Summer Lane Emerson’s distinctive voice and bold songs have attracted attention ever since she settled in Fort Worth not long ago. Originally from East Texas, she landed here to be near brother Vincent Neil Emerson, another local singer-songwriter with a cool vibe and promising future. Summer’s music makes me think of Joan Baez and Amy Winehouse drinking moonshine around a campfire in the Smoky Mountains and yodeling and singing murder ballads under a full moon while a storm brews and an owl keeps time. So it’s nice to sing with her on “Pretty Paper.” Willie Nelson wrote the song decades ago after seeing a disabled vendor selling pencils on a street corner near Leonards Department Store. A couple of years ago, Fort Worth Star-Telegram columnist Bud Kennedy tracked down friends and relatives of the long-deceased vendor and fleshed out his life. Frankie Brierton lived west of Tarrant County, was loved by his kids, died in 1973 at age 74, and is buried in Mineral Wells. Frankie never knew he inspired a hit song. Thanks to Summer for helping share Frankie’s story. Merry Christmas to everyone and Happy New Year! (T&J is taking a short break for the holidays and then resuming our weekly schedule on January 15. We can’t wait to introduce you to more fun and friendly locals in 2020!) — Jeff Prince