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It’s New Year’s Day again, so time to make more “Resolutions” for 2023, and we all know how those usually turn out.  Lose weight, get in shape, remodel the house, quit sniffing glue —all things that are tough to stay on track with. If you’re looking for something a little easier to do, resolve to get your Texas License To Carry in 2023. I promise it’s easier than anything above!

“But why do I need an LTC anymore? Isn’t it legal to carry a firearm in Texas without it?” Yes, Texas does have a form of Constitutional Carry (technically Permitless Carry), which allows anyone who is eligible to own a firearm to carry it concealed or open. There are requirements that go with that right, but for the most part, you can carry a handgun without the LTC. But there are still a lot of good reasons to have the LTC anyway.



Top Reasons to Have an LTC

1.) There are still many places where you can’t carry without the LCT.

Despite the Constitutional Carry law, there are still many places where you can’t carry without the LTC. College campuses, open Government meeting places, amusement parks, and nursing homes are just some of the locations where permitless carry does not apply.


2.) Purchasing firearms is easier with an LTC.

Purchasing firearms is easier with an LTC. ATF rules allow for a valid handgun license to bypass the required background check. So instead of waiting up to 30 minutes for a decision on your background check from the FBI NICS system (or 3 business days if you get a Delayed response), you can complete the paperwork and leave with your new firearm in minutes! It’s almost as easy as Uncle Joe says it is! (Almost…)


3.) Your LTC will serve as a second form of ID.

It’s not often anymore, but if you encounter a situation where two forms of ID are required, the LTC is just as good as your Driver’s License.


4.) Your LTC could essentially be a “Get Out Of A Felony Free” card at the airport.

The most significant reason to get your LTC applies to anyone who actually does carry a firearm with any regularity. The next time you’re at Dallas Love Field for a flight out, take notice of the signs at the entrance to the TSA line. There’s one with a picture of a handgun that says, “Did you UNPACK before you PACKED?” A gentle reminder that yesterday you might have been carrying a firearm in that same backpack that’s now your carry-on.

There are signs at some airports that show pictures of the actual firearms they’ve confiscated from peoples’ luggage. If you accidentally forget to take it out and TSA finds it (and they will), you can be in a heap of trouble. If you don’t have an LTC in that situation, it’s either a Class A Misdemeanor or a 3rd Degree Felony that can ensure you never legally own another firearm. If you DO have an LTC, TSA has the discretion to simply ask you to put in in your car or otherwise away from the airport. Your LTC could essentially be a “Get Out Of A Felony Free” card in that case. That’s a huge difference; well worth the time required to get that card!

Getting your LTC is easy in Texas. The classroom portion is down to only 4 hours and can be taken online at your own pace for around $50 at Once that is complete, take the certificate to any gun range, and they will help you with the shooting qualification. Ranges charge from $25 to $40 for that part, and it’s the same no matter where you do it. Complete the online application with the State and submit your required documents along with the $40 fee, and you should have your LTC within 60 days.

No matter how you choose to exercise your 2nd Amendment right (LTC or Permitless Carry), US Law Shield is a must-have. You don’t drive your car without insurance (hopefully), so why would you carry a firearm without insurance? For around $100 per year, you have access to an attorney 24/7/365. If you have to defend yourself with deadly force in any situation with anything — gun, knife, tire tool, baseball bat, fists, vehicle, you name it — you are covered for any legal ramifications of it. Criminal and Civil cases, unlimited benefits, and coverage in all 50 States. Get 30 days for free to start at

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