When it comes to jewelry, the chunkier the better, The Twisted Gypsy says. Photo by Edward Brown.

This summer, think funky, think fringe, think chunky, think twisted.

The Twisted Gypsy, that is.

Nearly every inch of the 200-square-foot store is packed with fashion jewelry and a few dozen shirts and dresses.

Chile Pepper Grill (300 x 250 px)

Owner Kathleen Garza said she leased the building five years ago, which makes her one of the older tenants along Race Street, which now bustles with restaurants, retailers, and entertainment options. Throughout her nearly two decades running The Twisted Gypsy, which began life as a pop-up, Garza has always focused on accessories.

Long, beaded necklaces offer versatile shapes and lengths.
Photo by Edward Brown.

“My jewelry is fun, funky fashion jewelry,” she said. “I like a variety. I don’t carry a whole bunch of the same item. I might buy one or two pieces. It’s always different and changing.”

Earrings are always big sellers, she continued. Necklaces and bracelets are a bit trickier because of fit, but she carries as wide a range of accessories as she can.

“The big thing now is fringe earrings,” she said, referring to earpieces with bunches of bundled threads jutting outward in colorful, bold displays. “The fringe look was very popular [five years ago]. They are still popular.”

Many of the trends that customers come seeking to imitate start with celebrities, trendsetters, or influencers, Garza said. While those designer pieces can come with exorbitant price tags, The Twisted Gypsy sticks to similar-looking items that fall within the $12-50 range.

Hoops and “chunky” pieces are also popular options, she added, referring to large cubes and other geometric shapes that adorn bracelets and earrings. Garza said that chunky bracelets and earrings blend well with formal or casual wear.

“That used to be in style when I was in my 20s,” she said. “Now, the chunky stuff is popular with the younger girls. College girls and women in their 30s are wearing the chunky stuff.”

Fort Worth being where the West begins, many Twisted Gypsy customers snag anything turquoise or with beadwork that mimics Native American aesthetics.

As we chatted, Garza collected a handful of gemstone bracelets. The glittering pieces pair well with embroidered dresses and tops, she told me.

Next, we were onto textile accessories.

“A lot of older women love the kimonos,” Garza said while holding a light, almost translucent robe. “In the summer, it’s hot, and they want to be sleeveless. They will wear a kimono because they’re lightweight. It’s like wearing nothing. A lot of people like to wear these as swimsuit coverups. They can wear it as part of an outfit.”

Chain bracelets can be worn with formal or casual attire.
Photo by Edward Brown.

As we circled back toward the register, Garza grabbed a long, beaded necklace that she said can be tied into fashionable shapes or wrapped up into a bracelet.

“With something like that, a lot of times people wear it with solid black,” Garza said.

Bright, vibrant accessories should be worn with more subdued clothing options for the design elements of the earrings, bracelets, and necklaces to stand out.

For anyone looking to change up their style, the store owner has this advice.

“When you see someone and you like their style, ask yourself what it is you like about their style,” she said. “Keep that in your mind. Start easy. Don’t buy 100 things. You want the items you buy to get used. If you are not used to wearing big, loud earrings, slowly introduce things.”

And if you like fun fashion jewelry pieces reasonably priced, give The Twisted Gypsy or any of the two other nearby boutiques a visit.

“I’m not here selling your long-term staple jewelry that you will hand down to your grandkids,” she said. “My jewelry is meant to be fun.”

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