A year ago, JJ Grissom became executive director at Fort Worth Bike Sharing with the goal of expanding the nonprofit’s bike stations to new areas of the city. COVID-19 stalled those plans temporarily, although JJ and her small staff continue to keep the familiar red bikes rolling around town while looking toward a more bike-friendly future. One thing about all this hunkering down — the air has been clean lately! Maybe this pandemic will serve as a tipping point to establishing more public transportation and clean energy around town. Before becoming the city’s bike guru, JJ managed restaurants. She became a health nut during the past decade, exercising regularly and adopting a plant-based diet with her husband and teenaged daughter. While jogging and yoga are family staples, JJ appreciates most the freedom and joy she feels while pedaling a bicycle. Thanks, JJ, for appearing on Toast & Jam and practicing social distancing with us. I had never heard the song you selected but had a blast performing it with you. See you down the bike trail! — Jeff Prince