On Jan 27, 2020, my children Joshua, 8, and Samuel, 6, were forcefully removed from their home in Virginia with a fraudulent no-knock warrant. I have not seen them since.

Tarrant County Texas family courts and law enforcement have continued to violate every statute and constitutional right of my minor children. They have been denied all contact and communication with their biological mother since they were unlawfully removed from their home.

As a result of grassroots campaigning and strongly voicing my discontent with Tarrant County Texas family courts and law enforcement agencies, I have been consistently threatened and harassed with contempt of court, jail time, falsified criminal investigation, unwarranted search of loved ones’ homes, police visits, and further violation of the children’s rights.


In efforts to reunify with my (wrongfully removed) children, I have continuously and persistently requested assistance from the State Commission on Judicial Conduct, the state attorney general, the governor’s office, the state bar association, every elected official, staff member (over 30,000 emails), and agency listed in the Texas government directory, FBI Quantico, FBI VA, FBI Fort Worth, various media outlets, the Texas Rangers, the sheriff’s office, the district attorney, the police commissioner, the mayor, state police, the U.S. Department of Justice, and every NPO I could find who protects or defends children. I have also filmed documentaries with Channel 27 News and Dolcefino Investigative Consulting, mailed pamphlets and information to the community, spoken on multiple podcasts and radio, volunteered and assisted in child advocacy for other children, and have strived to make the best of every opportunity and connection that has presented itself.

Through the process of seeking relief for my children, I have discovered I am one of hundreds if not thousands who have serious grievances regarding civil rights violations against myself and my children within Tarrant County. Many are also targeted, harassed, and threatened for exposing the harm against our children. I am one of these moms.

Despite these efforts, my minor children are still being denied all access and communication with their mother. Upon exhausting all known resources, I am requesting help toward reuniting my children and me.



Sarah Leyva-Pike


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