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When Colt Power began his journey into growing high-CBD Cannabis (a.k.a. “hemp”), he was unsure where the journey would take him. He had his Texas cultivation license, a small growing tent in his home, and a smattering of germinating seeds. A pair of plants became one-half dozen. Soon thereafter, that half dozen plants grew to a number that was too many for a family’s media room, and the need for a farm space became real.

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After securing the ideal warehouse space on Highway 157, Power shopped for more soil and nutrients at a local gardening center, where he then asked the shop owner if they knew of someone local with Cannabis growing experience. He was looking for a recommendation that could be the key to taking this endeavor up a notch. Power had come to know a hard truth in Cannabis: growing this specialty plant is one thing, but growing it well – and on a larger scale – is another endeavor altogether. To do so would require someone with that specialty know-how.

As luck would have it, there was such a person. Power was quickly introduced to Nick Williams, a canna-growing extraordinaire with experience in the culinary industry in scaling projects and formulating large-batch recipes. The two met and realized their like minds were a perfect pairing for this endeavor, and Power Biopharms was born.

Now, just a few years later, Power Biopharms has captured the attention of Texans, as well as consumers from throughout the United States, who are searching for quality wellness products that they can trust. How do they do it? It’s all about the people.

It is no secret that a company is defined and driven by the people within it, and Colt Power knew that early on. A former D1 athlete, Power had spent his life in athletics, and he understood the value of team-oriented thinking. Multiple players, each working their positions well, would come together like gears in a finely-made watch to execute effectively win after win.

With the right team of persons in place – motivated by a common goal – the Power Biopharms team would grow to create a system of quality growth patterns and recipe formulations that would benefit consumers in Texas and beyond.

But it is not just about science and formulation. It’s also about motivation, and Power understood the importance of personal motivators for his team. After all, no team comes out of the gate winning championships, and every path to perfection is littered with trials along the way. This is why core motivations matter. That keeps a team showing up to practice even when the win still feels far away. That core driver is especially needed in an industry that is still evolving and has plenty of participants driven more by dollar signs than the desire to help people.

While plenty choose to start Cannabis companies in the hopes of “making it big,” the most common inspiration for being a part of the Cannabis industry comes from an experience where the plant has made a personal difference for individuals or someone they care about. For Power, Cannabis proved to be most helpful with his own nagging sports injuries.

For Williams, he has seen it help countless numbers of people with their own issues with pain or insomnia. Other members of the Power Biopharms team were driven to the industry because the plant helped them (or a family member) with a battle against cancer. Each positive testimony acts as fuel – as inspiration – to continue to make high-quality, trusted products that deliver amazing results.

Whether gummies, tinctures, or a hand-made topical balm, Power Biopharms products have been making a difference in the lives of people in Texas and beyond. Consumers report that Power formulations have helped them cope with myriad issues ranging from chronic pain to anxiety. Each positive review adds more fuel to this growing Texas team to keep making plant-based wellness goods that consumers can trust.

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