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First, I am an old guy, and most of the things I use are obsolete. My telephone is a landline at home. My cell phone, whose purpose is to call for help, does not text, record, or video. My computer sits on top of my desk, and it does not Zoom, Skype, Facebook, or any of the other stuff that I don’t even know about. I can send or receive an email, which saves me $0.50 postage.

I drink my coffee every morning and read the Star-Telegram (oops, not on Saturdays). That is, if it was delivered. Steve Coffman wants me to crank up the old desktop and look at his e-edition. Back in the day, when delivery was missed, I could call the Star-Telegram, and a few hours later, a copy appeared at my door. By that time, my coffee was cold, but life is hard. Mr. Coffman stopped that corrective service, probably because profit ranks ahead of customer service. Now when I call in on a missed delivery, I am told that it will be added to the next day’s delivery. (Don’t hold your breath for that to happen.)

I must acknowledge that I am not in the target audience for the Star-Telegram. We are few and become “more fewer” with every Star-Telegram obituary. I may live to see the day when only the e-edition is available.


When that time comes, I will pick up the Fort Worth Weekly on the way back from getting my Dos Equis XX at Tom Thumb. Then I will read the Weekly carefully and S-L-O-W-L-Y. Please, for my benefit, don’t bother starting a Fort Worth Weekly e-edition.


Ron Slate

Fort Worth


Editor’s response: Thanks for your letter, Ron, and while we enjoy the benefits of a robust online and social presence, we will not be getting rid of our printed product or forcing you to pay to read us online anytime soon.