation and that can also be found in the document.

      We are close in age and being a teenager of the 60s, I understand your outrage in what has happened to me. That is why we must continue to fight the good fight and pray that God’s will be done.

  9. When this broke, I couldn’t think of anything more profoundly emblematic of Trump voters than an elderly English teacher misunderstanding social media so completely that she believed things written on *Twitter* were in any way private and petitioning the president as if he was the anointed savior and answered prayers. It’s sad when you think about it: if not for the racism and the fear, we’d simply have a case of hiraeth. Who among us doesn’t long for the world that was? You have my sympathy Georgia, but they were probably right to suspend you.

    • Eric,

      Yes, it is possible to send private tweets. Yes, it is possible to think that tweets are private when Twitter states that you can “send a message DIRECT to” someone and that is what Twitter advertised. You might want to look up the word “direct” in a dictionary. The hearing examiner’s decision – have you read it completely?

      • The definition of direct as defined by Webster’s has nothing to do with how a social media platform chooses to use the word. As it happens, the only way to send a *private* message on Twitter is downright circumspect. I had to check their policies when your tweets went viral to be sure it was even possible, since Twitter’s – by reputation – the social media equivalent of a packed convention hall: there are no private rooms, and the only way you can draw attention from the loud people is by shooting yourself in the foot (I’d never even *heard* of a “Twitter leak,” as you’d expect from something where private conversations were even tangentially possible). Turns out it only works if the person you’re messaging follows you, has opted in to receive direct messages from anyone, or has themselves messaged you before. I’ve got no idea what prompts warning of this policy you might have clicked through (as so many of us do) or if you read and comprehended it why anyone would think a celebrity would opt in to be *inundated* with hundreds or thousands of messages each day, particularly one who per his *own* tweets clearly doesn’t read.

        But you have no instinct for this stuff – you were born in another time, one you wished to return to by pulling the lever for Donald J. Trump. He doesn’t know how to get back there either G Clark (his “solutions” involved “getting” more immigrants from Scandinavia as one might order fast food and deregulating the energy market as though the number one thing killing coal wasn’t the efficiency of natural gas), and anyone brilliant enough to somehow undo the last thirty to forty years isn’t willing to help him out, either because they appreciate the changes wrought by technology or because they rightly suspect their advice and reputations would be subject to the mercurial whims of their boss.

        • Eric,

          Your use of a Welsh word is interesting. My college professor and advisor once called me an “anachronism.” As to longing for a time that was long ago, I believe you have misinterpreted my intent. If we are going to be so concerned about protecting our young, especially in a public school setting, then the sign outside that says “gun free, drug-free zone” either needs to be enforced or removed. The parent who spoke out about her son being robbed at gunpoint on that campus and threatened with his life made quite the statement in support of that sign. Yet she went on to state that the perpetrator of the crime was never removed from that campus. That is why she transferred her son to North Richland Hills. According to her statement, nothing was done to the gun-toting thief and his identity was known because she said all of this was done in front of cameras. Yes, it is possible to take corrective action, even if that means turning back the hands of Time.

          • You described an issue which afflicts nearly all urban campuses, and not because of their race (the problem’s a melange of American gun laws, the economic draw of a major population center, and our unwillingness to broach both increased taxes and public support for law enforcement and decriminalization of drug use). I myself am whiter than Mitt Romney in a snowstorm, and I’ll tell you now that the gun-toting thieves in my school district were as likely to be white as no. In the school bordering the “white flight” seventies-bussing neighbor district, the drug dealers and malcontents were *all white.* The northeastern district was its racial antithesis, an area that was just far enough away that the powers that be funneled black people into it back in the seventies. It’s my home, and it had the best JROTC program when I was coming up (we also never heard of meth overdoses, and the other drug epidemic you’d think of was firmly in the past). Aside from that and because of the nature of the city the district is situated in, it’s basically a dice roll who does what. A close relative of mine (close enough that we were both dough in the same loaf) was a wanna-be enforcer in one case, and my class Valedictorian was black. In the fullness of time, anyone in this area will be fully American, and we’ll all probably be various shades of brown (both the white and black sections of town are much less of the dominant one than they used to be).

            Regarding corrective action, you can *never* turn back the hands of time. It’s (apparently) physically impossible despite all our fiction to the contrary, philosophically inadvisable even if it *were* possible because we’re only chasing our memory of the past (not some Platonic original form of it), and simply problematic if we’re only pursuing a specific policy among *all* the others necessary to motivate a political party.

