The coronavirus pandemic continues to run its course, and we’re all dealing with it in our own ways. To help keep the adversity in perspective, a couple of our recent guests have described overcoming obstacles in their lives. Today, Molly L. Prince describes going head to head with cancer. Molly and I met around 2010 at the White Elephant Saloon. She was promotions director at 95.9 The Ranch and invited me to judge at a Battle of the Bands contest. It was fun, and I returned to judge many more Ranch contests over the years. In 2013, doctors diagnosed Molly with stage III invasive lobular carcinoma –– breast cancer. Molly lost her mother to cancer at 48 and a sister at 51 and knew well how lethal the disease could be. Molly had no health insurance benefits and little money. Her future was bleak, but she isn’t the giving-up kind. She was referred to The Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders and received generous donations from Texas Cowboys Against Cancer and the Careity Foundation. She endured chemotherapy treatments, lost her hair, and suffered nausea, migraine headaches, nosebleeds, and other setbacks. After months of treatments, doctors told her the cancer was gone. After a double mastectomy, however, the tumor remained. Molly endured 33 rounds of radiation and prevailed again. She describes herself as a survivor and has returned to The Ranch as an account executive. Molly is fearless –– except when it comes to singing. She quakes in her boots at the thought of performing a song but gives it a try…kind of. Anyway, we have fun strolling through the deserted Stockyards in the middle of the day and belting out an old country-Western song that always makes me feel good. Thanks for the good times, Molly! — Jeff Prince


  1. Jeff,

    Have you done a recent update on Grady Spears and the current corona virus era status of the Horseshie Hill Cafe?