Fort Worth native Kristi “K-Dub” Wilson volunteers at the Stock Show & Rodeo, and we find her this week emceeing a demonstration at the milking parlor. Kids love seeing cows hooked up to machines that squeeze out the moo juice. Cows like it too. If you prefer beverages with more hops and barley, you might recognize Kristi as “the beer whisperer,” a nickname she earned while working at local breweries such as Panther Island, Wild Acre, and Legal Draft. Kristi spent much of her youth on horseback and still enjoys feeling the wind in her face. One of the reasons she volunteers at the stock show is to watch all the rodeo events. Kristi shows us around a cattle barn before we adjourn to the milking parlor to sing a wonderfully melodic song about riding in the rodeo. Fun times, K-Dub! Thanks for being such a great guest! — Jeff Prince