Recently, my friend Joe Savage asked what criteria I use to select guests for Toast & Jam. “I want interesting folks of all types, races, creeds, ages, persuasions, genders, and everything in between,” I said, adding that I had contacted Fort Worth Transgender, a local support group, and asked if any trans members would be interested in appearing on the show. Nobody volunteered. Savage suggested I call local hair stylist Elaine Turnbow, who has been cutting hair at the Collective Salon on South Jennings Avenue for three years. The 29-year-old Elaine grew up in Weatherford, enlisted in the military as a young man, learned how to cut hair in the service, played drums in a punk band in Denton, and transitioned to a woman. She moved to Fort Worth several years ago to establish a career in hair styling. We discuss Elaine’s passion for coiffure, and she bravely tackles my graying, balding old topknot. Thanks for the great haircut and for being such a fun guest, Elaine! Your version of Lou Reed’s anthem is completely unique and wholly wonderful. — Jeff Prince