Morgan’s Ice Cream, 321 S Main St, FW. 817-615-9999. Noon-10pm Sun, 4pm-9pm Tue-Thu, 2pm-10pm Fri, noon-10pm Sat.

Strawberry and buttercake, cinnamon and oatmeal cookie crumbles, vanilla and honey — these are just some of the flavor combinations being churned out by Morgan’s Ice Cream, owned by the same couple who created the Dwell Coffee and Biscuits chain. The former home of Gypsy Scoops has been renovated by Jeff and Stephanie Brannon to operate as an independent creamery specializing in out-of-this-world ice cream.

Upon entering the establishment on South Main Street, I was greeted by friendly staffers who were so helpful in explaining their most popular flavors. Like a child, I excitedly peered over the wooden partition to see through the clear glass separating me from the interesting assortment of all of Morgan’s flavors. Thankfully, the ingredients were written out on the wall above the serving area. I was amused by the names, which were very fitting considering how innovative and crafty the recipes are.

Morgan’s year-round Cookie Monster is created with a natural dye to resemble the color of the beloved eponymous character from Sesame Street. The bottom scoop, Sassy Grandma, is also offered year-round and uniquely made with streusel crumbs. You can order your ice cream in a homemade waffle cone for just a small upcharge.

Immediately a bright blue color caught my attention. This was not the first time I had seen this shade of blue in a creamery, as Marble Slab’s Cookies N’ Creamed Stuffed Ice Cream is similarly hued. However, Morgan’s features not only Oreos in its Cookie Monster flavor but chocolate chip cookie crumbles mixed in as well. The base of yellow cake sweet-cream ice cream made for a delicious creation.


It didn’t take me long for my dessert radar to find the most chocolaty flavor offered. Fudged-Up Brownie included chocolate sweet-cream ice cream with small pieces of fudge brownies scattered within. Though it was as rich as I had hoped, my serving lacked the desired amount of brownie pieces.

The sweetest flavor I experienced was the gluten-free Honey, Not So Vanilla. Had I not read that many of these flavors were gluten-free and vegan, my taste buds would have never known. The enjoyable taste of honey overpowered the vanilla bean sweet-cream ice cream base, making me feel like I was sampling the rich nectar of nature. For those who don’t prefer toppings, this one is for you.

I could smell the sweet spice of cinnamon when licking the Wookies Cookies. Containing chocolate shavings and scattered oatmeal cookie crumbles throughout, this flavor was the least notable of my samplings. Only devout oatmeal cookie eaters would appreciate this scoop.

At this point, my favorite of all my tastings was Strawberry Magic. Unfairly, my expectations were low because this ice cream lover rarely orders strawberry, especially when there always seems to be more decadent options available. I felt the joy of a good surprise when my spoon broke through the scoop’s soft, creamy exterior and revealed a treasure trove of buttercake pieces. Strawberry Magic really was magic. Now you see toppings, now you don’t. The cake-filled center was simultaneously crunchy and chewy, creating a strawberry ice cream that is much more than meets the eye.


The most aesthetically pleasing flavor was the bright and beautiful Sassy Grandma. The mild lemon ice cream encompassed blueberry swirls and soft ribbons of streusel crumbs hidden throughout. I found multiple whole blueberries in my single scoop, but they were so tender that I didn’t even have to chew them. Don’t be afraid of fruit in your ice cream. If I were an unbiased customer entering Morgan’s for the first time, based on the fruity description of the Sassy Grandma, I would understand the hesitation. But after eating several servings, this flavor was the one that truly amazed my taste buds. It was like I was biting into a cold homemade pie. The Sassy Grandma was the most ingenious flavor I’ve ever encountered. After finishing it in a soft yet crunchy homemade waffle cone, I realized with certainty that I’d be back.

Thankfully, Morgan’s offered indoor seating for me to wolf down each sample. And by “sample,” I mean full-sized scoops. Though space was minimal inside, three benches were available for guests wanting to beat the heat, as well as a small standing bar posted in the center of the room.

Though other ice cream shops may be much more conveniently located, I enjoyed my experience so much that I went back for Rounds 2 and 3 later that week.

Keeping things interesting, Morgan’s rotates four new homemade flavors every month while maintaining several permanent flavors, including Wookies Cookies, Strawberry Magic, Cookies and Cream, Sassy Grandma, gluten-free Honey Not So Vanilla, Cookie Monster, Fudged-Up Brownie, Banana Pudding, and gluten-free and vegan Fudged-Up Cookie Dough.

It’s not a true Texas dessert experience without the option of Morgan’s rotating dairy-free and gluten-free flavor, Not Your Grandma’s Banana Pudding. Being someone who always finishes her barbecue meals with this Southern dessert, I did not hesitate to try this delicacy. Like most, I’m in it for the wafers, and, thankfully, I was not disappointed. The vanilla wafer cookies were folded into the bright yellow ice cream base. The taste of banana did not come on too strong, and banana chunks were nonexistent. I was able to enjoy each bite with a mild taste of banana and was ecstatic each time I unearthed smooth pieces of wafer within.

In my first bite of my next rotating flavor, the gluten-free Buttered-Up Cookie Dough, I immediately tasted the unmistakable richness of butter. The light and smooth finish of brown butter ice cream provided the perfect base to contain ample globs of homemade gluten-free cookie dough found heavily throughout.

Starting Wednesday, Sep. 1, Morgan’s will feature new rotating flavors. The Pumpkin Spice Up Your Life is made with mild pumpkin-spice ice cream filled with pumpkin bread. Morgan’s will also sell a maple bourbon pecan flavor, made with real bourbon. Additionally, there will also be a vegan, gluten-free golden milk ice cream filled with snickerdoodle cookie dough pieces. Shout out to this underappreciated cookie!

Make sure to ask about Morgan’s other treats. In addition to ice cream, there are ice cream chocolate chip cookie sandwiches, milkshakes, floats, and hand-packed pints. Morgan’s also sells a cold brew affogato, which allows your choice of ice cream mixed with cold brew coffee. Keep your fingers crossed, as Morgan’s Ice Creams desires to one day sell their homemade ice cream in grocery stores.

After only eight months, Morgan’s Ice Cream decided to expand its reach by opening a new location, this one in Burleson. This address will be larger, making it Morgan’s home for all ice cream production.