            Do you think you’re going to convince the Corporate powers that be to turn back the clock to the seventies, or sixties or earlier? How about the Unions to the eighties? Do you think anyone wants to go back to the Gilded era, when we were rolling the dice on a Communist revolution every time we caused and broke up a strike, or God help us even *earlier?* Do you think *China* wants to go back to when they were starving their people over Mao’s proverbs?

            We’re only going forward, even if the ideas which inspire us come from before.

            Regarding hiraeth, we’re both anachronisms. I probably long for a period further back than yours, but I *know* the feeling I *think* you feel.

  10. Ms. Georgia Clark, madame you have been railroaded, and I would like to come to your aid, I will come speak for you at the next FWISD meeting, and will ask questions that will cut these public servants to the bone, they will likely put a badge on you and claim you innocent. That person who is pretty much a nutter for calling the whole board white supremacists isn’t worthy of comment. Best just to smile and back away slowly. You have been mistreated, abused, and they know it, and know it now, seeing I have stuck my nose in it. The way I see it, you have nothing to worry about, I have already got them backpedaling, and knocked them off their footing. If you allow me to come and say a few words, I will focus on them giving you a retraction/reinstatement. And assigned to a better performing school if there is one. The FWISD has gone down a lot the last few decades, those at the top seem to just be there for the check, no innovations, no insights on how to get kids taught the basics. Just muzzle the kids and hope for the best is what it appears they do now. I really should be running things at the FWISD. I thought about it before. But not to get off topic too much, but we need to defend your name, these people in high places are abusing you, and we need that to stop! FW Weekly isn’t going to allow us to talk frankly, honestly, it seems they delete posts that steer the flow of thought the direction they feel is best, which to me is censorship, and it is, to most people, but Mr. Prince thinks that if your post is just deleted its just a post that got deleted and didn’t matter I guess, even tho we are talking about your good name, doesn’t matter. I see this case going to court really, with a jury, if they don’t retract real soon and offer you a sweet deal to not make waves, the media who leaked this story, you need to go after them with impunity. Your good name has been abused, and it would seem you have plenty of evidence showing that. If you were not slandered slander isn’t slander any longer, every things ok for print. You have been used and abused, whether you know it or not, the media was baiting The President to get him, and you were thrown under the school bus to make it happen. Now roll up those sleeves and go get em!

    • Mr. Clark,

      I would appreciate your support at the board meeting. There is a procedure at the board’s website and you may have to call them to get on the schedule. Expect a large crowd of the group who do not want to know the truth of the matter there. They created a Facebook page to rally their gang against me. The special meeting will begin at 4:30 p.m. My attorney and I will not be there because I fear for my safety. When Betty Brink was alive, this would never have happened to me because she would get to the truth. She was the best investigative reporter the FWWeekly had.

      The broadcast is live and I will be there in spirit.

      Thank you again.

  11. If I’m able to come speak on your behalf, I’m coming in hot, take no prisoners hot. You will see what I’m talking about if I can make it, and I will try to make it. I have never appeared in front of the FWISD school committee, and look forward to it, I am a Fort Worth Native, and have a Fort Worth mailing address, and really want to side up with the truth. No one should have their names dragged through the mud over telling the truth, the truth is illegals are illegal, and this teacher, Ms. Clark has been abused for telling the truth, and the writer of this story (The one at the top here) was wrong to plaster these opinions in a news paper, trying to guide other peoples opinions to fall inline with his, which are all wrong, he opens his story with “Audios Ms. Clark” which is saying, in between the lines, “Goodbye and Good Riddance!” We know what that means Mr. Ken, and it wasn’t funny either. I think Ms. Clark could tie this paper up in court just for that Ken, and it would be costly too. All that stuff about how you were a teacher was lame as you slipped in the knife. Mr. Prince piping in to claim its not censorship to deleted a post or two is just fine, that doesn’t bode well for his journalistic career. Jeff Prince ~”We only deleted a post entirely or we post it, saying thats not censorship”, please…..”We don’t do partial censorship we either do it all or nothing.” he says. Like a quick edit to ‘fix this’ may of been an option, told by myself or some one else, which never happened. Ms. Clark’s name has been dragged through the mud long enough now, here I come!

