Channeling Clark Griswold for our cover is Fort Worth comedian Ian Mac. Follow him @ianmacpresents or via and Photo by Wyatt Newquist.

We get it. Not everyone digs the holidays. I kinda don’t. The biggest reason is probably that my family buried our 63-year-young father on December 21 nearly 30 years ago, which sucked and changed my life (mostly for the worse) forever. I also know that — and you’ve also probably seen this meme floating around recently — the more negativity you generate, the more negativity you attract while the more gratitude you show, the more things you’ll have to be grateful for, so I’m choosing thankfulness. Yay, me.

Starting with my immediate vicinity, I’m thankful for you, our readers. Without your support for our advertisers, we would not be able to report, write, edit, and produce the powerful investigative stories we do on the regular that piss off the Mercy Culture cultists, County Judge and Nutcase Emeritus Tim O’Hare, the Bible-thumping clowns at Patriot Mobile, and all the other women-hating, LGBTQ-loathing, ethnic minority-despising “Christians” trying to take over our town. Grazie mille, y’all.

I’m also thankful for our advertisers, who keep this show going and who, y’know, don’t throw too big a fit once we go after the other half of town who support the rampant bigotry that’s been ramped up since one certain orange cretin became “president” in 2016. Thanks for sticking by us.

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And where would we be without the team behind this and every issue we produce. Without fail. Fifty-two weeks a year (and online even more than that). Gracias, amigos.

I hope this is the merriest Christmas of all our lives, but, Great Spirit in the Sky, if there’s only so much hope to go around, I’d rather be miserable for the next few months than have to endure another sexist, racist, classist White House. I’ll totes be super-grateful for that.

Tarrant County’s nonprofits can’t perform their charitable work without your financial support. Read more about this in the first Holidays Edition 2023 feature article Helping Helpers.

Merry Christmas, you filthy animals. Cheers. *raises pint of N/A beer* — Anthony Mariani