Ten years ago, I received an email from Peter Lim of Seoul, South Korea, who spoke little English but used an app to translate his Korean. Translation apps weren’t great back then, and the email was worded bizarrely and difficult to understand. Still, I figured out Lim had stumbled across one of my songs online and wanted to share it on his website devoted to yodeling. (“InebriCajun Yodel” tells the story of an orphaned Texas boy raised by a family of yodeling Cajuns, and he never learns to yodel but always tries his best whenever he gets drunk. The song’s premise calls for me to yodel badly, which is perfect for me!) “Sure thing,” I wrote back to Peter. “Be my guest. Post away. Have a good ‘un!” — which his app probably translated to say, “Surf is up. I am on a quest for bees. Faraway fence. Glucose you must know!” Peter posted “InebriCajun Yodel” on his website, which prompted another yodeling site to re-share it, further spreading my international yodeling fame despite my complete lack of skill. Over the years, Peter continued sending emails to me describing his various yodeling endeavors. He helped launch South Korea’s first postage stamp commemorating yodel and sent letters to hundreds of people around the world. Peter asked us to post pictures of ourselves holding our letter and stamp, which we did dutifully. In 2013, Peter established World Yodel Day (August 8) and travels the globe to promote the event, posting videos and photos. This summer, he sent an email asking me to write a song for World Yodel Day. I suggested he appear as a guest on Toast & Jam, and we could perform the song live. Peter agreed and traveled 6,800 miles to meet me in the Stockyards. (Yep. I was surprised, too. Such is the power of Toast & Jam!) We have fun testing Peter’s theory that yodeling is a universal language. Fortunately, we run into Devon Dawson, artistic director of the nonprofit Cowtown Opry, who works in the Stockyards. She not only agrees to join our jam but wrangles up an upright bass for me to play. Devon might be Fort Worth’s most famous yodeler. She sings the part of Jessie the Yodeling Cowgirl on the Grammy-winning Toy Story soundtrack. Thanks, Devon, for helping out! Peter and I toast with a Lone Star longneck at White Elephant Saloon. Thank you Peter for being such a fun guest. You win Toast & Jam’s award for Traveled the Farthest Distance, and I doubt anyone will ever steal that prize from you! (Peter asked me to invite everyone to subscribe to his World Yodel Day channel at