  12. All set, I have registered to talk tomorrow, buckle up its going to be a bumpy ride. The meeting starts at 4:30 and as of now I going! There are three major points of concern here, for which I will lay out. Firstly, is it legal to be illegal in this country and legal for the illegal parents to bring in drugs to sell to our children in public schools and on the open market in our neighborhoods, (Which brings in a whole palitiera of other arguments seeing if it is legal for illegals to sell drugs through their children unabated, in schools or on our streets, and for real American citizens its not, and that the illegals find protection under the law, while regular Americans go to jail for crimes that only apply to real Americans.) which goes contrary and against our rights, of justice for all. Second are the laws and guidelines set by the FWISD Committee and Supreme Court, in regards to illegal aliens children correct and fair to all Americans? Thirdly, should a teacher who is an American tax paying citizen, in good standing with the justice system, who has served as a teacher with all honor and respect, to be thrown under the bus, for the whole of a illegal alien situation or situations, those situations created and or not dealt with properly by the Congress, Senate or Supreme Court for more than fifty years? And that’s just for starters, the whole of my remarks will be made public when its my turn during the FWISD meeting Tuesday Sept. 17 2019 4:30 pm. There is about to be a huge shake up, on how laws apply to every walk of life in America, justice for all, or justice only for illegals, this could well be a turning point for American Law, or the status quo of Big Brother mentality will keep moving forward. Whatever is decided I will get heard, either heard and ignored or heard and somethings done to correct this direction, either way I will stand with the truth. Buckle up its going to be a bumpy ride.

    • Mr. Clark,

      Thank you and I look forward to watching online what you will say in my defense. Just remember that you cannot say any person’s name even though there have been others who ignored the board president’s warning and nothing was done to stop them when they started violating the condition. Let those who have their own set of issues not follow the rule. I am certain you will take care of business.

  13. I stood up and I stand up for truth. I would say Ms. Clark has to appeal, and go the next avenue, this case isn’t going away anytime soon. Ms. Clark should start the law suits right away. There are plenty of entities to file charges on. Truth shall win in the end. Sad that the board would throw their own peer under the bus, but their you have it, refer to my earlier post about eating aborted babies, killing the old and sick,..carbon footprints etc…this society is rapidly desingrating, killing itself from within the family. The path of destruction is littered with good intentions. Keep your eyes on this story, its not over yet. The truth always gets told, and I told it this day.

  14. This story isn’t over not by a long shot. I just saw on the local news the districts about to have to backtrack on what they did to Ms. Georgia Clark. What the FWISD did was wrong, point blank, no waffling, wrong. Ms. Clark sounded an alarm, her gut said that this can’t be right, and its true it isn’t right, illegality should not be better than being a citizen, brought on ourselves by those who govern our schools. Kind of reminds me to what was done to Jesus, he was judged unjustly to be condemned to death, and those who were pushing for it, demanded a murderer be let out of prison to roam the streets free, among themselves. Looking around today we see the same taking place, murderers are being set free, those whom are here illegally, and some cities put their blessings on it, only to see these murderers, murder again. Ms. Clark is innocent of any crimes, so was Jesus, Ms. Clark told the truth, so did Jesus, Ms. Clark was a teacher, so was Jesus, that’s where the comparison ends. Can the people make another huge mistake to crucify the innocent? I think its a huge mistake to martyr Ms. Clark simply for telling the truth, now if your truth you espouse a lie, what is that to the truth, anyway you look at it still a lie. Its time law and order is obeyed by those sitting in seats of power, or authority if that does not happen, and a destructive handling of the truth is allowed to prosper, then you suicide your whole system. Unless you open your eyes to the truth, your fooling yourself, and the public in general. I hope you see now.
    signed: James G. Clark

  15. Mr. Clark, in your Fox News fevered imagination Georgia Clark is like Jesus, but Jesus did not exclude the other from his ministry. He taught women and men, Gentile and Jew. What Clark did was not just against U.S. law, it was against God’s law. In the Bible, there are many admonitions to care for the sojourners. Your unreasoned hatred of immigrants blinds you. And Clark will never teach in Fort Worth again, regardless of the ruling. No principal would ever want that headache.

