Pablo & The Hemphill 7 at MASS? That’s rasta. Courtesy Facebook

I know live music at lunch is not completely novel — Fred’s has been doing it on weekends for years — but I still love the idea. Oh, yes. I can hear you whining from here. “There’s too much live music in town!” “Every joint with a four-top has live music now!” “Can we please just watch the Rangers game on the TV above the bar in peace?!” But you all need to step back and statazit! For the music-loving parents of small children who want them to experience something other than Fortnite “songs” on iPads, early-bird shows with guitar-action humans are just the ticket.

And as if linked directly to my massive, throbbing brain, The Post at River East (2925 Race St, 817-945-8890) presents “Live Lunch.” Instead of forcing you to eat a living creature (as the name may suggest), The Post is bringing you Dallas’ Brother & The Hayes, who will perform their brand of soulful folk/blues/country from 11:30am to 1:30pm Friday. I doubt there’ll be any cursing, but even if there is, I’d rather have that rock-hard conversation with my 9-year-old while enjoying art than after overhearing potty mouthery in one of his Lobby calls. (He does not play Fortnite, BTW. Too violent for us. He’s more of a Minecraft guy. His friends still send him the Fortnite music videos. Maybe I should parent better. Maybe I should also will a million dollars into my wallet.)

I also doubt there’ll be nudity or fist-fights or anything else I need to protect my little man from because the brother/sister duo of David Bingaman and Jennie Hayes Kurtz focuses mostly on real-life yarns of “travel, joy, and heartache,” as they say. After spending a while working in Nashville, Bingaman and Kurtz returned to Big D in 2017 to develop their own material, culminating in 2019 with their debut album, Tennessee Nights. The Brother & The Hayes show at The Post is free, and, if you couldn’t tell by now, all ages are welcome. See you there, though there’ll probably be a Morricone Hero (ham, pepperoni, hard salami, provolone, greens, Roma tomato, red onion, black olives, pepperoncinis, house vin, mayo on house baguette) in my own potty mouth. Statazit, I’m trying to listen to the music!

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Telling invisible readers to shut up in Italian is not rasta, but you know what is? Telling them, “Andiamo, let’s-a go see Pablo a-Friday!” For one of the grooviest, most fun shows you’ll ever experience around these parts, hit MASS (1002 S Main St, 682-707-7774) at 8pm Friday. That’s when Pablo & The Hemphill 7 will churn out reggae staples, reggae B-sides, and some highly rasta originals forged since before most of you lucky-ass 21-year-olds were born. And Joe Vano and the boys still look like they could skateboard all damn day long. The funky-rocking Neptune Locals and Sirron Reid will open. Cover is $7.


Hopefully, at the end of the night at MASS, you will be smelling like a rose, because when you started your weekend on Thursday at Tulips FTW (112 St. Louis Av, 817-367-9798), you inserted some pints of water or bottles of Topo Chico into your schedule of craft beer and/or craft cocktails. It will be hard, I know, because three of the sweetest yet also partyingest musicians in town will take the stage at 6:30pm. Rock singer-songwriter Ansley Dougherty will be preceded by singer-songwriter and Bonham-esque drummer Matt Mabe and frontman extraordinaire-songwriter Hayden Miller. Best part? It’s all free. And on the weekend we celebrate freedom? Damn Deep State. At it again. — Anthony Mariani


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