Photo by Carlos Bonilla. Cover design by Ryan Burger.

As Fort Worth takes off into the next decade and beyond, we can be proud of our recent accomplishments, including voting for our youngest, most progressive city council ever and going purple in the last national election. Though no one is keeping track, if you’ve been paying attention, you know that leading our way from redneck backwater to cosmopolitan oasis are women. Like soldiers on the front lines, Fort Worth’s femmes are ready for battle, and they’re not going to back down until justice, fairness, and equality reign. That’s why we’re featuring strong, powerful women in our Best Of imagery this year and why we also won’t quit with our weekly political coverage until our grassroots female leaders say we should. And something tells me that’s not going to be for a good, long time. The patriarchy is real. Its utter destruction is part of our mission. It’s not going to happen tomorrow but — with women leading the way — maybe in our lifetimes.

You know what else is real? Bivouacking, and while over the year(s), we’ve written countless stories about allegedly dirty dealings at the DA’s office, TAD, family courts, and local schools, we like to have fun, too, and our annual Best Of issue is a good reflection of that ethos. Started in 1995, ours is the oldest, most esteemed “best of” in Tarrant County — our pale-in-more-ways-than-one imitators can suck it. Everyone knows that a Weekly Best Of just means more, because it’s coming from a place of journalistic research, not from a bean counter saying we need to award only the businesses that bought the biggest ads. For our 2022 edition, votes piled in from all over the globe, and to thank you all (especially you voters) for your readership, we humbly present our Best Of 2022 that we hope will serve as a trusty reference guidebook throughout the year. #WingsUp — Anthony Mariani, Editor

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Photo by Carlos Bonilla