Susan Oberhofer-Maben, better known as Suzie Q, died unexpectedly at 49 in February, creating much sadness among her many friends — ironic since Suzie Q spent most of her life making others happy. She was a beloved member of the North Texas musical community and boasted a wonderful set of pipes and an even bigger heart and personality. After her death, I was writing an article and called to interview her best friend. Betsy Parmer mentioned that she and husband James Hinkle are keeping a portion of Suzie Q’s ashes in an urn at their house. The urn contains the ashes of two other dearly departed friends –– Mace Maben, a local guitarist, soundman, and inductee in the Fort Worth Weekly Music Awards Hall of Fame, who died in 2012 and was Suzie Q’s husband; and one of Parmer’s former work associate David Flores, who died in 2011. Betsy wants her ashes to go in the urn as well. No telling how many ashes will wind up in that urn before the End of Days. I might ask to go in there myself. Betsy’s appearance on Toast & Jam is historic. Her hubby and daughter have appeared separately as guests on Toast & Jam. Now Betsy’s appearance establishes the Hinkle clan as the first family of T&J. The only family member yet to appear as a guest is Sophie the family dog, and we might just invite her too. Betsy is not only a smart, high-powered lawyer, she plays a mean cowbell and sings a heck of a harmony on the 1970s Blue Oyster Cult classic “Don’t Fear the Reaper.” Thanks for picking such a fun and fitting song, Betsy!


  1. I knew it would be just a matter of time before we had the entirety of the Hinkle fam on Toast & Jam. I wasn’t sure how exactly, but Jeff Prince found a very creative way to include Betsy Hinkle, but also our friends Suzie Q & Mace Mabon, and David Flores, posthumously. Good on you, Jeff.