  16. Mr. Pardue, you could not be further from the truth, Ms. Clark will teach again, and she will teach at the FWISD is she wants too, you Sir are shallow an unable to see the truth, Illegal immigration is illegal, I’m not blind to that fact, but apparently you are. How you interject how Jesus taught both male and female is rather nutty, and way off topic, try to focus really hard and understand something, in America, a teacher, and a person have the right to say whats on (his or her) mind, in comes Ms. Clark, she says to the President, there are drugs being illegally sold in my school, marketed by the children of illegal aliens, can you simply help us here at Carter High School. Pretty simple question/request, people like you hound her to death, for saying anything as if you have the law and legal standing to do it, you do not! The Bible does not say that anyone who comes into Israel has a right for the Jews too; for one; house, two; feed, three; educate, four; pay for the costs of babies being born, the list of all the social services goes on and on, how bout this one, the Jews need to send these immigrants kids to school that they pay nothing for and protect them when they sell illegal substances illegally to the Jewish children, I guess I never read that part of the Bible Mr. Pardue. Taking care of immigrants does not mean you adopt them into the family, and the Jews were never told by God to adopt immigrants. Ms. Clark deserves her job back, whether the FWISD is mature and well balanced enough to realize that is yet to be seen, free speech should be their first concern, and to stifle a person that teaches free speech is criminal, and they should at least know that, I would think. Ms. Georgia Clark should sue the FWISD for 200 million dollars, nice tidy sum, and also for full retirement benefits, to say the least, she has a golden unbeatable case, she can sue for whatever amount she wants and get 75% of it. You Mr. Pardue are a troll, you condemn the innocent with no regard, you have no authority to quote the Bible, Sir, you are a complete reprobate, let that sink in, let those words ingrain themselves into your mind, for that is who you are. (period) Ms. Clark should be given the job of a teaching principal, by the FWISD, to try and repair the damage they have done to Ms. Clark, if it were like you said no principal would hire her. Her Freedoms have been impaired by it and by you with your poison pen. You have a right to express your opinions as I do, and one of us is wrong, you are the one. Law is with me, not you or the FWISD or the public who support her destruction. Your small minded establishment way of thinking is corrupted, just cause you and many other people at FWISD and the citizens at larger agree with you does not mean your views expressed, are in any way actual law. If the establishment which you are apart of try to enforce a point of view trampling on other peoples rights, no matter how you see it, you are breaking the law, FWISD should know this, they have been warned more than once don’t do it by two other wings or parts of the establishment who has said, they do not support their action. (paraphrasing) You still defend this law breaking, the FWISD is defiant on how they dealt with this, laws matter, and this case, it could indeed (Rock Your World) and is headed straight to the Supreme Court, and if they side with the FWISD, and break the laws of this land, then ALL their hammers will be broken in two, in one shake of a slap of a block of wood. Sounds quite serious eh Mr. Pardue, if that sounds serious to you, you might be onto something eh M. Pardue? The law will be served, and in this case the LAW is on Ms. Clark’s side and I’m on her side, I’m on the laws side. I hope this helps you and finds you well, and full of understanding on how and where this is going, and I hope the FWISD have a change of heart, and reach out to Ms. Clark in a good way, and respect her rights. Lets debate further Mr. Pardue, I’ve got all day Sir.
    Signed: James G. Clark

  17. Some one put the stupid edit to my rant, don’t think I didn’t notice,…first few lines,…..steering the story,…..SOS…..i defy your tyranny!…stand up to my words, don’t change them,…debate,…and lose.
    James G. Clark

  18. Mr. Clark, are you all right? You can’t be a happy person so filled with hate. Why don’t you stop listening to talk radio and watching the lies on Fox News? You could even volunteer at a school where there are children of undocumented workers. When I taught at Carter, almost all my students were immigrants, and they were the best students ever, really great kids. It might change your life. This immigrant hatred has got you all tied up in knots. Can’t be healthy.
    As for debating you, there isn’t much to debate really. Mostly you’re filled with bluster and b.s., as far as I can tell. You try to bully me. Call me, a former seminarian, a reprobate because why? Some guy who threatens Supreme Court Justices if they don’t vote his way says so. Give me a break. Then you go on about how undocumented workers with kids in the school district don’t pay anything for their children’s education. Evidently you don’t understand how districts raise their money — through property taxes. Unless you’re living under a bridge or in a car, you are paying property taxes, either through rent or as part of your mortgage. So all the “illegals,” as you call them, pay for the service of having their kids educated. And here’s a question for you, how did Georgia Clark know the drug dealers were “illegals?” Did she go to their doors and ask them? Or, filled with Trump rhetoric about immigrants being drug dealers, did she just assume it? And how do you know Georgia Clark is going to sue Fort Worth ISD for 200 million dollars and her case is going to go to the Supreme Court? In short, you don’t. And you shouldn’t debate stuff you know nothing about. Oh, and you had problems understanding what I wrote about Jesus. I will try to make it clear one more time. Georgia Clark is not like Jesus. He accepted all people. She did not. Get it?
    And Georgia Clark as all public school teachers does not have an absolute right to the first amendment. When I was getting my teacher certificates in the eighties, a lawyer specializing in education law explained that teachers cannot go public about their own schools. So that argument does not wash.
    Now, Mr. Clark, you’re ancestors were immigrants, as were all of ours. That is, in part, what makes our country great. Don’t ever forget that.

  19. Mr. Pardue/Possum< keep reading it will make sense later}, I'm doing well, and just because I'm telling the truth does not make me full of hate. Your presumption I watch FOX NEWS or some unknown radio station is hilarious, neither do I either. If its legal to come to USA illegally then why do we have laws? Why would I go volunteer to work on behalf of an illegal? You are so use to being in the PC mindset you are not relevant to yourself or to the world in general, and you talk all high morals and you are not, thats why you got the reprobate title. You will remain a reprobate, its the truth (only). As far as my statements about the Supreme Court, it isn't a threat, its an observation, and you should know that, seeing you were a teacher, but who would of imagined it got past you??? Illegals in out school know not that they are illegal, because of teachers like you, and reveal their status will little regard. You should know that too. So in your mind, which is dark and gloomy and I dislike peering into it, "As long as you either rent, or own a house then (your good), illegal whatever we are okay of your immigration status." You are also lawless on top of being a reprobate, try that in any other country in the world let me know how that works for you. When the establishment offers Ms. Clark a minuscule years pay to stfu, and go away, I encourage Ms. Clark to sue for 200 million dollars, I thought that was clear, I still support that. Ms. Clark never withheld teaching the kids, so your comparison of Ms. Clark to Jesus, is just spin, you see it, and PC people may see it, but its not true. She has been wronged, I hope she makes the FWISD pay dearly, for the next teacher who gets caught in the FWISD trap, I think she should, you think she shouldn't, but your PC mind would, I think she will. One year of salary is just a bone, like the middle finger bone, I don't think she is that weak to take that bone. I am glad you brought that part of the story into this debate, everybody learns something! Bringing my immigrant heritage into this is debate, is more PC mind set bs, The Indians were herded like cattle to certain areas not being allowed to be left alone and seek their happiness, which in my view against humanity and human rights, as the Indians have been exiled in their own country. That fact escapes most of the PC teacher types in USA, like you, and the judges who sit on the highest seats with the biggest hammers, you know who that is I presume. A day of reckoning could be a coming, the Indians have made huge strides of late selling us back our vices in some avenue of business, and all in all I am for their up and coming rise as a people. Injustice towards the Indians in another story, but indeed important, seeing you brought up my immigration I thought it right to clarify how things really are in that regard in truth. Also, I wish plenty I could forget, but the truth seems to stand on its own. Funny how that works.
    Try to understand this, this whole thing about Ms. Clark isn't about you, your just another sleeping possum in the bottom of a trash can hissing, the sooner you realize your wrong on this story and go back to sleep, you do well. You have only tried to steer this story to your PC bs, and I for one, and Ms. Clark for two, say, no thanks. And we throw you the bone that the FWISD is throwing to Georgia Clark, yeah there's you a bone Mr. Possum. I hope that makes things clear for you.
    Signed: James G. Clark

  20. So the FWISD wants to ‘appeal’ how nice. Ms. Clark is cocked and loaded, for I have made her sure, by supporting her, I would be very surprised if she takes the bone being offered, without her job back. The school district is basically saying, “Lets get it on, with the law suit”, I applaud their so called high standards, in sticking to their guns, (knowing full well they are in error), they have made several votes unanimously to fire Ms. Clark, they refused to listen to other authorities, put into place as a sounding board, and its not a few that say they should not do it. But here they go tumbling off the cliff into the abyss of legal action. I see this as a huge win for Ms. Clark, she should sue for the 200 million like I have advised her, (and return her job), (full retirement when she is ready to retire), and carry it all the way to the Supreme Court if necessary, (and it will be), unless they pay, 200 mil large along with (job, retirement) (and no quite settlement), and anyway, forthwith this case would be best to be heard in the highest court of the land, those with the biggest hammers, and for the biggest effect nationally. This issue needs to have the lid blown off it, and I believe its Ms. Clark’s destiny to do it. She is a soldier for Christ now. Carry on Christian Soldier, carry on, GodSpeed. (You will find millions of supporters on the way and in the way and at the end), Georgia Clark’s rights have been trampled on, and its neither right or fair for anyone else to have to have this happen to them. Here is the truth, either give her back her rights and pay her the 200 million dollars (other two requirements) and or strip everyone’s rights away from them. That is the solution to this matter. Let the law suits begin. FWISD just made a huge mistake, don’t they have good counsel?
    Signed: James G. Clark

  21. The truth seems ever so elusive. If the media doesn’t like where the narrative is going they bury the story. The printed page deserves the truth, and others views other than the left side, need to be said. Just allowing one voice to be heard is like one hand clapping, people just look at you like your crazy.
    Signed: James G. Clark